What Are the Healthiest Energy Drink Powders? (Complete Guide)

Beverages like energy drinks are doing great at what they are designed for一to bring out the best in you.

Energy drinks are getting immensely popular day by day, and many people are opting for them as their go-to energy-boosting supplement.

Brands like Red Bull and G-Fuel, etc., have dominated the market. These energy drinks provide you with an immediate burst of energy. They are an incredible choice if you want to boost your energy and keep yourself hydrated, refreshed, and active throughout the day.

Energy drinks are getting popular day by day.

Moreover, they help you beat the slump or be your late-night companion if you want to stay up all night studying or working. I am a big fan of energy drinks, and they have become a significant part of my daily routine.

However, people still wonder whether energy drinks are healthy and what energy drinks they should consume.

To answer this, I have done quite a lot of research, and in my opinion, energy drinks are neither healthy nor bad for you, so consume them in moderation. 

Do you want a boost of energy and are looking for a healthy energy drink powder to drink without risking your health?

You will be glad to know that there are healthy energy drinks on the market. There is only one challenge: figuring out what energy drinks are best for your body. So, let’s get straight to the point; I’m here to take you through your quest of finding the healthiest energy drinks.

An energy drink’s ingredients determine how healthy it is. The key to choosing a healthy energy drink is to reduce the amount of caffeine and sugar in it. In addition, taurine, B-vitamins, and ginseng extract are also beneficial components of energy drinks.

So, to know more about the healthiest energy drink powders and how to choose them, keep reading on further, as I will review these in-depth.

How Healthy are Energy Drinks? 

Energy drinks are neither healthy nor bad for your health. So, it is better to consume them in moderation.

Here are some of the healthiest energy drink options available for you.

This is mainly because the energy drink powders contain caffeine and sugar in excessive amounts in their formula.

However, some energy drink brands contain a modest amount of caffeine and little to no sugar in their formula. Even though these energy drinks are unhealthy, they are less risky and harmful than those high in sugar and caffeine content.

Excessive use of caffeine and sugar can lead to health issues like jitters, sugar crashes, and headaches.

So, to avoid these problems, it is better to select energy drinks that are low in caffeine and sugar content. This will ensure that you are getting a boost of energy without jeopardizing your health.

You should only limit yourself to one to two servings of energy drink powders depending on the brand you choose.

Things to consider in picking Healthy Energy Drinks

There are some factors that you should determine when picking out healthy energy drink powders for yourself.

Now that you know how healthy energy drinks are, let’s check out the factors that need to be considered when selecting an energy drink powder.

These factors include:

  • Caffeine Content
  • Sugar Content
  • Calorie Content
  • Extra Boosters

Let’s take a closer look at these factors so that you can determine which energy drink powder is healthy for your health.

Caffeine Content

Energy drinks that contain 50mg to 160mg caffeine are considered the healthiest energy drinks.

Caffeine helps you stay alert and focused.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in many beverages, including energy drinks, as it boosts your energy and keeps you charged up throughout the day. 

Many energy drinks contain caffeine in excessive amounts, but some other energy drink brands have low caffeine content but work effectively.

Therefore, before purchasing an energy drink powder, it is best to check the caffeine present. 

Caffeine is highly beneficial for your health as it provides you with heaps of energy and lowers the risk of many health issues. But, sometimes, the excessive consumption of caffeine can be dangerous for your health and can affect you negatively. 

Side Effects Of Caffeine

Excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to various side effects.

  • Depression
  • Sleeping Problem
  • Anxiety
  • Heart Problems.

So, to avoid them, you should consume caffeine in a moderate amount or within the recommended amount.

According to AHA, the caffeine intake should not be more than 400mg per day.  

Sugar Content

Sugar content is a crucial factor to consider while choosing a healthy energy drink powder.

Sugar is a great form of energy.

Sugar is carbohydrates that give energy to our body. It is added naturally or through preservatives in our foods and beverages. Sugar is an important ingredient that can be found in most energy drinks to add taste to them.

Most energy drinks contain sugar in excessive amounts, which can be dangerous to your health and liver. Therefore, it is better to choose those energy drinks that are low in sugar or completely sugarless. 

The energy sugar provides does not last long, and its excessive consumption can lead to a sugar crash and make you feel jittery. Moreover, sugar has many empty calories that do not give you any nutrients and increase weight.

Too much sugar can also harm your health.

Side Effects Of Sugar:

Lots of sugar can cause the following side effects:

Therefore, you should consume sugar in a moderate amount.

According to AHA, men should only consume 36g of sugar, and women can have only 26g of sugar daily.

Calorie Content

Look at the calorie content of an energy drink when choosing a healthy one.

Calories should be consumed in moderate amounts.

