Is Outbreak Nutrition Energy Powder Vegan? (Exposed)

Nutrition Outbreak Energy is one of the great energy drinks that has proved itself to be healthy and energetic for its consumers. It replaces tiredness and fatigue with energy and focus, thus helping you to perform well in your favorite game or any activity.

Nutrition Outbreak Energy powder contains 125mg of caffeine and other vegan-friendly essential ingredients that can increase mental and physical alertness. This energy powder is an amalgamation of ingredients that make the human body healthier.

Nutrition Outbreak has divided its ingredients label into two categories. One is the Regular Boost, which contains only one scoop of the powder, while the second is the Extreme Boost, which contains two scoops of the powder.

The distinction between them is the number of nutrients because the Extreme Boost contains the double amount of nutrients and therefore can deliver an extra surge of energy as compared to the Regular single scoop. However, it is recommended to lessen the use of Extreme boost to one because it may be harmful.

Remember that I will be using Regular Boost nutrients to mention the ingredients in Outbreak Nutrition. Moreover, Outbreak Nutrition has some surprising supplements to make you energetic and healthier.

Before going into the details of each ingredient of Outbreak Nutrition Energy Powder, let’s first discuss what veganism is.

What is Veganism?

fruits and vegetables on a table
Veganism promotes the idea of eating plant-based foods.

Veganism is a way of living in which a person excludes foods derived from animals and seeks to include food from plants.

The idea of veganism started in 1944 and quickly spread among people who wanted to stop animal exploitation and cruelty to food. A vegan diet covers foods that are either fruits, vegetables, or grains to lower as far as possible, animal slaughtering, and cruelty.

According to Vegan Society, Vegans reject the exploitation of animals for any cause, with compassion being a major factor in many people’s decision to live a vegan lifestyle. Products tested on animals or derived from animals can be found in more places than you can imagine.

Vegans avoid animal products for health, ethics, or environmental reasons to keep themselves away from foods like meat, flesh, and other animal-derived products. Although a vegan diet is healthy, it tends to be low in some nutrients like vitamin D, calcium, iodine, zinc, and selenium.

Benefits of Veganism

Research has linked vegan foods with the following benefits:

  1. Low risk of diabetes
  2. Lowers risk of cancer
  3. Supports heart health
  4. Weight loss

I have added a video to explain the function and effect of the vegan diet on the human body.

This video covers everything you need to know about the vegan diet.

Nutritional Facts of Outbreak Nutrition

Ingredients label of Outbreak Nutrition Energy
Supplement Facts of Outbreak Nutrition Energy.

Outbreak Nutrition Energy includes caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids in its ingredients formula to enhance the energy drink’s benefits and make it more attractive to its consumer. In addition, the nutritional facts of any energy drink provide a good insight into the company and its product.

Outbreak Nutrition Energy has some plants extract and other vegan-friendly nutrients that are very useful for a healthy and sound body. Besides, a vegan diet can reduce the body’s weight and enhance the activeness and energy of the body.

I have added a table below to state the nutrients of Outbreak Nutrition Energy and the recommended intake per day to provide the essential information for managing and controlling your specific nutrients on a daily basis.

Nutrients Per ServingRecommended Daily Intake
Vitmin C500mg60mg
Vitamin B64.25mg2mg
Vitamin B1260mcg6mcg
Broccoli, Kale25mg
Nutritional Facts of Outbreak Nutritional Energy Powder.

If you want to read more about the supplement facts of Outbreak Nutrition Energy, then check out this article.

Caffeine in Outbreak Nutrition Energy

coffee beans
Caffeine boosts energy and enhances performance levels.

The caffeine content in one serving of Outbreak Nutrition Energy is 125mg.

Like many other energy drinks, Outbreak Nutrition Energy also includes caffeine to induce alertness and improve focus in their consumers. Caffeine has become a primary and important nutrient of energy drinks because it covers and supplies most of the benefits of an energy drink.

Furthermore, caffeine has also become a daily ritual for millions of people worldwide to get up and generate a feeling of wakefulness in their bodies. Caffeine often has the effect of reducing stress and raising the performance level of an individual.

Basically, caffeine brings the human body into an emergency situation where the brain makes the whole body alert and attentive for a particular time. During these hours, the caffeine consumer feels more energetic and focused on finishing their desired task.

On the contrary, caffeine can also be hazardous if used in huge amounts. Therefore, the FDA suggests that everyone limit their caffeine intake to 400mg per day. Exceeding this limit may negatively impact your health, leading to many severe diseases.

