Is Celsius On-The-Go Vegan? (Honest Answer)

Celsius energy drink Berry flavor
Celsius On-The-Go is vegan and can be consumed during a vegan diet without having any worry.

Celsius products are gluten-free, soy-free, and don’t include any preservatives and artificial flavors. You can also check its FAQ page to confirm the claims.

If you wonder what Celsius On-The-Go is, it is an energy beverage containing essential vitamins and minerals providing the necessary boost in energy and mental awareness.

Celsius can improve your mental and physical performance. This is especially true if you consume it before exercising or engaging in strenuous physical activity.

But the main question is, is Celsius On-The-Go vegan?

Celsius On-The-Go energy drink includes vegan-friendly ingredients and is vegan.

Let’s start with this quest and find out more answers.

What is Celsius On-The-Go?

Celsius On-The-Go is a great energy refreshment for staying alert and burning calories.

Celsius On-The-Go is a sports beverage that blends great taste with convenience. It’s the ideal beverage for anyone who wants to get the most out of their day while staying in shape.

According to several clinical studies, drinking Celsius before exercise increases, metabolism burns body fat and provides essential energy.

What is veganism?

Veganism is the manner of circumventing the consumption of animal products, notably in the diet, as well as a philosophy that rejects the status of animals as materials.

Vegans shun eating dairy, eggs, and honey, as well as wearing fur, leather, wool, or down, as well as using cosmetics or chemical objects that have been tested on animals.

Veganism can be practiced in a variety of ways. Vegans all follow a plant-based diet that dismisses all animal merchandise, including meat (such as fish, shellfish, and insects), dairy, eggs, and honey, as well as animal-derived materials, commodities tested on animals, and venues that accept animals for entertainment.

What do vegans consume?

A vegan diet consists solely of plant-based meals. According to a study, vegan diets can satisfy all of a person’s nutritional needs while removing some of the hazards linked with toxic animal fats.

For vegans, these foods would involve the following things:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Beans and legumes
  • Nuts and seeds

Is Celsius On-The-Go vegan?

Celsius On-The-Go is vegan by nature.

Celsius On-The-Go is an energy beverage that includes vegan-friendly ingredients. It also flagged its products as vegan.

Nutrition Facts of Celsius On-The-Go

The nutrition facts of the Celsius On-The-Go energy drink are added to the table below.

Nutrition facts of Celsius On The Go.
Nutrition facts of Celsius On-The-Go.
NutrientsCelsius On-The-GoRecommended Daily Intake
Total Carbohydrates2g300mg
Vitamin C60mg60mg
Vitamin B21.7mg33 IU
Vitamin B320mg20mg
Vitamin B510mg10mg
Vitamin B62mg2mg
Vitamin B7300mcg300 IU
Vitamin B126mcg6mcg
Nutrition facts of Celsius On-The-Go powdered energy drink.

As you can see from the nutrition facts chart, all of the elements in Celsius On-The-Go are below or under the recommended limit.

In Celsius On-The-Go, B vitamins are needed for energy generation, helps regulate cell health and metabolism, and assist your adrenal glands in recovering from fatigue. The mixture also contains vitamin C and minerals.

Calories in Celsius On-The-Go

Celsius On-The-Go includes 20 calories per sachet.

Food with a measuring tape.
Cutting away too many calories is a good way to lose extra pounds.

A calorie is a power assemblage. Calories in nutrition refer to the energy humans obtain through food and drink and the energy they burn during physical activity.

Calories are stated on all food packaging in the nutritional erudition. Calorie restriction is the main drive force of many weight-loss methods.

Food calories are classified into four types: fats, carbs, alcohol, and proteins. The same weight of different nutrients can contain more or fewer calories (higher or lower calorie density).

The quantity of calories you burn in a day comprises calories burned solely to maintain your body functioning, as well as calories spent during physical exercise. To maintain body temperature, breathe, circulate blood, digest food, eliminate waste, create and repair cells and tissues, and sustain brain and nervous system activity, your body will burn calories.

An ideal daily absorption of calories varies depending on age, metabolism, and levels of physical movement; among other things, the recommended calorie absorption per day is 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,500 for men.

Side Effects of Calories

The side effects of consuming calories in the excessive measure include the following health issues.

  • Low blood pressure
  • Unusual heartbeat
  • Hair loss
  • Brittle fingernails
  • Trouble concentrating

Is there sugar in Celsius On-The-Go?

Celsius On-The-Go includes zero added sugar in their formula.

Carbohydrates are sugars. They, like all carbohydrates, are an energy source in our diet. Sugar refers to any sweet carbohydrate, although it is most commonly accepted to refer to sucrose or table sugar, which is a “double sugar.” The body breaks down carbohydrates into simple sugars like glucose, which may be employed instantly.

