Best Energy Drink Powders (Top Ranked)

A tub of G Fuel.
G Fuel is a decent energy drink powder with over 40 flavors to try and easy to carry.

Traditional energy drinks are ready-to-drink liquids, whereas powdered energy drinks are powdered.

On the other hand, powdered energy drinks are very comparable to traditional energy drinks in many aspects.

The distinction is that you must first add water to the powder before drinking it instead of simply opening the container. Aside from that, the remainder of the components is nearly identical.

So, let’s get straight to the question: Which is the best energy drink powder?

Considering your caffeine tolerance, the energy drink’s sugar content, vitamins, carbohydrates, calories, and price, G Fuel is one best powdered energy drinks. Other good options are Celsius, Sneak Energy, Rogue Energy, and Ghost Gamer.

What is an energy drink powder?

An energy drink powder is a convenient alternative to bottled energy drinks since it allows you to regulate the amount of energy drink mix formula that goes into your drink.

It is noted for its portability, which allows you to carry many servings in your back pocket as long as you have water to mix them with.

Powdered energy drink often provides the same benefits as bottled energy drinks, such as enhanced alertness and faster reaction times.

It is also relatively easy to fix. It’s the same principle as any other powdered beverage you’ve tasted before. All you need to do is mix in the necessary amount of powder and water, and voila, you have a freshly produced energy drink on demand.

Do energy drink powders work?

Energy drink powder is exactly as good as, if not better than, its canned counterparts since you can precisely calculate the dosage that fits you.

Caffeine is a key element in both powdered and canned energy drinks, and it helps to boost your working memory and reaction time in addition to keeping you alert.

An energy drink packet will serve you just as well as a canned energy drink if the proper dosage is mixed with a sufficient amount of water.

Powdered Energy Drink VS Liquid Energy Drink

Powdered energy drinks are similar to their liquid counterparts in terms of taste.

A lot of canned energy drinks.
Among various choices, both liquid energy and powdered energy provide the same boost and energy.

The only difference between powders and liquids is that powders are usually less expensive because they contain less water. This helps keep powdered energy drinks more affordable by lowering their shipping costs as compared to ready-to-drink energy beverages.

Liquid, on the other hand, would be slightly more expensive due to the greater cost of shipping due to the drink’s weight and volume.

Another difference between powder and liquid is that powder may be a little more difficult to make the drink with, but it is much easier to carry around with you. You can’t just open a can of powder energy drink and take a sip like you can with liquid energy drinks. To make your energy drink, combine the powder with water.

This could be inconvenient, particularly if you’re in the middle of a practice session or in a location where water isn’t readily available.

On the flip side, it’s suitable to always have a handful of powdered energy drinks in your bag or pocket so that you can mix a fresh energy drink whenever you want one. In addition, ready-to-drink powders can be advantageous.

Are powdered energy drinks better?

Energy drink powders and packets are generally healthier for your health than ordinary energy drinks because you may modify your own servings to your unique tolerances.

Furthermore, powdered energy drinks are typically less expensive because they take up less space and provide more effective portions, resulting in a higher value per drink. In addition, most powdered energy drinks don’t include sugar and aren’t overly carbonated, making them healthy for your stomach.

Energy drink mix packets are also easy to carry around, so if you prefer to be understated, these may be the right choice for you. However, I should point out that there is significant packaging diversity even among different brands of powdered energy drinks.

Some manufacturers offer large tubs that aren’t very portable, while others offer single-serve sachets that you can easily rip open and use without having to bother about scooping a scoop out of a tub.

Why choose powdered energy over canned energy drinks?

There are a few things to look at, such as price, easiness, and control over taste.


Compared to traditional energy drinks, powdered energy drinks are less expensive.

Euros and pounds.
Being inexpensive is one of the main reasons for choosing powdered energy drinks.

However, just because they’re inexpensive doesn’t imply they lack any of the components or nutrients found in a typical energy drink. Powdered energy drinks contain all of these ingredients, if not more.

Powdered energy drinks contain all of the same constituents as traditional energy drinks, such as caffeine, B vitamins, taurine, ginseng, sugar, and so on.

