Best Energy Drink Powders Without Jitters (Shake it Off)

Energy drinks are man’s best companion as they keep you energized when need.

The caffeine in our lives is similar to the friend we don’t speak to daily, but they’re there for us when we need them. On the other hand, caffeine is something we rarely take unless we have a long day ahead of us or unless we are under extreme time constraints. Whenever we need it, caffeine gets us going again.

It’s the same thing with energy drinks. Whenever we need an extra burst of energy, they are always there to aid us. They do, however, have the potential to cause jitters.

If you consume a lot of energy drinks, you are going to feel jittery. Well, the question nowーis worth it to risk jitters to gain energy?

Your caffeine intake will determine the amount you consume. However, you can still enjoy a variety of energy drinks without feeling jittery. 

You are here because you are looking for energy drink powders without jitters, and you stumbled upon this article. Well, you are at the right place. This article will review the best energy drinks that will not cause you any jitters.

ZipFizz, Advocare Spark, and Arbonne Fizz are the best energy drink powders that contain the right amount of caffeine and will not cause any jitters.

Let’s take a look at these top three energy drinks and scrutinize them in detail. But before that, let me walk you through what ingredients make an energy drink unique.

Ingredients of an ideal Energy Drink

Energy drinks are a great source to boost your energy levels and improve your focus as they contain ingredients that contribute to it. Here are some of the elements that make energy drinks unique from other carbonated beverages.


Caffeine is the crucial ingredient in an energy drink as it is a natural stimulating agent that boosts your energy levels.

Caffeine is a great energy-boosting stimulant.

The caffeine content in an energy drink depends on the brand you are choosing. Some energy drinks are less in caffeine content, while some have caffeine in massive amounts.

Caffeine is an energy-booster natural stimulant that affects your brain and nervous system, provides a fantastic burst of energy, increases your endurance, and overall improves your mood.

Energy drinks contain caffeine, which is the leading cause of the jitters that you feel after drinking them, so the more caffeine you consume, the greater chance you have of experiencing jitters after drinking them.

Everyone has a different caffeine tolerance because caffeine metabolism varies from person to person. Therefore, some people can handle caffeine better as compared to others. But, still, excessive use of caffeine can cause jitters. So, to avoid them try choosing those energy drinks that have low caffeine content and are not that strong.

Furthermore, using caffeine in large amounts can also cause various side effects like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep problems

Therefore, to avoid these problems, try to use caffeine within the recommended amount, 400 mg, as declared by the FDA.


Another crucial ingredient that can be found in energy drinks is sugar.

Excessive sugar intake can spike your blood pressure.

Sugar is a type of carbohydrate that can be found in energy drinks as it is also an excellent source for boosting your energy levels and improving your mood. Many energy drinks contain sugar in high amounts, which can cause side effects like sugar crashes, headaches, obesity, diabetes, and spike blood pressure.

Furthermore, excessive use of sugar can also cause jitters and make you feel exhausted a few hours after taking energy drinks. Therefore, it is better to limit your sugar intake and use energy drinks in limited amounts.

But, the good news is that many brands are now introducing sugar-free energy drinks in the market. So, you can choose them if you want to avoid sugar overall.

Sugar-free energy drinks use artificial sweeteners like Sucralose and Acesulfame-K that are 700 times sweeter than Sugar but do not contain any calories, so you won’t have to worry about side effects.

Overall, just like caffeine, excessive use of sugar can make you jittery, so it is better to limit your sugar intake, which is 26g for women and 36g for men as recommended by American Heart Association (AHA).

So if you think that too much sugar is sweet for your health, well you’ve got it all wrong. You don’t want to face adverse health issues afterward consuming a lot of sweets.

In my opinion, it is better to opt for zero-sugar energy drinks if you want to avoid feeling jittery.

Want to know which zero-sugar energy drinks are best for you? Then, check my article on the best sugar-free energy drink powders here.

Jitters and Caffeine tolerance

Feeling jittery after consuming an energy drink depends on your caffeine tolerance.

