Can Energy Drinks Make You Stronger? (Facts and Myths)

Short answer: Energy drinks do give you the strength and energy to work for long hours and increase your performance. However, this boost of energy is temporary and vanishes in a few hours.

Energy drinks are marketed as a source of boosting energy and enhancing performance due to their ingredients. Teenagers or youngsters consume energy drinks the most, and the companies advertise them mostly to the younger people.

However, energy drinks have brought a big change in the industry of beverages because they alter the conventional ingredients of any other drink. With their nutrients and mind-blowing flavors, energy drinks can freshen up your mood with a sense of vitality.

Energy drinks are sometimes labeled overrated and sometimes underrated due to different opinions and experiences of people. Sometimes, such information has no scientific evidence, still, the fact that energy drinks give you healthy nutrients and make you energetic is no mystery.

Everyone can try energy drink because it is easily accessible and affordable. Energy drinks will sharpen your focus, improve your performance, and make you more alert mentally for the next few hours after consuming them.

Without any further ado, let’s find out how energy drinks make you stronger and look at it with a scientific approach.

How do Energy Drinks Affect Your Body?

a can of energy drink
Energy drinks increase body performance by increasing energy levels.

Energy drinks affect your body in both good ways and not so good ways, but it depends on how you consume them. An energy drink has essential vitamins, carbohydrates, sugar, caffeine, and antioxidants making it a total energy package with a perfect touch of healthy nutrients.

Caffeine is a nutrient that can be called the backbone of energy drinks because almost all energy drink brands use it as their main ingredient. The outcome of energy drink consumption is elevated energy which is due to the presence of caffeine in it.

The impact of energy drinks after ingestion is much-needed information that everyone needs to know. Many people have done their research on the impact of energy drinks, but the one I’ll mention explains the detailed process of ingestion and withdrawal.

This study shows that after consuming an energy drink, caffeine gets into the bloodstream after 10 minutes. It then provides the body with a burst of energy within 15-45 minutes. You feel alert, focused, attentive, and heavily active in your required work.

After reaching its peak in 45 minutes, the effect slowly fades away with time, and within 5-6 hours, half of the caffeine in your body withdraws from your body. In short, the caffeine fully leaves your body after 12 hours of its consumption.

Moreover, caffeine can be addictive when used in abundance; therefore, you should always manage your daily caffeine intake to save yourself from caffeine dependency. According to FDA, the recommended limit of caffeine intake is 400mg per day.

By following this recommendation from the FDA, you are less likely to get affected by the drawbacks of caffeine intake.

I have added a video to demonstrate the effects of energy drinks on our bodies:

This video covers everything about the positive and negative effects of energy drinks.

Do Energy Drinks Give You Strength?

Woman doing pushups on road
Caffeine gives you a temporary surge of energy.

Energy drinks give you the strength and energy to work for long hours and increase your performance. However, this boost of energy is temporary and vanishes in a few hours.

Energy drinks have caffeine that elevates your energy level and motivates you by increasing alertness and sharpened attention. Therefore, it is not wrong to state that energy drinks give you strength.

Most energy drinks include a lot of caffeine, giving you a momentary energy boost. However, the surge is temporary and may be followed by other health issues. Sugar and other ingredients are found in many energy drinks.

It is better to stick to a moderate amount of energy drinks and not fall into the trap of consuming more energy drinks at a time, thinking it will give you more strength. Instead, you will feel more tired and sleepy due to overconsumption.

So if you drink and consume too many energy drinks for the sake of strength, you may face the adverse impact of caffeine on your body.

Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine

Given below are the complications that may occur due to extreme caffeine consumption:

  1. Dehydration
  2. Stomach issue
  3. Fast heart rate
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Liver disease

Do Energy Drinks Help Build Muscle?

man working out
Energy drinks can make you focused and energetic for your workout.

Not a single scientific study supports that energy drinks are directly involved in making muscles powerful. However, energy drinks can help you to work out hard by increasing your stamina for extreme physical activities.

Research supports the role of caffeine in the performance of athletes. It has been reported that caffeine multiplies the benefits of exercise.

Caffeine plays a vital role in burning fat and increasing endurance, which significantly improves muscular growth. In addition, caffeine also spares carbs and raises body temperature, leading to fat burning and ultimately, muscle tightening and growth.

According to a detailed study on the effect of caffeine on the muscles, it was concluded that the caffeine-containing supplement might be the best supplement for enhancing upper-body strength, making it beneficial for both competitive and recreational athletes who engage in vigorous exercise.

Aside from these benefits, caffeine is also believed to delay the tiredness and soreness of muscles while working out. This can help improve stamina, thus you can exercise for longer periods before the pain and exhaustion enter your body.

Do Athletes Use Energy Drinks?

Around 50% of athletes use energy drinks before a competition.

Many athletes use energy drinks to increase their energy and stamina to perform well in their sports. In addition, sports drinks are also used by athletes that bring significant improvement in their ability to exercise for longer periods.

Energy drinks improve endurance and the quality of a resistance training program; nevertheless, many athletes take them primarily for the stimulant effect, which helps them focus and react faster. Although the data is limited, it does provide evidence to back many of the athletes’ empirical claims.

The consumption of energy drinks has skyrocketed among athletes in recent years. Due to the benefits of energy drinks, more than 50% of athletes use them during practicing and even before contests.

In a research on the effects of energy drinks on athletes by Camilo José Cela University, it was discovered that, while their sports performance was improved by 3% to 7% in general, there was also an increase in the sleeplessness, anxiousness, and agitation in the hours after competition.

With that in mind, it is important to consider the side effects of energy drinks with the positive effects, and athletes should try to limit their caffeine intake daily. Caffeine may seem to be very beneficial and positive, but it can also produce some complications regarding the consumer’s health.

So, energy drinks have helped athletes achieve what they deserve, and they can also make their physique better with the surge of extra focus and endurance. To perform better is every athlete’s dream, and energy drinks can help them fulfill their dreams.

What Drinks Make You Stronger?

a woman drinking water
Water is a good source of getting energy and preventing dehydration.

Besides energy drinks, other drinks can also boost your energy and freshen up your mood. These drinks are mostly made from natural resources, and therefore they can provide a great value in adding essential minerals and antioxidants to improve your hydration and health.

Although energy drinks provide vitality, this energy is short-lived. It can temporarily impact body metabolism, whereas the drinks mentioned below can help energy last for longer periods.

Fluids are generally a more efficient form of energy than solids because they can easily be ingested and digested by our bodies. Moreover, drinks can quickly provide instant energy after entering our body by entering into the bloodstream.

Here are a few easy drinks that give your body more strength:

MilkMilk is a source of phosphorus and calcium that can strengthen bones, teeth, and muscles.
WaterWater prevents dehydration. Dehydration leads to unclear thinking and increases body temperature.
CoffeeCoffee contains caffeine and antioxidants that can keep the insulin level moderate and provide instant energy to work.
This table covers the drinks that can give you an extra surge of energy.

Final Verdict

Energy drinks are gaining popularity among athletes, gym-goers, and common folks due to their amazing ability to increase energy, focus, alertness, and performance in the particular work they desire to accomplish.

With a great market comes great competition, and the same goes for different drinks and foods that provide energy. Other drinks can give you an extra surge of energy, but energy drinks can perform a better job.

Energy drinks have caffeine that activates the fight or flight response of the body. This increases the release of dopamine hormone that makes you more energetic and freshens up the mood.

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