Is Zipfizz Vegan? (Let’s Discuss)

Zipfizz mix and container
Zipfizz is a really tasty drink you can try.

People practice veganism for a number of reasons. It could be because of religious beliefs, concern for animals and the environment, or health problems. One of these health problems could be obesity.

According to NHANES, over one-third of adults are overweight or obese. There is no doubt that vegan foods offer health benefits especially to those with obesity.

So if you practice a vegan diet, it’s very likely you should be skeptical about any food item. 

The energy boost and taste Zipfizz energy drink has to offer has made itself quite a formidable drink item. And I assure you that you don’t want to miss out on this despite you following a vegan diet for health reasons.

What is Zipfizz energy drink?

Zipfizz is a powdered energy drink. It’s a delicious energy drink mix powder that’s good for you and tastes great.

Zipfizz is an energy booster that provides your body with essential micronutrients. There are many flavors available to choose from.

You can easily make the drink by pouring the water onto the Zipfizz powder.

What is veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle practice where people abstain from eating foods sourced from animals.

Foods from sources like vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits are known as vegan food. On the contrary, food that comes from animals including dairy products and eggs is regarded as non-vegan food.

A vegan diet has some awesome health benefits because vegan foods are full of vitamins. But probably the reason why people with health issues tend to practice veganism is for its effectiveness on weight loss.

Is Zipfizz vegan-friendly?

Contrary to what I thought, Zipfizz is actually not vegan. The substances taurine and L-Arginine make Zipfizz a non-vegan item. Even the Zipfizz company itself declared that their product is not vegan.

Although it should be noted that whether taurine is vegan or not depends on where it is sourced from.

However, don’t let this discourage you. Keep reading and you’ll find out more about the vegan and non-vegan ingredients of Zipfizz.

What are the ingredients in Zipfizz?

Supplement facts and storage instructions of Zipfizz
Zipfizz contains more than 24 nutrients.
Carbohydrates  2 g
Caffeine   100 mg
Vitamin C  500 mg
Vitamin E  15 international units
Vitamin A  2150 international units 
Thiamine  0.75 mg
Riboflavin 0.85 mg  
Vitamin B6  2500 mcg
Folate  200 micrograms
Pantothenic acid  5 mg
Calcium  60 mg
Magnesium  100 mg
Zinc 7.5 mg 
Selenium  35 micrograms 
Copper  0.25 mg
Potassium  950 mg
Sodium  75 mg
Chromium  60 micrograms 
Manganese  1 mg
Niacin 10 mg
Botanical antioxidant blend205 mg
Complete ingredient Chart of Zipfizz energy drink

So looking at the ingredients in this table, you may be wondering which are vegan and which are not. Before we get to that, let’s discuss the calorie and sugar content in this energy drink.

Calories in Zipfizz

Zipfizz contains a total of just 20 calories. This product uses artificial sugars that are actually low-calorie alternatives. These alternatives are vegan since they are either found in plants or artificially synthesized.

The presence of very few calories is great news since excess consumption of calories through sugars and carbohydrates can accumulate fat and lead to obesity.

In fact, in the US, 13.6% of daily caloric intake and 83% of daily added sugar intake is contributed by the consumption of beverages, desserts, and snacks.

And so, I advise avoiding weight gain by not consuming too many foods rich in calories and sugars.

Sugar in Zipfizz

Some sources state that regular white sugar is not vegan because it is processed using charred animal bones. But you don’t have to worry about that since there is zero added sugar in Zipfizz energy drink.

Sugar is a chemical substance that adds sweet taste to food. Two of the sugars humans usually have in their diet are sucrose and glucose. Glucose is a sugar that is used up in a chemical process in the body that gives energy to fuel living organisms.

Sucrose is the most common form of sugar which naturally occurs in plants like sugar cane and sugar beets. This is also the sugar that is most commonly added to food before it is consumed or to preserve it.

As I mentioned, remember that excess consumption of sugar can lead to obesity. It can also cause serious medical conditions like diabetes.

People who have high sugar levels can consume Zipfizz in moderation since as mentioned earlier, the product uses artificial sugar such as sucralose and xylitol (which are easily flushed out of the body) to maintain the sweet taste of the beverage.

Are the ingredients of Zipfizz energy drink vegan-friendly?

Green vegetables on top of toast
Vegan foods are delicious!

Most of the ingredients found in Zipfizz come either from plants or are artificially manufactured.

Now, what ingredients are there in Zipfizz that come from sources other than plants?

After some research, I have found that L-arginine and taurine are the two ingredients responsible for Zipfizz being a non-vegan product.

Let’s go into the details of both substances.

Is taurine vegan?

There are some sources that say that taurine is vegan. But this is only true if taurine is artificially synthesized. Natural taurine is only extracted from animal sources such as meat and dairy products (not bull urine). So no, taurine is indeed not vegan.

You may also ask: what is the difference between synthetic and natural nutrients?

Synthetic nutrients are almost chemically identical to natural nutrients but it is still highly recommended to consume nutrients from natural sources.