A calorie is a great source of energy, and most energy drinks contain up to 10 to 25 calories per serving which is an ideal choice. 

However, several energy drink powders are completely calorie-free. So, if you are on a diet or trying to lose weight, you can choose those.

Calories are vital for the human body, but sometimes the excessive intake of calories may result in weight loss and other health issues. Therefore, it is better to consume calories within a limited amount.

According to various studies, the recommended calorie intake is 2000-2500 per day for men and women.

But, remember that not everyone has the same amount of calories as several factors determine your ideal calories intakes, such as lifestyle, body size, gender, height, and age. 

Extra boosters such as Amino acids and vitamins

Choosing an energy drink that contains taurine, B vitamins, and other healthy ingredients is the way to go.

Vitamins and amino acids are really beneficial for your health.

In addition to caffeine, energy drinks often contain taurine and a B vitamin complex to enhance the overall energy boost. Therefore, choose those energy drink powders enriched with these ingredients as it is quite healthy and effective.

Taurine is a vital amino acid for improving your mental performance when combined with caffeine. On the other hand, B vitamins are crucial for your body’s ability to turn food into energy.

Even though B group vitamins are water-soluble, extremely large amounts can be hazardous. Therefore, be sure to read the label and think twice before consuming anything that contains more than the daily recommended value for any nutrient.

Benefits of Energy Drinks 

Energy drinks provide you with lots of benefits if consumed in moderate amounts.

Let’s take a look at the benefits that energy drinks provide you.

Gives you an amazing burst of energy

Energy drinks are made to boost your energy levels and keep you active throughout the day.

Energy drinks improve your cognition and keep you active.

Energy drinks include caffeine, which improves attention as well as your capacity to recall information from memory. As a result, you will be more cognitively alert after drinking an energy drink, which is one of the major reasons people consume them.

The stimulants found in energy drinks provide a burst of energy, while taurine, an amino acid found in certain energy beverages, improves performance. It accomplishes this by assisting in the elimination of waste materials from the body by increasing muscle contraction.

A variety of flavors 

Another benefit that energy drinks provide is that they come in a variety of flavors.

Energy drinks offer a variety of flavors you can choose from.

Not everyone enjoys the flavor of tea or coffee, particularly if you aren’t a fan of syrups and sprinkles. But does it imply you can’t enjoy the perks of a caffeinated beverage? No!

Energy drinks also have the advantage of being available in a wide range of tastes, ensuring that there is something for everyone, which means you can choose whatever you like according to your taste and preferences.


Energy drinks are inexpensive as compared to coffees and other beverages.

Energy drinks cost and cheaper price help you save more money.

You’ve certainly heard the argument that “millennials can’t afford a home because they spend all of their money on avocado toast and pricey takeout coffee,” yet when You sum up the total cost of all those coffees… well. So, I am keeping our mouths shut.

When it comes to caffeinated drinks, energy drinks are a considerably more inexpensive option, costing up to $4 less on average, or even more if a fantastic bargain or special promotion is going on.

What Can I Drink Instead Of Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks are a great way to boost your energy.

If you are looking to get a burst of energy but don’t want to use energy drinks as your go-to option, here are some alternatives you can choose from.


Water is really important as it keeps us alive.

Water is crucial for the human body as our 60% body consists of water, due to which our bodies perform at an optimum level.

Drinking water in excessive amounts is good for your health.

It is recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water daily to keep yourself hydrated and fresh.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, if you don’t hydrate yourself and drink water from time to time, you can feel tired and sluggish.

Therefore, if you feel exhausted and sluggish constantly, then question yourself whether you are drinking water from time to time or not.

Green Tea

Green tea is another great alternative if you don’t want to drink energy drinks.

Teas are enriched with vital nutrients that improve your body’s metabolism.

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages that is consumed by millions of people worldwide. It is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that are vital for your health.

Green tea contains caffeine in its formula, but less than the other beverages and energy drinks. Although it is small, it is still quite effective and enough to keep you awake.

It is an amazing alternative to energy drinks as it not only keeps you awake but since caffeine is low, which means you won’t have to worry about caffeine overdose or other side effects associated with caffeine.

Besides, it also improves your physical performance as well as your body’s metabolism.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is the healthiest option available if you want to drink something other than energy drink powders.

Coconut water is an ideal refreshment.

Coconut water is one of the healthiest and safest options available in the market as it keeps you hydrated. It is also known as a natural sports drink because it is enriched in potassium and minerals that are very beneficial for your body.

If you want to hydrate and replenish yourself, coconut water might be an ideal beverage.

Are Energy Drinks Bad for you?

No, not all energy drinks are bad for you if consumed in moderation.