As I previously said, everyone has different caffeine tolerance as every human body differs from one another, and therefore caffeine reacts to everyone differently, which is entirely normal.

Gender, age, body metabolism, height, and overall health play a vital role in caffeine tolerance.

So, if your caffeine tolerance is high, then you are entirely immune to feeling jittery.

You feel jittery after consuming caffeine because caffeine boosts your body’s adrenaline level, which in return enhances your endurance and overall performance temporarily.

But, this boost can sometimes cause your blood pressure to spike, making you restless and overall jittery.

So, the overall question is, what should you do to avoid jitters?

You should check your caffeine tolerance before you drink energy drinks in excessive amounts. If you consume an energy drink high in caffeine content and see your body acting up and making you jittery, you will know that this much amount is not okay for you.

I can tolerate up to 200 mg of caffeine per day. But, this doesn’t mean you can too. So, I will advise that if you are new to energy drinks, then select those energy drinks that are low in caffeine.

Want to know more about caffeine tolerance? Then, check this video out.

Here is a video on caffeine tolerance.

Can Energy Drinks make you feel jittery?

If caffeine intake is not put into moderation, it might make you feel jittery.

With caffeine as one of the key ingredients of energy drinks, too much consumption of this natural stimulant can cause shakiness and heavy palpitation.

But your tolerance to this ingredient will let you know if it will lead you to a jittery feeling or could be an indication of your improved level of focus.

The effect of this stimulant is known to last for several hours, so if you’re new to taking energy drinks as your go-to drink, you might also want to consider the amount of caffeine that your favorite brand has.

So, if you want to get rid of the side effects as early as before you consume a caffeinated beverage like energy drinks, make sure that you know the amount of caffeine you can tolerate firstーbecause it might take you a lot of time flushing it out of your body.

And just to let you know, that once it entered your body, the only way to get the stimulant eliminated is to flush it out naturally.

What does Caffeine jitter feel like?

Caffeine jitters are a physical sensation of a rush that makes you crash afterward, leaving you feeling uneasy and nervous.

As I previously said, caffeine that goes into your bloodstream increases your blood pressure, and you may find that your heart is beating faster than it usually does.

Furthermore, caffeine jitters can also trigger your anxiety, over-stimulation, and stress, making you lose your focus and concentration.

You feel jittery due to too much caffeine, but if you have high caffeine tolerance, it will make you more alert. Therefore, it is better to know your caffeine tolerance before you drink energy drinks.

How long do jitters last?

You can feel jittery a few hours after drinking energy drinks, as it ultimately depends on your caffeine tolerance.

The caffeine starts working within 10-15 minutes, but you can feel the full effects within the first 30 minutes after consuming it. And that’s when you start feeling jittery, which can last several hours.

Our body produces the enzyme CYPA12, which metabolizes caffeine. And how long you will face jitters depends on how faster your body has this enzyme. 

Furthermore, the caffeine’s half-life is 5 hours, but it may take up to 9 hours for your body to flush the stimulant away.

Does sugar cause jitters?

Yes, sugar can cause jitters too.

Excessive sugar can make you feel jittery.

If consumed in high amounts, sugar can cause a sugar crash, which is also known as hypoglycemia.

This commonly occurs when your blood sugar levels are lower than usual. And, once your sugar levels drop, you can experience sugar-crash, which in return makes you jittery.

Furthermore, you can also feel many other side effects like nervousness, uneasiness, and irritability.

Best Energy Drinks without jitters

Now that you are aware of how caffeine and Sugar affect your body let’s look at some of the best energy drink powders without jitters.

Here are my top three choices of energy drink powders. 

Energy DrinksSugar ContentCalorie Content
Arbonne FizzZero 15
Advocare SparkZero45
Top three energy drink powders without jitters.

Arbonne Fizz

Caffeine‌ ‌content:‌ ‌‌55mg ‌

Sugar‌ ‌content:‌ ‌‌2g

Price:‌ ‌‌$57.00

Calorie‌ ‌Content:‌ ‌‌15 ‌calories‌ 

A packet of Arbonne Fizz Energy including few sachets inside.
Arbonne Fizz Energy includes a low caffeine content.