Easy to Carry

Powdered energy drinks are more convenient to transport than traditional energy drinks.

An energy drink powder sachet can be kept in your pocket. For those days when you are not in the mood for regular energy drinks or don’t want to carry them, you can keep a powdered energy drink in your bag. It will be a lot easier; you need to add water to the mix and drink it before working.

Ability to Control Your Taste

Powdered energy drinks are easier to use, and you can have complete control over the flavor.

You may control the taste of the energy drink by raising or decreasing the amount of water in the drink, in my opinion.

Reduce the amount of water in your drink if you want a powerful energy boost. Increase your water amount if you want a less powerful kick.

It’s a terrific method to keep the flavor of your energy drink under control without having to go out and buy a new mix. The taste selection is advantageous because it eliminates the need to seek out different beverages on days when you require a less potent energy boost.

What to look for in energy drink powders?

Energy drinks deliver on their promises, with the majority of them being able to give you a boost of energy and improve your attention. Before you choose an energy drink, though, there are a few things to consider.


Calories are frequently chastised in nutritional discussions, but they are only a measurement of the energy you obtain from meals.

Despite the fact that you consume calories in several meals, an excessive amount can cause your body to store fat and cause weight gain.

Furthermore, some energy drinks include a lot of sugar, resulting in a high-calorie content in only one dose. The recommended daily calorie intake for women is 2000 calories and for males is 2500 calories and these boundaries are frequently breached.

Side Effects of Calories

Too much caloric absorption can lead to the following health complications:

  • Risk of cancer
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
A healthy heart inside of a healthy body.
A healthy heart usually resides in a healthy body, and obesity might lead to heart disease.


Caffeine is an important component and keeps you awake, improves your concentration and focus, keeps you alert, and boosts your physical energy.

Caffeine reduces weariness and gives you the energy to finish your activity by blocking adenosine. When it comes to caffeine, the only thing you should keep track of is how much you drink on a daily basis.

The FDA, on the other hand, limits daily caffeine intake to 400mg for both men and women.

Caffeine consumption is entirely up to you and your caffeine tolerance. Even if you have a high caffeine tolerance, be cautious about how much caffeine you consume.

We’re here for a good boost of energy, not a caffeine overdose, at the end of the day.

Side Effects of Caffeine

Keep in mind that you should not overdose on caffeine because it might cause the following serious health troubles.

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Addiction
  • Muscle breakdown
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue


Sugar is utilized as a sweetener and preservative in meals as well as a source of nutritional carbohydrates. Sugarcane or sugar beet is the most common commercial source, with sorghum coming in second.

The American Heart Association (AHA) advises 36 grams of sugar per day for males and 25 grams per day for women.

Despite the fact that many foods and beverages contain significantly more sugar, these are rather low daily sugar consumption. In light of this, I strongly advise you to monitor your sugar intake in order to avoid any sugar-related health issues.

Side Effects of Sugar

The high consumption of sugar may conduct to the following health problems:

  • Fat organs
  • Heart disease
  • Increase cholesterol levels
  • Linked with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Sugar addiction

B Vitamins

Vitamins are essential nutrients for humans since they aid in a wide range of bodily functions, from cognitive to metabolic. The names of B vitamins, as well as their functions, are listed in the table below.

B VitaminsFunction
Thiamin (vitamin B1)Needed for healthy skin, hair, muscles, and brain and is critical for nerve function
Riboflavin (vitamin B2)Helps convert food into energy; needed for healthy skin, hair, blood, and brain
Niacin (vitamin B3)Helps convert food into energy and is found protein-rich food; essential for healthy skin and blood cells
Cobalamin (vitamin 12)Aids in the reduction of homocysteine levels, which may reduce the risk of heart disease; helps in the formation of new cells and the breakdown of some fatty acids; protects nerve cells
BiotinHelps in the conversion of food into energy and the production of glucose
Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5)Helps in the conversion of food into energy; aids in the production of lipids, neurotransmitters, steroid hormones, and hemoglobin
Series of B Vitamins and their functions.

Energy drinks provide a small number of B vitamins, but it’s enough to give you a variety of benefits, such as a faster metabolism and better cognitive performance.

