Best Energy Drink Powders For Weight Loss (Burning Down Extra Fats)

Do energy drinks make you lose weight?

You can never stay away from energy drinks, and many people will agree with my statement.

Whether you are a student preparing for exams and studying all night or a working person trying to pull through your day, energy drinks always come in handy, as they provide the boost of immediate energy within minutes.

But, when it comes to weight loss, it can sometimes be challenging, especially for those that cannot go through their day without energy drinks. Just like me!

The reason behind this is that you might want to cut out all the extra calories that add to the daily calorie count because it contributes to your weight gain.

The question is, what now? Should you stop drinking energy drinks just because you want to lose weight?

The answer is: Well, no, just because you want to lose weight does not necessarily mean you can stop consuming energy drinks. You can always choose those energy drinks that have low or zero calories and sugar in their formula. This way you won’t have to worry about increasing your weight.

And, now to the actual question, which I am sure every one of you has. Which energy drinks are perfect for weight loss?

 Celsius On-The-Go, G-Fuel, and Rogue energy drink powders are perfect for weight loss.

So, without further waiting anymore, let’s take a look at these energy drinks in-depth.

Energy drinks and weight lossーwhat matters?

When choosing an energy drink for weight loss, it is essential to look out for certain ingredients in it as they play a vital role in your weight loss journey.

Let’s take a look at these ingredients and how they affect your weight loss journey.


Caffeine is the most popular and critical ingredient of an energy drink.

Caffeine is very popular among people as it helps keep your energy levels boost-up whenever you need and improves your endurance, and keeps you mentally and physically active.

Besides this, it also stimulates your nervous system and brain and has proven suitable for your weight loss journey.

Moreover, it increases your activity level and gives you an extra amount of energy during your exercise. Furthermore, caffeine also helps you in:

  • Improve your metabolism 
  • Break down your fat and help you in losing weight fast.
  • Increase concentration level

Even though caffeine is beneficial and can help you in your weight loss journey, excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to various side effects.

Caffeine is effective for weight loss.

Many energy drinks on the market are highly caffeinated and can contain up to 200 to 300 mg of caffeine in their formula. According to the FDA, you can only consume up to 400 mg of caffeine daily. And, exceeding this limit can cause affect your health severely. 

These issues can be:

Therefore, please avoid using caffeine excessively and try to consume only energy drinks only one or two times a day, depending on the caffeine content of a drink you are choosing.


Sugar is an excellent source of energy, but its excessive use can cause problems like weight gain.

Excessive use of sugar can lead to various side effects.

Many energy drinks contain sugar in excessive amounts in their formula. Moreover, energy drinks can hinder weight loss as sugar can add loads of extra calories to your body, resulting in weight gain. Additionally, excessive intake of sugar is also harmful because it negatively affects your health.

Furthermore, if you consume energy drinks with high sugar content, you will notice drastic changes in your weight within the months, which is wrong. 

So, if you want to cut those extra sheds of pounds from your body, I will advise you to choose energy drinks with zero sugar. 

Many energy drinks have zero sugar in their formula. So, if you want to lose weight but can’t avoid energy drinks, you can choose those. They are highly effective and good for your health as compared to other sugary energy drinks.

However, remember that even if energy drinks do not have any sugar, their excessive use can still lead to various health issues like jitters and headaches. Therefore, try to limit your energy drink consumption.


The amount of calories you consume also contributes to weight gain.

Calories are a good source of energy.

Calories are a unit of energy we get through the food and beverages we consume. It is the second most important thing to consider if you want to lose weight.

You should take 2000 to 2500 kcal energy every day to keep yourself fit and healthy. But, this daily requirement can vary from person to person. The calorie content depends on various factors like physical health, sex, age, and overall health.

Moreover, if you consume energy drinks that are excessive in calorie content then your weight can get affected.

Therefore, try choosing those energy drinks that have low-calorie content. And, you can also opt for zero-calorie energy drinks.

What to avoid to lose weight?

When trying to lose weight, it is imperative to avoid certain foods to shed your weight fats. Here are some foods that should be avoided.


Excessive use of sugar can lead to weight gain and various side effects.

As sugar is considered a type of carbohydrate, your body will burn sugar rather than fat to generate energy. You don’t realize that your body will have no choice but to burn fat for energy if you don’t eat any carbs and sugars. That’s a good thing if you are trying to lose weight.

Fat is created when you eat sugar that isn’t burned. As a result, you develop fat all over your body. Weight loss becomes problematic when this occurs. Therefore, it is better to avoid sugar and sugary foods at all costs when trying to lose weight. 

Processed Foods

Another thing to avoid when trying to lose is processed foods.

Try to avoid processed foods as much as you can for effective weight loss.

Processed foods are made up of fats, sugars, carbohydrates, and salts and contain lots of calories, which I think is not best for you when trying to lose weight.

Furthermore, processed foods are considered worse than sugar. Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight, try to avoid processed foods as much as possible.

Does caffeine help with weight loss?

Yes, caffeine definitely can help with your weight loss.

Caffeine is an ingredient that is used in both supplements and pills made for weight loss. As you know, caffeine helps increase the rate of your metabolism, which burns your body fat faster. Furthermore, it also provides you with a boost of energy, and therefore, you can also consume caffeine while hitting the gym.

However, remember that just using caffeine will not help with your weight loss. Therefore, try to eat a proper diet and exercise regularly while consuming caffeine.

Want to know more about how caffeine helps with your weight loss? Then, check this video out.

Can caffeine help you with weight loss?

Does caffeine suppress your appetite?

No, caffeine does not suppress your appetite.

