Does Drinking Energy Drink Powders Make You Fat? (Taking A Closer Look)

Do energy drinks make you gain weight?

Energy drinks are a great go-to energy beverage that provides you with a quick burst of energy, improves your mental and physical strength, increases your endurance and overall improves your mood, leaving you feeling energized throughout the day.

Furthermore, they are also suitable for those days when you feel tired and don’t have any energy to do any chores as they contain caffeine, which makes your drowsiness go away and keeps you charged up. One can of energy drink, and you are good to go.

Even though energy drinks are good for providing you with energy, there is still a lingering question at the back of people’s minds.

Do energy drinks make you fat?

The answer is, energy drinks contain sugar in them, which can certainly cause weight gain if you drink in excessive amounts. Therefore, one sachet per day is enough to take.

Want to know more about whether energy drinks make you fat or not? Then, keep on reading this article as I tackle the ingredients in energy drinks that make fat and some different ways to help you out in detail.

Energy Drinks─ what are the ingredients?

Energy drink powders have a lot of elements inside, and you might be wondering the factors from it that you might want to take a closer look.

Caffeine is the key ingredient of any energy drink. Apart from this, you can also find sugar, artificial sweeteners, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in them.

Here are some of the most common ingredients that you can find in almost every energy drink. 


Caffeine is the most common ingredient of an energy drink due to its stimulating nature.

Caffeine is quite effective for weight loss.

Caffeine is a natural energy booster naturally obtained from coffee beans, tea, and some plants and is used worldwide by millions of people daily. Caffeine works by stimulating your body’s nervous system and brain, which ultimately provide you with energy and make you alert.

Energy drinks can contain up to 50 mg to 300 mg of caffeine in their formula, depending on your selected brand. Even though caffeine is beneficial, try to consume caffeine in moderate amounts.

The daily recommended daily caffeine intake for an average person is 400 mg, as declared by FDA.

Too much intake of the recommended consumption of caffeine might lead to having health issues such as:

So, try consuming them in limited amounts and try not to exceed the daily recommended amount.

Can Caffeine make me gain weight?

No, caffeine alone will not make you increase your weight. Only if your caffeine intake will be in moderated amounts.  

Caffeine does not increase weight, but caffeine can help you lose weight if consumed in the correct dosage.

Caffeine creates a thermogenic effect, which in return increases your metabolism and triggers fat burn. Furthermore, according to various studies, caffeine stimulates the fat break down inside your body, making it easier for you to lose weight and burn calories rapidly.

However, if you consume caffeine in high amounts, it can cause the opposite effect.

The high caffeine intake can spike your blood sugar levels, activating the insulin present in your body. And, if you continue doing so, your body will become insulin resistant, which can create a constant problem of high blood pressure.

Moreover, these frequent changes can lead to an increase in your abdominal fat in just a short period. Therefore, I will advise that you drink highly caffeinated energy drinks and other beverages in a moderate amount.


Sugar is another common ingredient of an energy drink.

Excessive use of sugar and sugary foods can contribute to your weight gain.

Sugar can be a great source of energy ーa form of carbohydrate that can be natural or man-made processed. It’s one of the reasons behind your charged-up energy as it increases your dopamine level.

However, this energy does not last long and can cause a sugar crash, leaving you jittery and tired. Also, these sugary energy drinks have a considerable number of calories in them. And, while it is good to indulge in sugary goodness once in a while, it is still better to consume sugar in a moderate amount. 

AHA declared that a healthy man should consume only 36g, and a woman should consume 25g of sugar per day.

Excessive use of sugar daily can lead to various side effects like:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Weight gain
  • Tooth Decay

However, there are many energy drinks available in the market that either uses artificial sweeteners like Acesulfame-K, Sucralose, etc. that are used in replacement of sugar to add flavors but it does not have extra calories and are totally sugar-free.

Even though artificial sweeteners are better than regular sugar, their long-term side effects are still unknown. Therefore, please consume these sweeteners in a moderate amount too.

Does sugar make you gain weight?

Many studies show that excessive use of sugar does make you gain weight.

The worst part is that sugar is found in almost every food and beverage because it adds taste to them.

The same goes for energy drinks.

There are many energy drinks available in the market that contain sugar in high amounts, which is not beneficial for your health if you consume these drinks daily. They have lots of calories and carbs in them, which eventually make you gain weight and cause various other problems if you consume them daily.

However, you can still consume energy drinks by switching to zero-sugar drinks and by changing your diet. But, remember, the best way to reduce weight is by having a proper balanced diet and exercise.

Want to whether energy drinks make you gain weight? Then, check this video out.

Here is a complete review of how sugar makes you fat.