Sugarcane was the first cultivated sugar crop, evolved from wild types in the East Indies—most likely New Guinea. The sugar beet was generated as a crop in Europe during the Napoleonic Wars in the 19th century when France demanded a homegrown source of sugar to avoid running blockades to sugarcane sources in the Caribbean.

To put things in perspective, the American Heart Association recommends that males drink no more than 9 teaspoons (36 grams or 150 calories) of added sugar per day. At the same time, females consume 6 teaspoons (25 grams or 100 calories).

Side Effects of Sugar

The side effects of consuming sugar in excessive measure include the following health issues.:

  • Fat Organs
  • Heart Disease
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Addiction
  • Depression
Colorful sugar candies.
Sugar is bad for health and may lead to depression.

Ingredients of Celsius On-The-Go

The components of the Celsius On-The-Go are provided below.

  • Vitamin C
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Biotin
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Calcium
  • Chromium

Celsius accommodates MetaPlus ingredients in all categories.

  • Taurine
  • Guarana
  • Caffeine
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Ginger extract
  • Green Tea extract

Celsius On-The-Go includes caffeine from three distinct origins: caffeine, green tea extracts, and guarana extracts. It also comprises taurine to minimize the negative effects of caffeine.

Celsius On-The-Go includes the necessary vitamins and minerals along with calcium.

Are the ingredients of Celsius On-The-Go vegan-friendly?

The vegan-friendly status of the ingredients of this energy beverage is given below through the table.

Citric acidYes
Guarana extractYes
Natural flavorsYes/Maybe
GlucuronolactoneStatus unknown
Green tea extractsYes
Ginger extractsYes
Vegan-friendly status of Celsius On-The-Go.

From the table above, it’s clear that all the elements of this beverage are vegan-friendly. However, the vegan-friendliness status of some of the components is still under question.

Is the metaplus proprietary blend vegan?

Only caffeine and taurine have been manufactured in the lab, so MetaPlus Proprietary Blend is largely made up of plant-based ingredients and can be considered vegan.

This particular proprietary blend contains plant-based ingredients. The only elements that have been synthesized in the lab are caffeine and taurine. Both the ingredients are vegan-friendly and can be consumed without having any worry.

Is caffeine in Celsius On-The-Go vegan?

Caffeine is the key ingredient of this energy beverage and is vegan.

Brewed coffee being filtered in the jar.
Coffee contains caffeine in high amounts and works as a good energy booster.

Caffeine is a methylxanthine alkaloid ascertained in the seeds, nuts, and leaves of a variety of South American and East Asian shrubs. It is structurally correlated to adenosine and functions largely as an adenosine receptor antagonist with psychoactive and anti-inflammatory properties.

Caffeine constricts adenosine receptors in the central nervous system (CNS) and prevents them from binding to adenosine. This prevents adenosine-mediated CNS activity downregulation, hence enhancing the brain’s medullary, vagal, vasomotor, and respiratory centers.

Caffeine is used to develop mental alertness or wakefulness in those who are tired or drowsy. Caffeine can also be present in several headache and migraine treatments, as well as some weight-loss supplements and a variety of popular energy beverages.

Celsius On-The-Go includes 200mg of caffeine in its formula whereas, the recommended amount set by the FDA is 400mg per day.

Side Effects of Caffeine

The side effects of consuming too much caffeine in excessive measure might lead to few health issues:

  • Feeding intolerance
  • Agitation
  • Insomnia
  • Burning feeling
  • Vomiting blood

Is the artificial sweetener used in Celsius On-The-Go vegan?

Celsius On-The-Go includes sucralose to replace the table sugar. The vegan-friendly status of this ingredient is debatable.

Splenda is a brand name for sucralose, an artificial sweetener that appears in a yellow packet. Splenda is different from other sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharin in that it is manufactured from genuine sugar. When compared to other artificial sweeteners, this gives it a taste that is widely preferred.

Sucralose has been chemically modified to taste 600 times sweeter than sugar while providing almost no calories. Sucralose is used in yogurt, ice cream, confectionery, and soda since it has no aftertaste.

Sucralose is the result of a vegan argument. Sucralose is sometimes referred to as vegan because it is created synthetically and does not contain any animal components. Before being approved by the FDA, it was extensively tested on animals, resulting in over 12,000 animal fatalities.

Here’s a YouTube video to help you understand the positive and negative sides of sucralose better.

Is sucralose safe or unsafe?

Side Effects of Sucralose

The side effects of consuming sucralose in excessive measure lead to the following health issues.

  • Digestive issues
  • Disrupted gut flora
  • Preventing medicine absorption
  • Headache
  • Allergies

Is taurine in Celsius On-The-Go vegan?

Although taurine is only consistently detected in meat, most taurine today is synthetically manufactured. So, we can state that taurine is vegan-friendly.