Fresh fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and vegetables comprise necessary vitamins, and a few energy drinks also include such vitamins.


When it comes to energy drinks, pricing is a hard and delicate subject to debate.

You don’t want to spend ten dollars on a powdered energy drink. When it comes to liquid energy drinks, though, you may discover that spending $2, $3, or even $5 a can is normal.

Compared to liquid energy drinks, powdered energy drinks are significantly less expensive. Not only that, but powders can provide up to 5-10 servings of each packet, depending on the amount of powder provided by the brand you choose.

Although powdered energy drinks might be pricey at times, they are usually fairly cheap and provide a lot of bang for your dollars.

Are energy drinks bad for your health?

Powdered energy drinks aren’t better or worse for you than ready-to-drink energy beverages, to be honest.

The key difference between powdered energy drinks and regular energy drinks is that powdered energy drinks require you to add water with the powder, whereas regular energy drinks do not.

However, the majority of the time, the contents are the same, making the powder neither healthy nor unhealthy.

Powdered energy drinks aren’t necessarily better than conventional energy drinks; therefore, it’s preferable to consume them in moderation.

So, before you pick a powder for your next day-to-day use, make sure to read the nutrition label. You’ll know exactly what you’re eating this way.

Some powder energy drinks, like traditional energy drinks, are high in caffeine and sugar. These two components can be hazardous to one’s health on their own and can cause the following adverse effects.

  • High blood pressure
  • Headache
  • Weight gain

I have added a YouTube video for you to know more about the possible adverse effects of energy drinks.

Side effects of energy drinks.

Best Energy Drink Powders

It’s time to think about some good energy drink options now that I have stated the positive and negative sides of energy drink powders in detail.

Based on your caffeine intake, sugar content, vitamins, carbohydrates, calories, and pricing choices, here are some top-ranked (in my opinion) powdered energy drinks to consider.

  1. G Fuel
  2. Celsius On-The-Go
  3. Sneak Energy
  4. Rogue Energy
  5. Ghost Gamer

Powdered energy drinks are convenient to transport, affordable, and include a good amount of caffeine, ranging from 55 mg to 300 mg, for your boosting mechanism.

In the table below, I’ve added up the caffeine amount, calories, sugar, and price of the stated energy beverages.

Energy DrinkCaffeineCaloriesSugarPrice
G Fuel140-150mg100g$35.99
Rogue Energy175mg120g$32.99
Sneak Energy200mg100g$16.63
Ghost Gamer150mg18kJ0g$39.99
Energy drinks and the number of significant elements they include, as well as their cost.

When you look at the table closely, you’ll notice that all of the energy drinks have a good quantity of caffeine and calories in them, as well as no sugar.

1. G Fuel

Caffeine Content: 140mg-150mg

Sugar Content: 0g

Calorie Content: 10 calories.

Price: $35.99

G Fuel powder is also available in a wide range of tastes, so there’s something for everyone who wants to try it.

A caffeine intake of 140-150 mg is a suitable middle ground between too little and too much. This substance is gluten-free and sugar-free. G Fuel is a pure, clean, vitamin- and antioxidant-fortified energy drink.

The best location to acquire G Fuel is on the company’s main webpage, but you can also obtain it from other online stores, such as follows.

G Fuel includes a decent amount of caffeine, although it might be an overdose for those who are sensitive to caffeine. Also, this beverage might contain traces of lead in its formula also. It’s from the naturally contained vitamins and minerals and well below the FDA limits.

For more information, you can read my previous article about the nutrition facts of G Fuel.

2. Celsius On-The-Go

Caffeine Content: 200mg

Sugar Content: 0g

Calorie Content: 10 calories

Price: $16.63 (14 servings)

Celsius On-The-Go is the perfect energy drink for staying alert while burning calories. It’s a sports drink that has great taste and is easy to transport. It’s the ideal beverage for anyone looking to get the most out of their day while still staying in shape.

Drinking Celsius before exercise improves metabolism, melts body fat, and provides critical energy, according to several clinical studies. However, if you take a closer look at the study papers, you will notice that it’s only caffeine that provides all the benefits.