Amino Acids

Amino acids can also be found in energy drinks.

Amino acids like BCCAs and taurine can often be found in some energy drinks, especially those designed as pre-workout or sports drinks. These amino acids enhance your physical and mental performance.

This study found out that after the consumption of taurine, the physical performance of runners was improved.

Are Energy Drinks good for weight loss?

Yes, energy drinks can be good for weight loss only if intake is set in moderation.

If you want to see the results from shedding those fats faster, you need to monitor three things upon drinking energy drinks. These three things are the key ingredients you will find in any brand of your chosen energy-booster beverage like powdered energy drinks.

To start off, one of the things you need to monitor is your caffeine consumption. Not all energy drinks contain similar content of caffeine in their formula, so you also need to ensure that you only consume the right amount of caffeine you can tolerateー so you can also avoid its adverse effects.

But, if you’re thinking that knowing the right amount of tolerable is enough to say that caffeine will help you to lose weight, you’ve might have understood the concept wrong about this specific ingredient. There is actually proof that caffeine works after entering your bloodstream, affecting your muscle and fat cells which seems to be really effective when you also incorporate exercise.

Next to caffeine, you might want to also consider your favorite brand’s amount of sugar. Sugar adds flavor to these powdered energy drinks, plus it also gives you the extra energy and its essentials for the everyday function of our brain. But cutting your intake of sugar into minimal amounts is essential in achieving a faster result in your weight loss journey. So, I highly suggest trying some sugar-free energy powdered drinks for a healthier option.

Aside from sugar and caffeine, one of the things you need to look closely at is your calorie intake. Simply because your calorie intake will also affect your weight. You might want to switch to zero-calorie powdered energy drinks to ensure that aside from keeping you energized every day, you will no longer think too much if you’re gaining a lot of weight.

So, to sum up, not all energy drink powders available in the market have the same amount of caffeine, sugar, and calories in their respective formulas.

Just keep in mind the recommended intake per day for caffeine, sugar, and calories. Most importantly, energy drink powders must be consumed in a moderated amount.

Do zero-calorie Energy Drinks make you fat?

No, zero-calorie energy drinks do not make you fat if you consume them properly.

Zero-calorie energy drinks are healthier than sugary energy drinks as they substitute sugar with artificial sweeteners in their formula.

As you know, artificial sweeteners have few calories compared to sugar and will not spike your blood pressure. That means you can consume these energy drinks even if you have diabetes.

However, the long-term effects of these sweeteners are still unknown. A study found out that consuming foods and drinks containing artificial sweeteners regularly can lead to a higher intake of calories. This is because the constant use of sweets in your diet can increase your motivation to eat more.

However, you can still enjoy zero-calorie energy drinks by taking proper diet and exercise to gain weight. 

You can also check my article best zero-calorie energy drinks to know more about which energy drinks are best for your health.

Zero-calorie Energy Drinkswhat to choose?

Not all sugar-free energy drinks are also calorie-free, but be guaranteed that all energy drinks have less amount of sugar.

Limiting the amount of calorie intake might be one of the effective ways if you don’t want to add extra pounds. So if you’re opting to try some calorie-free beverages like some energy drinks, here’s a tip: you might want to check the nutritional facts of the brand that you want just to check if it has no calories at all.

If you do not have anything in mind yet about the energy drink brand that you want to give a shot, you might want to take a look at the list here that you can choose from:

Furthermore, let’s scrutinize these brands in detail.


Zipfizz energy drink powder is perfect for you if you want something to keep you charged up without making you fat.

Zipfizz energy drink comes in tubes and offers different flavors.

ZIpFizz energy drink powder contains only 100mg of caffeine, zero sugar, and very low calories in its formula which means you can easily consume this energy drink powder without gaining more weight.

Furthermore, this energy drink comes in a variety of flavors which means you enjoy different flavors. Also, this energy drink costs around $29.99 to $37.99 which I think is a reasonable price for an energy drink.

You can also read my article ZipFizz review to learn more about this energy drink in-depth.


Celsius is another great energy drink for you as it also doesn’t contain any calories in it

A packet of Celsius On The Go berry flavor.
Celsius On The Go is vegan and can be consumed during a vegan diet without having any worry.

Celsius energy drink is branded as a sports drink and is a great energy booster. It keeps you charged up throughout the day and also improves your focus and concentration.

This energy drink contains only 200mg of caffeine in its formula and is completely sugar-free, which makes this energy drink a perfect choice for those who want to shed those extra pounds.

Furthermore, just like ZipFizz, this energy drink comes in various delicious flavors. So, I highly recommend you try this energy drink as it will not make you fat. You can read more about this energy drink here.

Mixt Energy

The next energy drink that is quite effective if you are trying to lose weight is Mixt.

