Do Energy Drinks Make You Dizzy? (Truth)

With the hype about energy drinks beating afternoon slumps, people who do not drink energy beverages are also switching toward drinking energy drinks.

The benefits of energy drinks as an energy recharging beverage cannot be denied because it’s made from ingredients that have an obvious role in charging your body with a decent amount of energy.

Despite a number of benefits energy drinks, provide, a few energy beverages can actually have certain unwelcome side effects.

If you have experienced dizziness and realized later that you had a power drink before, then these drinks are likely to be the actual culprit because there is a possibility that energy drinks make you dizzy.

Let’s explore this article in detail to know whether energy drinks can actually make you dizzy and if so, then we’ll find out the reason!

Let’s get going!

Common Dizziness Causing Ingredients in Energy Drink

Dizziness or vertigo is a common condition of suffering from a sense of spinning. Dizziness often occurs in conjunction with other symptoms, such as imbalance, headaches, and nausea.

This condition can also be triggered by eating certain ingredients or as a side effect of eating certain foods which might indicate that the ingredient you have consumed is quite a lot for your body.

Following are a few common ingredients that are present in energy drinks and after consuming these ingredients you can experience dizziness:

Caffeine in Energy Drinks

Energy drinks without caffeine? Seems kind of dull and personally, I would not go for energy drinks that do not contain caffeine at all.

In fact, most people consume energy drinks as an alternative to coffee to get their caffeine share of the day.

The benefits of caffeine are undebatable, however, overdosing on caffeine can actually make you experience certain side effects which are not appreciated by any of us –at least I would like to experience the nauseous feeling for several hours.

Caffeine in energy drink
Caffeine present in energy drinks can make you feel dizzy

Since we are discussing the side effects of caffeine, there are many of them except feeling nauseous. Following are the few side effects of caffeine with which you might be familiar:

  • Restlessness and shakiness.
  • Insomnia.
  • Headaches.
  • Dizziness.
  • Fast heart rate.
  • Dehydration.
  • Anxiety.
  • Dependency.

Yes, you read it right. One of the side effects of caffeine also includes making you dizzy! However, it’s not likely to happen always. There is a certain recommended limit of caffeine, which you should keep in mind.

400 mg of caffeine is more than enough for a person and it’s said to be the safe amount of caffeine intake.

Sugar in Energy Drink

Sugar, the most common sweetener, is a stimulant that affects your brain in a certain manner, and hence it is added to energy drinks.

Not all energy drinks contain sugar, because of the side effects of sugar most energy drink companies have switched to using artificial sweeteners.

It’s always good to stick to energy drinks containing a lower amount of sugar than 10 grams. Following is the sugar content of a few energy drinks:

Energy DrinksSugar Content
Red Bull 16 fl oz51 grams
Monster Energy Drink54 grams
G Fuel0 grams
Rockstar Energy Drink63 mg
The sugar content of energy drinks

Upon consumption of energy beverages, one feels happy and energetic. But if you consume energy drinks containing a high amount of sugar, then you’re likely to experience a feeling of tiredness. Accompanied by dizziness –this occurs when your blood sugar level drops after a heavy sugary meal.

So, it’s evident that the main ingredients present in energy drinks can actually make you dizzy. Moreover, there are many other ingredients present in energy drinks that can make you dizzy as a side effect.

What Will Happen If You Drink Energy Drinks Every day?

Most people consume energy drinks daily as a part of their daily routine. Some people like to consume energy drinks before hitting the gym. Others like to consume energy beverages after coming from the gym to replenish themselves with the lost minerals.

Even though it is safe to drink energy drinks every day if the ingredients present in these energy drinks are not above the recommended amount as per the guidelines of the FDA, the long-term consumption of these drinks can have certain side effects.

Long-term use of energy drinks can lead to weight gain, anxiety, blood pressure, etc. It’s recommended to always keep a check on your energy drink consumption.

What are the Side Effects of Energy Drinks?