The caffeine content is a good amount for energizing and boosting, but it’s a little too close to the recommended daily intake. If you limit yourself to one dish each day, you’ll be okay.

Celsius energy drink is sugar-free and has only roughly ten calories per serving, giving you the push you need.

The best place to acquire Celsius On-The-Go is Amazon, but you can also purchase it from other online stores, such as

Celsius On-The-Go contains no sugar and has a low-calorie count. However, the caffeine concentration is considerable (200mg), which may have a negative impact on health.

You can also check my article entitled Where to Buy Celsius On-The-Go.

3. Sneak Energy

Caffeine Content: 200mg

Sugar: 0g

Calorie Content: 10 calories

Price: $40

Taking more caffeine may be a better alternative for people who are frequently busy. If you require a more significant dose of caffeine to keep you running for longer lengths of time, the same can be said.

The goal of this drink was to provide you with a long-lasting energy boost while keeping you in control. For a powerful, long-lasting energy boost, combine one scoop with water. Sneak is high in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, all of which aid in rapid reactions and concentration.

Sneak has no gluten-containing ingredients. However, this has not been confirmed in their official FAQ. Aside from the lack of proof, there’s also the potential of cross-contamination to consider, especially if you’re gluten intolerant.

Sneak Energy comes in more than 40 delicious flavors and can be acquired from their official website.

However, the high caffeine content of Sneak Energy might have adverse effects on individuals who are suffering from caffeine intolerance and contains vitamins minerals that are way lower than the recommended amount we need to stay healthful.

If you want to read a more detailed article about this energy drink, you can read Sneak Energy Review.

4. Rogue Energy

Caffeine Content: 175

Sugar Content: 0g

Calorie Content: 12 calories.

Price: $32.99

Rogue Energy is a great energy drink for gamers, esports players, athletes, business owners, and anybody else who needs to focus and think more clearly.

Rogue energy drink is a good addition to your diet, especially if you’re an athlete because it has no added sugar or fillers. It only contains five calories of essential vitamins and nootropics for brain enhancement, and a high caffeine content that can give you a good boost of energy and concentration during the training period or intense workout session.

However, you should keep in mind the daily intake limit and consume Rogue energy drinks in proportion.

You can acquire it through Rogue’s own website or other online stores such as follows.

The caffeine content is high and can induce adverse effects on health. Also, children, teenagers, pregnant women, and nursing moms should avoid Rogue Energy altogether.

You can also read a more detailed article about Rogue in my previous article, Is Rogue Energy Bad for You.

5. Ghost Gamer

Caffeine Content: 150mg

Sugar Content: 0g

Calorie Content: 18 KJ

Price: $39.99

For athletes and gamers, Ghost Gamer is one of the most popular energy beverages. This energy drink gives consumers a boost and keeps them focused and energetic all day, making it one of the finest energy drinks for athletes.

It includes around 150 mg of caffeine, which is a good quantity of caffeine for a respectable performance gain, in my opinion, despite the fact that it is sugar-free. This ingredient is well-known for enhancing both mental and physical performance, and when taken before a gaming session or workout, it can provide an energy boost.

This energy drink is a good option because it is gluten-free, tastes great, and keeps you going all day.

The official website is the best way to acquire Ghost Gamer, although it’s also available on online shops, such as 

Ghost Gamer comprises zero sugar and a low-calorie level but a decent 150mg of caffeine, and even though caffeine intake is highly beneficial, there are some downsides to it, such as headaches, insomnia, irritability, dizziness of overdose, etc.

You can also read the article Is Ghost Gamer Vegan for more information.

A woman is smiling.
Irritability is one of the main downsides of caffeine overdose.


I prefer powdered energy drinks to conventional energy drinks since they are easier to transport. Powdered energy drinks come in handy when I’m traveling or going on a trek.

When choosing a powder for yourself, try to keep an eye on the caffeine and sugar level, and perhaps you’ll choose a powder that isn’t too pricey. There are numerous low-cost energy drink powders on the market.

However, keep in mind that powdered energy drinks have their own set of drawbacks. Weight gain, elevated blood pressure, and so on, all of which can occur if ingested in excess.

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