Best Energy Drink Powders Without Crash (No More Drowsiness)

Excessive use of energy drinks can make you feel tired.

Many people prefer energy drinks as they’re on the way to options for boosting their energy levels. Energy drinks help us in staying awake and alert for longer periods.

But, some energy drinks are high in caffeine and sugar content, and consuming them can lead to crashes.

A crash after consuming energy drinks can be a very unpleasant sight as it makes you sluggish and tired.

And, you probably won’t want this. Thus, that’s the reason you are looking for the best energy drink powders you can consume without having crashes, and you stumbled upon this article.

So, don’t worry一 in this article, I have covered up the best energy drink powders that can help you avoid crashes.

Currently, ZipFizzG-Fuel, and Sneak energy drink powders are the best options available in the market that will not make you crash.

Now, without waiting further, let’s take a deeper look at these powders.

Energy Drinks and Caffeine

Caffeine is the main ingredient that can be found in most energy drinks.

Caffeine can be derived from coffee beans naturally.

Caffeine, a natural stimulant, is the crucial ingredient of any energy drink as it gives you the burst of energy, improves your endurance, increases your mental and physical performance, and keeps you active.

Caffeine works by stimulating the brain and nervous system of the human body. Furthermore, various studies state that caffeine blocks the activity of adenosine, which is why you feel more awake after consuming it. 

Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that induces sleep, making you feel drowsy. The effects of caffeine block its function, making you feel energized. 

Besides, caffeine also improves your cognitive skills and improves your alertness, and makes your memory sharp. This is the reason after consuming energy drinks; you feel refreshed.

However, even if caffeine has so many benefits, its excessive use can cause various health issues and side effects. These side effects can be caffeine overdose, depression, anxiety, and sleeping problems.

Therefore, it is advised that you should use caffeine in moderate amounts to avoid these side effects and for that FDA has recommended a particular dosage of caffeine intake.

According to FDA, an average healthy person can consume up to 400 mg of caffeine daily. 

But, remember caffeine affects everyone differently as caffeine metabolism varies from person to person. So, check how much caffeine intake you can tolerate before consuming it.

Symptoms of a Caffeine crash 

There are various symptoms of a caffeine crash.

Consuming caffeine in high amounts can lead to caffeine overdoses and crashes. Therefore, to identify whether you have a caffeine crash or not, here are symptoms you can check for.

Due to the side effects of caffeine, you are experiencing these symptoms because caffeine blocks adenosine’s flow in the brain, which causes an accumulation of adenosine.

Caffeine can make you feel drowsy once it is depleted, and the adenosine returns with a vengeance, which is why sometimes you can have a caffeine crash.

Energy Drinks and Sugar 

Sugar is another crucial ingredient present in energy drinks as it adds taste to them.

Excessive use of sugar can lead to diabetes.

Energy drinks contain sugar in them as it adds flavor and is a great source of energy. However, most energy drinks are excessive in sugar content and can contain up to 83.51 g of sugar per serving, more than the recommended daily intake. 

The recommended daily sugar intake is 26g for women and 36g for men, as declared by the AHA.

Even though the sugar in energy drinks is beneficial as it acts as an energy-boosting stimulant, this energy is short-term. And, excessive sugar consumption can lead to a sugar crash which, instead of making you energized, makes you tired and exhausted. 

Moreover, it can also cause health issues like diabetes, obesity, heart problems, and depression. 

Therefore it is better to consume sugar in moderate amounts. Furthermore, there are many zero-sugar energy drinks available in the market. So, you can choose those instead of the sugary ones as they are quite healthier comparatively.

Symptoms of a Sugar Crash 

Sudden drops in energy levels most often characterize sugar crashes. The symptoms of sugar crash are the same as caffeine crash, which includes fatigue and irritability.

Besides that, hunger, headaches, and distractability are other symptoms of sugar crashes. Therefore, if you are experiencing a sugar crash, try to get some protein into your system instead of more sugar to balance your sugar crash.

My advice is that you should consume zero-sugar drinks instead of sugary energy drinks to avoid sugar crashes.

Do Energy Drinks make you crash?

Yes, energy drinks high in caffeine and sugar content can make you crash.

The effects of an energy drink will be noticeable within 15 to 45 minutes of consumption. When the energy boost begins, you will be able to feel its effects.

However, after a few hours, you might feel the crash and notice that your alertness and performance level has reduced. Furthermore, you will become drowsy, and your cognitive abilities will deteriorate.

But, no worries as there are many energy drinks available in the market with low caffeine and sugar content. So, you can opt for those energy drinks.

However, remember to try to take these energy drinks in a limited amount, too, as moderation is the key to everything, and you can experience pretty nasty side effects other than sugar crashes if you consume them in high amounts.

Want to know more about whether energy drinks make you crash? Then, check out this video.

Do energy drinks make you crash?

How to handle an energy drink crash? 

There are a few effective ways to handle an energy drink crash.

The foremost step to handle crashes is to get enough sleep. You may feel more refreshed after a nap and will feel better after you wake up.

Furthermore, drinking water in excess amount. As you know, energy drinks are not the best choice for beverages to keep you hydrated as they have caffeine and sugar in them. Plus, water has many essential nutrients and is a healthy choice compared to energy drinks. 

Furthermore, if you consume caffeine regularly, you can space out your intake, reducing the side effects after the energy drink has worn off.