Having several benefits does not mean that energy drinks cannot have side effects. In fact, energy drinks actually have side effects. Following are a few side effects of energy drinks:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Weight Gain
  • Blood pressure
  • Anxiety

In order to avoid these side effects, opt for an energy drink containing a low and safe amount of caffeine and sugar.

Energy drinks side effects
Energy drinks have several side effects; when picking one, make sure to read the nutrition label!

Can Energy Drinks Give you Vertigo?

Vertigo is a condition that involves feeling dizzy or unsteady, especially when moving from one place to another.

It can occur when the part of the brain that controls balance is stimulated too strongly or too often. It can also be caused by a head injury or other medical conditions such as a tumor or head injury. Sometimes, vertigo is a symptom of a more serious condition such as a brain tumor or brain injury.

However, consumption of certain foods such as caffeinated beverages can also trigger vertigo. So caffeinated energy drinks might trigger vertigo.

Do Energy Drinks Cause Dizziness?

Dizziness is when your eyes feel like they are spinning or your head is going to whirl around. You can feel dizzy in your head or in your neck or in your eyes, or all of the mentioned.

The feeling of dizziness can be triggered due to certain medical conditions or some ingredients or foods can also trigger this feeling.

Energy drinks can cause dizziness because of the ingredients present in these drinks.

Can Energy Drinks make your Head Feel Weird?

While the energy drinks, make sure to give you a good amount of energy, the caffeine, and sugar present in these drinks can also make you feel dizzy along with symptoms such as headache, nausea, etc.

So after the consumption of energy drinks, you might feel headache, lightheadedness, and nausea.

What Gets Rid of Dizziness Fast?

People tend to attribute their dizziness to one of the following causes:

  • Poor balance
  • Poor Diet
  • Not taking enough nutrients
  • Vertigo
  • A sudden drop in blood pressure.
  • Stress.
  • hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • Dehydration.
  • Certain Medical conditions

Here are some tips on how to get rid of dizziness right away:

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to provide your body with lots of healthy vitamins and minerals.
  • Fulfill your sleep.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid Stress.

Can Red Bull Make you Feel Dizzy?

Red Bull is a famous energy drink brand, in fact, many people can only think of Red Bull when they heard the word “Energy Drink”.

The Red Bull energy drink contains caffeine and a high quantity of sugar, both of these ingredients can have negative side effects if you consume the drink without keeping a proper check.

Out of many side effects, one of the side effects of Red Bull could be dizziness; even though there have not been many complaints of Red Bull causing dizziness, it can be a possibility.

Red Bull energy drink
Red Bull energy drink contains sugar and caffeine, which might make you dizzy!

Can Monster Energy Drinks Cause Dizziness?

Monster energy drink is another famous energy beverage that has nearly replaced Red Bull. Being the top seller of the energy drink market, Monster energy drink is available in many common marts.

However, the drink is quite high in its sugar content which makes it a NO for me.

Upon consumption of Monster energy, you can feel dizzy afterward as a symptom of a sugar crash, so there is a possibility that the drink can make you dizzy.

Can Bang Energy Drinks Cause Dizziness?

As the name suggests, a Bang energy drink can actually give you a bang of energy. The caffeine content of Bang energy can be a little too much for some people. It is definitely not recommended to be consumed by people who are new to energy drinks.

300 mg of caffeine present in Bang energy can actually make you dizzy.

It’s better to opt for energy drinks containing caffeine somewhere between 85 mg to 250 mg.

Can Energy Drinks Help with Dizziness?

Energy drinks can help with dizziness in certain cases. Some people are habitual of consuming energy beverages or their caffeine source; in case a person is caffeine dependent, then not consuming caffeinated beverages can cause headaches and make them become lightheaded and dizzy.

In such a case, if a person consumes an energy drink, then it can help him/her with dizziness.

Are energy drinks really safe?

Final Verdict

  • Energy beverages are drinks that aim to provide a person with the necessary amount of energy needed.
  • However, these drinks have certain side effects, they can make you feel nauseous, lightheaded, and so on.
  • One of the side effects of energy drinks is that they cause dizziness because of the ingredients present in these drinks.
  • These side effects can be avoided if you drink these drinks within a limit.

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