While various studies show that caffeine can suppress your appetite, it is not entirely the truth because it does not impact your ability to suppress your appetite. And, even if it does, the effects do not last throughout the day.

So, overall, caffeine might make you eat less but remember it does not have a lasting effect. Therefore, try not to rely on caffeine as your appetite suppressant.

Can you drink energy drinks while being on a diet?

Yes, you can drink energy drinks while being on a diet. However, select those energy drinks that are low in sugar and calorie content.

Sneak and X-Gamer sachets.
Energy drinks can help in weight loss.

Energy drinks contain sugar in an excessive amount, which increases it instead of making you lose weight. However, there are many energy drinks available in the market that are completely sugar-free and calorie-free. That means you can opt for those instead of sugary ones.

So, overall you can drink energy drinks while losing weight. However, try to take them in a limited amount.

Want to know which sugar-free drinks are best for you? Then, check out my article here.

Do energy drinks increase metabolism?

Energy drinks indeed increase metabolism due to their caffeine content.

It’s well known that caffeine is a well-known ingredient for its ability to boost metabolism, even if the amount of caffeine isn’t the same in every energy drink. Caffeine also speeds up the digestion process and helps release energy.

Also, energy drinks contain various vitamin complexes, like vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, etc.

Additionally, these micronutrients reduce food absorption and enhance energy production. Furthermore, they may also act as antioxidants which can enhance metabolism and other functions of the body.

What are the best energy drinks for weight loss?

In general, weight loss drinks with caffeine, vitamins, and low calories are the best.

Here are some of the best energy drink powders you can consume for weight loss.

Energy DrinksSugar ContentCalorie Content


Rogue Zero 12
Here are the best energy drink powders for weight loss.

Celsius On-The-Go

Caffeine Content: 200mg

Sugar Content: 0g

Calorie Content: 10 calories

Price: $16.63 

Celsius-On-The-Go energy drink is perfect for those who want to lose weight while being energized.

A packet of Celsius On The Go.
Celsius On The Go is a decent energy drink and can be consumed even on diet.

Celsius energy drink powder contains 200 mg of caffeine, zero sugar, and only ten calories in its formula, which is an ideal amount if you want to drink energy drinks while losing weight.

According to various studies, drinking Celsius before exercising burns body fat and boosts energy levels. Further, this energy drink powder provides you with an immediate boost of energy and keeps you alert and focused throughout the day.

Moreover, this energy drink has essential vitamins and minerals that will keep you hydrated while exercising. After looking at its ingredients, I can say that this energy drink is perfect for weight loss. However, since its caffeine content is slightly over the board, try consuming this energy drink in limited amounts.

Besides this, Celsius energy comes in various delicious flavors and costs around 16.63 (14 servings). You can easily purchase this energy drink from the following e-commerce stores:

Here is my complete review of Celsius On-The-Go so that you can check that out too.


Caffeine Content: 140mg to 150mg 

Sugar Content: 0

Calories Content: 10 calories

Price: $35.99

G-Fuel is another great energy drink for weight loss.

G Fuel powdered energy drink in tub
Another amazing flavor of G-Fuel energy drink.

G-Fuel, a gaming supplement, is a popular energy drink available that can be used for your weight loss. Moreover, their energy drink mix sachets are ideal for health-conscious individuals since it contains 140mg of caffeine, only 15 calories, and no sugar. 

Furthermore, this energy drink keeps you hydrated throughout the day. So, if you are looking to buy an energy drink that you can consume during your weight loss journey, you can choose G-Fuel powder as your go-to drink.

Moreover, this energy drink powder comes in 35 different flavors that include:

  • Battle Juice
  • Bahama Mama
  • Blue Ice
  • Bubble Gum
  • Cherry Limeade etc

Also, this energy drink costs around $36, but the price can vary depending on the flavor you choose. This energy drink is available in retail stores and online shops. But, sometimes they can run out of it, so if you want, you can order it from the following stores:

Here is the detailed G-Fuel review if you wish to know more about this energy drink. 

Rouge Energy

Caffeine Content: 175mg

Sugar Content: 0g

Calorie Content: 12 calories

Price: $32.99 

Rouge energy drink powder is perfect for weight loss.

Few sachets of Rogue Energy in the sand.
Rogue Energy is not entirely bad and deserves a decent rating in my opinion.

Rouge energy drink powder contains 175mg of caffeine and no sugar in its formula, perfect while on a diet. Furthermore, this energy drink powder contains all the essential vitamins and minerals your body requires. It helps boost your energy levels, keeps you from getting dehydrated, and improves your brain enhancement. 

Also, this energy drink has only 12 calories, which won’t affect your weight. Furthermore, this energy drink has various tasty flavors, which means you try something new every time you drink it.

However, unlike other high caffeinated energy drinks, you can drink this one daily as it won’t impact your health. Rouge energy is available in small sachets and costs around $32.99 and is available on its official website.

My other article, Rogue energy review, contains all the essential elements regarding this energy drink. You can also check that out if you wish to learn more about Rouge energy drink.


To sum up, Celsius-On-The-Go, G-Fuel, and Rogue energy drink powders are perfect for weight loss.

An energy drink with the right amount of caffeine, no sugar, and low calories is perfect for weight loss. But, remember not all energy drinks are ideal for drinking while losing some weight. 

Therefore, when choosing an energy drink for yourself, it is better to research the drink you are choosing before buying it. So, to conclude, if you want to drink energy drinks for weight loss, you can select the ones mentioned in this article. But remember that try to limit your energy drink consumption and only take one serving at a time.

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