A tub of Mixt Energy.
Mixt Energy is not entirely bad and can be drunk in moderation.

Mixt energy, branded as a sports drink contains only 166mg of caffeine, no sugar or calories in its formula which is perfect for those who want to go with their day without feeling exhausted.

Furthermore, this is a good energy booster and is an ideal choice for an energy drink as it will not cause any weight gain or other side effects.

Also, this energy drink comes in different flavors and can be bought from its official website. You can also check this article here to gain more insights about Mixt energy drink.

GG by Gamer Supps

GG energy drink is also good for you to drink as it will not make you gain weight

Three sachets of GG Gamer Supps in hand.
GG Gamer Supps includes organic caffeine along with essential nutrients and electrolytes.

GG by Gamer Supps is another great energy drink that contains 100mg of caffeine, no sugar or calories in its formula. Also, this energy drink powder is enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, and nootropics which help you in staying awake.

Also, this energy drink powder only costs around $35 and is available in tubs and small sachets which is very convenient in my opinion. You can easily purchase a GG energy drink from Amazon.

Do Energy Drinks make you gain weight?

Yes, energy drinks can make you gain weight since some are high in calories and sugar content. Therefore, it is better to consume them in moderation.

Many energy drinks contain high amounts of calories due to their high sugar content. And, if you don’t control your consumption and regularly consume these sugary drinks, it can lead to weight gain.

However, you can still avoid weight gain and drink energy drinks regularly by opting for sugar-free and zero-calorie energy drinks. And, also you can burn this energy by regularly exercising. This way your weight won’t increase.

Does Red Bull make you fat?

No, Red Bull will not make you fat if you consume it occasionally.

A can of red bull contains calories in high amounts.

Red Bull does not make you gain weight. But, just like sugary energy drinks, if you consume red bull in excessive amounts and that too without doing any physical exercise, it will eventually lead to weight gain.

Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine, 27g of sugar, and 110 calories in it 8.4 fl. oz of the can. And, since it has a high amount of sugar, the regular consumption of this energy drink can make you fat.

However, you can still drink red bull and prevent weight gain by consuming this energy drink in a moderate amount and limiting yourself to one can per day.

Instead of standard red bull, I also recommend that you opt for the sugar-free version of this energy drink if you like to consume Red Bull daily. This sugar-free version has the same taste and works effectively, just like the original version, so you won’t have to worry about that.

What are the best drinks for weight loss?

There are many natural beverages that you can drink for weight loss.

Want to lose weight by consuming natural beverages? Then, here are some of the drinks you can consume for weight loss.


Water is the best beverage good for weight loss and overall health.

You should drink water in excessive amounts.

Water is the best drink for your well-being because it is calorie-free and enables your body’s function. E.g., it maintains the electrolyte balance in your body, transports the waste products out of your kidneys, etc.

Therefore, you should try to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. This way, you will remain hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

Green Tea

Another drink you can consume for weight loss is green tea.

Green tea is really good for your health.

Green tea contains caffeine and an antioxidant called catechin in its formula. Various studies show that catechin combined with caffeine increases the body’s fat breakdown and improves weight maintenance. Besides, this green tea also reduces your cholesterol level and enhances the health of your heart.

Helpful ways to lose weight

You can lose weight by following a proper diet and exercising regularly.

You should avoid junk and sugary foods at all costs for effective weight loss.

If you are looking for effective and helpful ways to cut down that extra shed of pounds, then here are some tips that you can follow out.

  • Eat foods high in fibre
  • Stay active and exercise regularly
  • Avoid junk and processed foods.
  • Adopt a healthy diet

How often should you drink Energy Drinks?

It would be best if you drank energy drinks in moderate amounts and occasionally.

If you want to consume energy drinks, you can limit your daily intake according to the recommended sugar and caffeine limit as declared by the FDA and AHA.

Besides, drinking energy drinks on some occasions does not affect your weight as long as you keep track of your daily energy drink consumption and follow the experts’ guidelines.

Energy drinks should be consumed occasionally.

Moreover, if you want to boost your energy levels, you can still opt for healthier options and choose sugar-free or no-calorie energy drinks to consume daily. This will not influence your weight gain.


Energy drinks can make you gain weight if you consume them in excessive amounts.

While energy drinks are good for boosting energy and you can drink them from time to time, the ingredients present in them, like caffeine and sugar, can cause various health issues and weight gain if consumed in high amounts.

But, you can still choose sugar-free and calorie-free energy drinks if you want to stay energized without increasing your weight. They will neither make you fat nor help you in losing weight as they are just ordinary drinks that will help you go through your day.

But, remember, try to take them within the limit amounts too.

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