Energy drinks can be both good and bad for you, as it particularly depends on how you consume the energy drinks.

Energy drinks contain caffeine. And, even though caffeine is beneficial for your health, sometimes its excessive use can cause various side effects and health issues.

Therefore, it is better to consume these energy drinks in a limited amount. I will advise that you restrict yourself to one or two scoops of the energy drink powder you choose, depending on the caffeine content.

Want to know whether or not energy drinks are bad for your health? Then, you can check this video out for in-depth detail.

Here is a complete review of energy drinks.

Healthy Energy Drink Powders

Now that you know how healthy energy drinks are let’s look at some of the healthiest energy drinks you can drink to give yourself an amazing energy boost.

Here are my top 3 picks for the healthiest energy drink powders:

Energy DrinksSugar ContentCalorie Content
G-FuelZero 10
Advocare sparkZero45
Here are some of the healthiest energy drink powders.

Now, let’s take a look at these energy drink powders in depth.


Caffeine content: 100mg

Sugar content: Zero sugar

Price: $29.99 to $37.99

Calorie Content: 20 calories

Zipfizz review
Here are some of the delicious flavors of the Zipfizz energy drink.

Zipfizz is an energy drink powder that consists of basic ingredients that provide energy without any daily increase in caffeine or sugar content 

The best thing about Zipfizz is that it contains a moderate amount of caffeine. It is considered a sports energy drink powder, and having such low caffeine content makes it a healthy energy drink powder that gamers and athletes can consume before a game to boost energy.

Zipfizz contains many required vitamins which help the body in having a better immune system and preventing your mind to lose concentration

Zipfizz has low-calorie content and the 100mg caffeine content is beneficial for young students and teenagers or people who are starting to use energy drink powders as it has fewer side effects because of less caffeine content

The price varies from 29 to 37 dollars which makes it an affordable energy drink powder. 

Moreover, it contains lots of flavors which add to its advantages and it is a must-have healthy energy drink powder especially for young students and teenagers

You can easily buy it at their website and also at Amazon.

You can also check my other article, ZipFizz energy review, to gain more insights on this healthy energy drink powder.


Caffeine content: 140-150mg

Sugar content: Zero sugar

Price: 34 to 35$

Calorie Content: 10 calories

G-fuel is a healthy powdered energy drink mostly because it contains vitamins that not only boost our body’s functioning but also supply us with the energy required to tolerate a tiring day

A tub of G Fuel.
G Fuel is a good energy drink powder with over 40 different flavors

The best thing about G-fuel powdered energy drinks, which makes them fall under the category of best healthy powdered energy drinks, is that it is gluten-free.  

It has a moderate caffeine content along with very few calories which makes it suitable for people who try to avoid the side effects of taking powdered energy drinks

The gluten-free quality in G-fuel makes it consumable to people who are health conscious and try to avoid gluten so that no intestinal or any other diseases appear in their lifetime.

It has many flavors, and the caffeine content varies according to the different flavors. However, it is not that much which can lead to any illness or side effect of any kind

It is easily available and comes at an affordable price. You can easily get your gluten-free G-fuel on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or even their official website. If you want to know whether this energy drink is healthy, check my article on G-Fuel caffeine and ingredients here.

Advocare spark

Caffeine content: 120mg

Sugar content: Zero sugar

Price: 54$

Calorie Content: 45 calories

Advocare Spark is a healthy amino acid containing powdered energy drink which is considered as one of the most popular powdered energy drink 

Advocare spark energy drink is available in small sachets which means you can easily carry them around.

Advocare spark is one of those powdered energy drinks which contains a very moderate amount of caffeine and is one of the most powdered energy drinks because the low caffeine and zero sugar content is a real bonus for consumers.

It is, however, a little expensive powdered energy drink. This makes it clear that as there is more quality in it, it comes at a little bit higher price and is worth the money

Advocare Spark is taken in mostly by people before a workout making it a famous pre-workout powdered energy drink and thus clarifying that it is a healthy powdered energy drink.

The calorie count of this energy drink is a little higher, which can cause side effects to some people, leading to some issues. So that is why a person consuming this energy drink should be cautious of its content.

It is easily available on its official store and various other platforms, which makes it easily available. You can also check my other article, Advocare review, to know more about this energy drink.


In my opinion ZipFizz, G-Fuel and Advocare Spark are the healthiest options available for energy drink powders.

Energy drinks are made to give energy and keep you fit. But, sometimes the excessive intake of caffeine and sugar can lead to side effects.

Therefore, it is better to select those energy drinks that are quite healthy and has low caffeine and sugar content.

So, if you are looking for the healthiest energy drink powders, I highly suggest you try these energy drinks mentioned above drinks.

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