Arbonne Fizz energy drink powder is the perfect choice for an energy beverage as it has low caffeine content, which will not make you feel jittery.

Arbonne Fizz energy drink is a fantastic energy drink powder if your caffeine tolerance is low as it only contains 55 mg of caffeine in its formula.

Furthermore, this energy drink is also low in sugar content and uses artificial sweeteners to add taste. That means you can easily consume this energy drink without worrying about sugar crashes or spiking your blood pressure.

Also, this energy drink powder comes in a variety of delicious flavors like strawberry, citrus, etc., which enhance your taste buds. 

The only thing I am not fond of about this energy drink is that it is costly and costs around $57.00. You can easily purchase this energy drink from its official websites as well as from Amazon and eBay. But, remember prices can vary from store to store.

 Want to read more about this incredible energy drink, then? Check my article Arbonne Fizz Energy review here


Caffeine‌ ‌content:‌ ‌‌100mg‌ ‌

Sugar‌ ‌content:‌ ‌‌0

Price:‌ ‌‌$29.99‌ ‌to‌ ‌$37.99‌ ‌

Calorie‌ ‌Content:‌ ‌‌20‌ ‌calories‌

Tubs of Zipfizz to help you get energize during gaming night.
Zipfizz Energy Drink helps to get you through a hectic day.

ZipFizz energy drink powder is another excellent choice for energy drinks without jitters.

ZippFizz energy drink powder contains only 100mg of caffeine. Its sugar content is completely zero, which means you can easily consume this energy drink powder even if you are on a diet and avoid Sugar. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about crashing or feeling jittery.

The best part of this energy drink is that it is still quite effective even if it is low in caffeine and is a good energy booster. So, if you want to go through your day without feeling tired, you can try this energy drink powder.

Also, this energy drink comes in various unique flavors to enhance your taste buds and costs around only $37.99, which is a reasonable price for a pretty fantastic drink. 

Furthermore, it comes in small containers and can be purchased online from its official websiteAmazon and eBay. Check out my article ZipFizz review for further knowledge about this energy drink.

Advocare Spark 

Caffeine content: 120mg

Sugar content: Zero Sugar

Price: 54$

Calorie Content: 45 calories 

Advocare Spark Energy sachet.
Advocare Spark Energy contains different types of vitamins and amino acids.

Advocare spark energy drink powder has lots of vitamins and minerals that provide a fantastic energy boost and keep you hydrated.

Advocare Spark is another energy drink powder without jitters on my list. This energy drink contains 120 mg of caffeine, neither low nor high, and has zero Sugar in its formula. 

Advocare energy drink is the perfect choice if you want to keep yourself hydrated, improve your focus, and overall need a good boost of energy. Furthermore, since this energy drink is low in caffeine content, you won’t have to worry about feeling jittery. 

Besides this, this energy drink also comes in small sachets and has a variety of flavors. One sachet of Advocare Spark is enough to keep you active throughout the day.

Moreover, this energy drink powder costs around $54 and can be purchased online from its official website. Here is another article on this energy drink, so you can also check that one out if you want to know more about this energy drink.


ZipFizz, Advocare Spark, and Arbonne Fizz are the best energy drink powders without jitters.

Energy drinks or even a cup of coffee can cause jitters and other health issues if consumed in high amounts.

Therefore, if you want to avoid them, it is better to consume them in moderate amounts. And, even then, if you feel jittery, then try lowering your caffeine intake.

Furthermore, sugar is also the main ingredient of an energy drink so try to keep track of your sugar intake.

Also, if you are like me and are a big fan of energy drinks, then try choosing those energy drinks low in caffeine and sugar content. This way, you will not feel jittery. But try consuming them in moderate amounts too.

So, overall if you are looking for energy drink powders that will not cause any jitters, you can choose the energy as mentioned earlier drinks.

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