Side Effects after drinking Energy Drinks

Drinking energy drinks in high amounts can cause negative side effects to your body.

Energy drinks can cause various side effects if you drink them in excessive amounts.

Energy drinks are excessive in caffeine, and sugar amounts and their high consumption can lead to various side effects. These side effects can include:

  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Anxiousness
  • Nervousness
  • Fidgeting

Therefore, if you want to avoid these side effects, drink energy drinks in moderate amounts and limit yourself to one or two servings per day, depending on how much caffeine and sugar you can handle daily.

How long do energy drinks last in your system? 

After consuming an energy drink, the effects start almost instantly and peak around 45 minutes after consumption.

An energy drink that contains a high amount of caffeine will remain in your system for quite some time after consumption since caffeine has a half-life of about 5 hours.

Most people believe that energy drinks stop affecting you around 8-12 hours after consumption and that all traces of caffeine leave your body within 24 hours.

Best Energy Drink Powders without Crash

Now that you know how drinking an energy drink can affect you, let’s look at some of the best energy drink powders you can drink without experiencing any crashes.

Here are some of the best energy drink powders.

Energy DrinksSugar ContentCalorie Content
G-FuelZero 10
The best energy drink powder without making you crash.


Caffeine‌ ‌content:‌ ‌‌100mg‌ ‌

Sugar‌ ‌content:‌ ‌‌Zero‌ ‌sugar‌ ‌

Price:‌ ‌‌$29.99‌ ‌to‌ ‌$37.99‌ ‌

Calorie‌ ‌Content:‌ ‌‌20‌ ‌calories‌  

ZipFizz energy drink powder is ideal for a drink without crashes as it has a moderate amount of caffeine.

Zipfizz review
ZipFizz energy drink powder comes in a variety of flavors.

ZipFizz energy drink powder contains 100 mg of caffeine in its formula, perfect for boosting your energy levels without making you feel drowsy.

Moreover, this energy drink has zero sugar, which means you can easily consume this energy drink powder without feeling jittery, and you also won’t experience any sugar or caffeine crashes.

But, even if it has moderate amounts of caffeine and sugar, try taking this energy drink powder in a moderate amount and limit yourself to one serving per day.

The best part of this energy drink that I liked the most is that it comes in tiny tubes like containers that are convenient for you to carry around in your bag or pocket. Also, it has a variety of fruitful flavors that will make you feel delighted.

Furthermore, this energy drink only costs around $29.99 to $37.99, which I think is a fair price for an energy drink like this. This energy drink is easily available. You can either buy it from any local retail store near you or order it online from its official websiteAmazon and eBay.

You can also check my article ZipFizz review to know more about this energy drink powder in detail before you purchase it.

G Fuel  

Caffeine Content: 140mg – 150mg 

Sugar Content: 0

Calories Content: 10 calories

Price: $35.99 

G-Fuel energy drink powder is another great choice you can consider to drink without worrying about crashes.

G Fuel powdered energy drink in tub
A tub of G-Fuel energy drink powder.

G-Fuel is a sports brand and is specially made for gamers, athletes, and sportsperson to boost their energy levels during gaming periods. But, if you want something to keep you energized and go through your day without feeling exhausted and tired, then you can also consider this energy drink powder.

G-Fuel energy drink powder contains only 140 to 150 mg of caffeine and no sugar in its formula. So, you can easily consume this energy drink powder without worrying about any crashes or side effects.

Furthermore, this energy drink powder will keep you charged up and refreshed throughout the day. Therefore, you can consider this energy drink powder if you need something to boost your energy levels without crashes.

Also, this energy drink powder has 35 different mouth-watering flavors, so you can choose whatever you like. G-Fuel comes in tubs and costs around $35.99. You can easily purchase this energy drink powder from its official website. Check out my article G-Fuel review to learn some exciting facts about this energy drink. 

Sneak Energy

Caffeine Content: 150mg 

Sugar Content: Zero

Calorie Content: 12

Price: $0.87 per serving

Known as a sports beverage, Sneak is a low-calorie energy drink powder best for drinking without any crashes. 

Sneak comes in small sachets.

Sneak energy drink powder is another ideal energy beverage you can consume to gain a burst of energy, improve your focus and alertness, stay active and refreshed throughout the day. 

This energy drink powder has only 150 mg of caffeine in its formula, which I think is enough for boosting your energy. Also, this powder is completely sugar-free, so you won’t have to worry about crashing or spiking your blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, this energy drink contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to stop you from feeling drowsy. But, remember to consume this energy drink powder in limited amounts as it can still cause some side effects if consumed in high amounts.

Another great thing about this energy drink is that it comes in 40 flavors and is easily available on its official website. Are you intrigued by this energy drink? Then check out my article Sneak Energy Review.


ZipFizzG-Fuel, and Sneak energy drink powders are the perfect option for the best energy beverages that will not make you crash at all.

Energy drink powders are best to boost your energy levels. And, the best way to gain energy while avoiding a crash is to select those energy drink powders that are low in sugar and caffeine content.

There are many energy drink powders you can choose that are completely sugar-free. This way, you won’t have any sugar crashes.

Furthermore, you can choose the energy as mentioned earlier drink powders as your go-to drinks as they are completely clean and will not make you crash.

But remember, sometimes the excessive use of energy drinks can also lead to crashes and overdoses. So, even if energy drinks are low in caffeine or sugar content, it is still better to drink them in moderation.

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