Moreover, caffeine is also harmful to children and pregnant women because it will cause many serious diseases.

Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine

Following are the complications induced by overconsumption of caffeine:

  1. Addiction
  2. Dehydration
  3. Insomnia
  4. Restlessness
  5. Fatigue
  6. Anxiety
  7. Frequent urination
  8. Fast heart rate

Calories in Outbreak Nutrition

High calorie food
A high-calorie diet increases the risk of heart disease.

Outbreak Nutrition Energy Powder contains 10 calories in one serving.

The calorie count is really necessary for everyone aiming to lower their body weight because it tells you the energy you consume after eating or drinking something. Foods and drinks contain a specific amount of energy used by our bodies.

Energy is crucial for our body’s organs and systems to carry out their function. Without an adequate amount of energy, our body would collapse.

Another point to be noted is that controlling and managing calorie intake will help lower a few pounds of your weight. According to NHS, an average man should consume 2500kcal per day while an average woman should consume 2000kcal per day for a healthy life.

The recommended amount varies among people depending on their age and lifestyle. A person involved in extreme physical activity should increase their daily calorie intake. However, the average human burns 1800kcal per day without any physical activity.

Side Effects of Too Many Calories

Following are the negative effects of high-calorie intake:

  1. Obesity
  2. Diabetes
  3. Increased risk of heart disease
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Increase in cholesterol level

Sugar in Outbreak Nutrition Energy

person holding his face due to tooth pain
High sugar intake may lead to tooth decay.

Outbreak Nutrition Energy is a sugar-free beverage.

Sugar provides zero nutrient value; instead, it increases the number of calories and weight of the body. Sugar is mainly added to foods and products to give a sweet taste. We are generally obsessed with a sweet taste and tend to like foods that are sugary.

Sugar is a carbohydrate that digests quickly in our body and gives us instant energy. However, sugar overconsumption may also bring negative outcomes leading to several health issues.

According to AHA, an average man should stick to 36g of sugar per day, whereas an average woman should not consume more than 25g of sugar. Crossing this limit of sugar intake will lead to numerous health issues.

Side Effects of Too Much Sugar

Following are the negative impacts of excessive sugar intake:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Weight gain
  3. Liver disease
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Inflammation
  6. Tooth cavities

Is Outbreak Nutrition Energy Powder Vegan?

Outbreak Nutrition Energy Powder is vegan friendly because it does not contain any nutrients derived from animals.

Outbreak Nutrition Energy includes nutrients derived from plants, and they boost energy with many health benefits. The caffeine in Outbreak Nutrition Energy is anhydrous, and it is made naturally from cocoa beans.

A vegan diet is often high in carbohydrates. Plant-based meals have less energy, so vegans often feel weak and tired. Energy drinks can help gain an extra surge of energy due to the presence of caffeine and other healthy ingredients.

If your daily schedule is demanding, eat carbohydrate-rich meals like oats, potatoes, brown rice, spaghetti, wholemeal bread, and fruits regularly. Include some high-energy foods like peanut butter, avocado, and seeds in your diet.

Is Outbreak Nutrition Energy Powder Bad for You?

A moderate intake of Outbreak Nutrition Energy is not bad for you as it contains very healthy nutrients that keep the body lively and fit.

Outbreak Nutrition Energy includes caffeine, vitamins, carbohydrates, and antioxidants to enhance performance, alertness, and energy. Moreover, Outbreak Nutrition can also sharpen attention and improve consciousness and thinking ability.

However, if you consume excessive amounts of Outbreak Nutrition Energy, the caffeine content in your bloodstream will increase, making you less immune to its side effects. Overdosage of caffeine may affect your health in bad ways.

Final Verdict

Outbreak Nutrition Energy is a vegan-friendly energy drink that contains the perfect blend of healthy ingredients, beneficial for its consumers. Moreover, Outbreak Nutrition can boost your health and energy for the next several hours.

Outbreak Nutrition Energy Powder comes in tasty flavors with multiple servings enclosed in a tub. You can easily get Outbreak nutrition from online stores where you can find out the best deals for you.

Outbreak Energy includes 125mg of caffeine in one scoop, so limiting two servings per day if you have low caffeine tolerance is suggested. Moreover, caffeine overdosage comes with the negative effect of addiction and dependency along with other health issues.


I like to write about energy drinks and play video games. I hope the information that I share on this website is useful for you.

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