It all depends on the manufacturer whether they choose natural or synthetic. If taurine is synthesized without relying on animal sources then it is undoubtedly vegan.

However, Zipfizz has stated that their taurine comes from animal sources.

The next ingredient we will discuss is L-arginine.

Is L-arginine vegan?

A key building block of protein is L-arginine derived from foods rich in protein like fish, poultry, soy, whole grains, beans, and dairy products.

Since this substance can be found in fish, poultry, and dairy, L-arginine is definitely not vegan if collected from these sources.

Even if L-Arginine can be collected from vegan sources like soy, whole grains, and beans, Zipfizz has not clarified from where they extract their L-arginine so we assume this product is not vegan because the taurine present is confirmed to be from animals.

Is caffeine vegan?

Yes, caffeine is absolutely vegan since caffeine is produced from coffee beans. There is also no milk or dairy (which are non-vegan since they come from cows) mixed with this drink so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Also, remember to consume caffeinated beverages moderately since excess consumption may cause side effects like causing the nervous system to be abnormally stimulated and an increased chance of miscarriage in pregnant women.

Are xylitol and sucralose vegan or not?

As I said earlier, the artificial sugars used in Zipfizz are xylitol and sucralose which are both vegan-friendly.

Both substances are vegan because sucralose is artificially produced via a chemical reaction and xylitol is a naturally occurring alcohol found in plants.

Just like caffeine, excess consumption causes side effects. The main side effect these artificial sugars cause is gastrointestinal distress especially if you consume so much that most of the substances become undigested.

Is Zipfizz energy drink keto-friendly?

Blueberries, nuts, an avocado, and a fried egg
Keto diets help people to lose weight.

Zipfizz is keto-friendly because it only contains 2 grams of carbohydrates. To explain this, let me discuss what a keto diet is.

A ketogenic diet is a form of diet where you can’t consume a high amount of carbohydrates and consume low-carb foods instead.

A ketogenic diet induces a process called ketosis which burns fat to produce ketones which are consumed as fuel. This diet can cause substantial reductions in blood sugar levels and insulin levels.

In addition to that, increasing ketones can have some benefits for your health.

The diet produces great results and it is likely that you wouldn’t want to break the rules of the diet for the sake of just trying an energy drink.

But some of you may get a craving for something sweet so it makes sense to check if this product will or won’t ruin your diet progress.

You can actually drink Zipfizz despite your keto diet because Zipfizz contains low carbs and no sugar in favor of artificial sweeteners that will just get quickly flushed out of your system.

Another great thing about this drink is that it contains a decent amount of electrolytes like potassium.

According to Zipfizz’s supplement table, each serving of Zipfizz contains only 2 g of carbs and as long as you limit your daily diet to 50 g of carbs or less then your body will remain in ketosis.

Is Zipfizz actually healthy?

Here is a video discussing if Zipfizz is a healthy energy drink.

Yes. Zipfizz is healthy as long as you drink the product according to their recommendations. Zipfizz recommends not taking more than 3 servings a day to avoid potential health consequences and side effects.

Zipfizz does not contain sugar. And the key ingredients like caffeine and most of the vitamins are also within the safe limit.

So, definitely, Zipfizz is a great drink that won’t affect your health adversely in moderate amounts.

Where to buy Zipfizz energy drink?

You can buy Zipfizz energy drinks from local US stores and online. Check out the listed places to buy them:

Zipfizz energy drink price

Here’s a list of Zipfizz energy drink prices from local US stores. Note that prices may vary.

StorePriceQuantityPrice Per Tube
Costco$24.9930 tubes$0.83
Fred Meyer$4.993 tubes$1.66
Bartell Drugs$6.993 tubes$2.33
Zipfizz energy drink price.

List of Zipfizz energy drink flavors

  • Pink Lemonade
  • Orange Soda
  • Black Cherry
  • Fruit Punch
  • Blueberry Raspberry
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Limon
  • Peach Mango
  • Lemon Iced Tea
  • Berry
  • Orange Cream
  • Citrus
  • Grape
  • Piña Colada

What are other vegan energy drinks?

Try out some vegan energy drinks such as:

These energy drinks are safe to consume if you follow a vegetarian diet or if you do not want to negatively affect your health.

But I highly recommend you consult your doctor first before taking any of these products if you have certain health conditions.

If I were a vegan, I would prefer these drinks over other energy drink brands.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Zipfizz is not a vegan drink. The presence of taurine and L-Arginine adds it to the list of non-vegan energy drinks. Despite this, Zipfizz still provides great health benefits with moderate consumption and I recommend it to non-vegans out there.

If, however, you are a vegan, I still hope you found this article to be useful to understand the benefits and risks of the ingredients in this drink that can be found in other products. There are also a lot of vegan beverages you can try.

And as for those of you who are on a keto diet, the good news is you can safely drink Zipfizz without affecting your weight when you consume this product moderately.

That will be all for now and I hope you check out the articles linked below. Cheers!

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