Taurine is an amino acid and a protein-building block. It’s a common addition in energy drinks because it’s a naturally occurring compound found in fish and meat. Taurine is a component of bile and is found in the large intestine. It makes up less than 1% of the human body. This sort of taurine is not vegan.

Synthetic taurine is the most prevalent kind of taurine found in energy drinks. Taurine was initially made from animal products, but it is now usually made synthetically in labs without the usage of animals. Other non-organic compounds are converted to taurine in various strange ways, and the process is so cheap to carry out that non-animal taurine is currently used in practically all energy drinks.

Side Effects of Taurine

The side effects of consuming taurine in an excessive measure are the following:

  • Blood thinning
  • Changes in heart rate
  • Low blood sugar
  • Triggered mania
  • Brain damage

Is Celsius On-The-Go keto-friendly?

Celsius On-The-Go energy drink is sugar-free and carries fewer calories.

Low-calorie food in a tray.
A Keto diet not only helps to reduce weight but also helps with other health problems.

The ketogenic diet also referred to as the keto diet, is a low-carb, high-fat eating plan. Multiple studies have shown that it is useful for weight loss and the treatment of some health conditions.

A ketogenic diet can help you lose weight and improve your type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome without making you hungry.

Celsius On-The-Go, which contains no added sugar, is sweetened with sucralose. The ingredients in this beverage have a total of 20 calories. As a result, you won’t have to worry about it being absorbed.

Does Celsius energy drink make you lose weight?

Drinking Celsius On-The-Go energy drink alone won’t help you lose weight but it can provide you the energy you need during exercise and workout.

The most commonly promoted feature of Celsius energy drinks is their ability to help you raise your metabolism and burn body fat.

However, there is no proof that anyone has lost or kept their present weight by consuming thermogenic beverages such as Celsius as part of their diet. So, if you want to lose weight, you still have to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Is Celsius energy drink bad for your heart?

Celsius energy drink can be bad for your heart if you drink too much of it.

Energy drinks can be bad for your heart because they elevate your blood pressure, which increases your chances of having a stroke or heart attack.

Previous research has connected energy drink intake to adverse cardiovascular effects such as high blood pressure and irregular heart rhythms. There have been multiple cases of young people suffering from heart attacks and irregular heartbeats after taking too many servings of energy drinks.

Is it bad to drink Celsius energy drink everyday?

It’s safe to drink Celsius energy drinks every day but I recommend that you limit yourself to one serving per day.

Considering its 200mg caffeine content, it’s safe to limit yourself and don’t go beyond the 400mg caffeine limit. You also have to consider your caffeine tolerance and medical conditions before drinking this energy drink since it contains high levels of caffeine.

Since Celsius contains high levels of caffeine, it can be bad for you if you consume it excessively. Too much caffeine in your diet is linked to sleep problems, anxiety, dehydration, and digestive problems.

Flavors of Celsius On-The-Go

The flavors of the energy beverage Celsius On-The-Go are given below.

  • Orange
  • Berry
  • Coconut
  • Cranberry Lemon
  • Dragonfruit Lime
  • Kiwi Guava Lime

Celsius On-The-Go Price

Celsius, like other energy drinks, does not sell its products on its official website, but it does provide a link to Amazon for anyone interested in purchasing one.

On Amazon, a box of 14 sachets costs $11.99 with free shipping. This works out to $0.85 per sachet.

Where to buy Celsius On-The-Go online?

Amazon is the best location to get Celsius On-The-Go. They are dependable and deliver to practically any location.

Celsius is also available at Walmart. This site offers two-day delivery and free shipping to customers who spend $35 or more. If you don’t, you’ll be charged a flat $5 delivery fee. However, this only applies to people who live in the United States. Consumers from other countries must purchase Celsius elsewhere.

The Vitamin Shoppe sells Celsius in a variety of flavors, but they’re a little more expensive than Amazon and Walmart. On the Vitamin Shoppe, the price of Celsius varies from sachet to sachet, ranging from $1.21 to $2.75 per serving.

Where to buy Celsius On-The-Go offline?

Celsius items are not available in every store.

You may use their offline store locator software to purchase their products offline. All you have to do is click on their store finder option, and you’ll be taken to their offline store website, where you can find the location.

Other Vegan-Friendly Energy Drinks

If you are looking for some other vegan-friendly powdered energy drinks, here are some energy drinks you might want to try.


There are no non-vegan components in the Celsius On-The-Go if you look closely at the ingredients list. Taurine is the only component that might bother you. Taurine, on the other hand, is most commonly found in energy beverages.

In a nutshell, Celsius powdered energy drink is vegan. Its components are sourced from plants or manufactured in laboratories. They also state that they are vegan-friendly.

Celsius On-The-Go is a pleasant energy drink that contains a moderate amount of caffeine. If you think it’s the ideal energy drink for you, keep in mind that you should drink it in moderation.

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