Do Energy Drinks Make You Skinny? (Only Facts)

Energy drinks are great for reducing lethargy but not so much for reducing weight.

Energy Drinks are beverages packed with nutrients and active ingredients that invigorate the mind and body. If they cause you to lose calories instead of gaining them, it will defeat the very purpose of taking energy drinks.

woman weighing herself
Weighing yourself regularly helps you keep track of your weight.

Energy Drinks and Weight Loss

Caffeine in energy drinks might boost metabolism, but only if you drink a significantly large amount, and that is extremely dangerous and can cause severe consequences for your health and well-being.

Depending on caffeine to reduce weight is not practical instead, you should cut down on your calorie count and opt for unsweetened drinks like black coffee or tea because the amount of sugar added in most energy drinks cancels out the increase in metabolism.

Composition of Energy Drinks

cans of energy drinks
Energy drinks are a great source of healthy nutrients.

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is a naturally stimulating compound known to enhance cognitive function by blocking the neurotransmitter known as adenosine which is responsible for making people feel fatigued.

Caffeine is known to contain little to no calories on its own; instead, it helps burn off calories by increasing the metabolic rate.

2. Ginseng

Ginseng is an East Asian herbaceous plant that has been used as a medicine since medieval times.

Just like caffeine, ginseng contains little to no calories, and it does not have any form of a direct effect on your weight.

3. B Vitamins

B vitamins are a group of water-soluble vitamins, and they are known to increase the risk of obesity in children if taken in excess. However, their effects on the weight of adults are still unknown.

4. Sugar

Sugar is perhaps the most notorious ingredient on this list, known for causing weight gain, and on top of that, it is present in energy drinks in considerably large amounts, amplifying the weight gain.

5. Taurine

Taurine is an amino acid that can boost metabolism and is known to cause weight loss if taken for an extended period. A 3000 mg dose of taurine a day is considered to be safe.

6. Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a tea known for its calming effect and antioxidant properties.

It is also one of the beverages that are taken frequently during dieting, and the reason behind this is its ability to boost metabolism, ultimately aiding in weight loss.

7. Guarana

Guarana is a South American plant that contains caffeine and is thought to promote weight loss, although this remains unproven.

8. Green Coffee Extract

Green tea extract is made from unroasted coffee beans and lacks a coffee-like taste, yet it still contains caffeine. Although claims stating that it promotes weight loss remain unproven.

9. Ginkgo Biloba

It originates from the ancient Chinese ginkgo tree and is thought to fight mental fatigue and improve memory. Its effects on weight are still unknown.

10. Carnitine

Carnitine is an amino acid that increases endurance and improves metabolism while encouraging weight loss.

Easy Tips For Aiding Weight loss

Easy ways to lose weight

If you want to lose weight to appear more skinny, it is better to change your daily habits, which cause you to gain weight, instead of relying on untested methods.

Here are some tips that might help you lose weight efficiently:

Don’t skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast will not help you lose weight faster, and you could end up missing out on nutrients required to keep you energized throughout the day.

This will make you hungrier, and you might munch on snacks throughout the day.

Maintain regularity in diet

Eating generally at regular intervals throughout the day helps the body metabolize faster and keeps unusual cravings at bay.

Instead of large meals, eat fruits or nuts to replenish energy.

Turn towards healthier foods.

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and fat and rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential to a balanced diet.

They also contain dietary fiber that not only aids in digestion but also improves metabolism.

Increase your daily activity

Exercising is the key to weight and health maintenance because not only does it burn excess fat and calories, but it also keeps your body safe from the risk of diseases like diabetes.

Exercise is a proven method of losing weight with the added benefit of increased stamina and endurance.

Stay hydrated

Sometimes people get hunger and thirst mixed up, which leads to them eating a lot more than they intended to.

On top of this, dehydration can drain your energy rapidly, leading to a heightened sense of hunger taking root even though you can curb it with a glass of water.

Increase fiber intake

Fiber is primarily found in oats, beans, peas, lentils, etc.
High-fiber foods can help you feel full for long periods, and they aid you in maintaining a regular diet.

Eat in small portions.

Eating in smaller portions at regular intervals can help you stay full. While also maintaining your diet, you can eat as much as you want without having to deal with weight gain.

Avoid an utterly restrictive diet.

As much as you want to end your carb intake, you should not forget that carbohydrates are just as crucial for your body as other nutrients.

And putting a sudden halt to carb consumption may lead to a stronger craving, ultimately derailing you from your purpose of losing weight.

Cut down on junk food.

Putting a halt to junk food may seem hard, and you might still get temptations to eat them every once in a while; that is why instead of completely cutting them off.

Give yourself a break in your diet as long as you eat a moderate amount that will not affect your previous hard work.

Refrain from alcohol intake

It might come as a shock, but a single glass of wine usually contains the same amount of calories as a piece of chocolate.

Drinking too much will not only ruin your diet, but it may also have an overall adverse effect on your metabolism.

Here is a table showing easy ways in which you can lose weight by simply changing certain habits:

Alternatives to weight loss remediesBenefits
Cut down on sugarOpt for sugar alternatives like stevia and calorie count.
ExerciseIt increases your stamina and breaks down excess body fat.
Avoid junk foodInstead of processed food, try home-cooked meals or salads to manage your calories.
Drink plenty of fluidsDrinking fluids in between meals can make you feel fuller and reduce the chances of excessive eating.
Instead of coffee, try green teaGreen tea is rich in antioxidants, aids digestion, and improves metabolism.
Count your caloriesOnly consume the calories that your body needs.
This table shows several ways to aid weight loss.

If you follow all the above-mentioned alternatives, then it would make you more fit and healthy.

A healthy diet plays an important role in the weight and working of the body, so as long as you keep track of your diet, then there will be fewer chances of weight issues arising in your body.

Meat with high proteins.
Foods with more protein and energy will increase muscle strength.


Energy Drinks are power-packed beverages with active ingredients and nutrients that raise your blood sugar level to energize you.

Nowadays, brands are marketing low-calorie, sugar-free, caffeine-free, and even gluten-free alternatives for those who want to maintain their health and weight.

But you must remember that none of these options will help you reduce weight. Since it would take excess consumption of energy drinks to affect your weight in any way, it is highly unsuitable for anyone to exceed the recommended consumption amount of energy drinks.

So, I think it is better to turn to physical activities to reduce weight instead of taking shortcuts that may prove detrimental to your health in the long run. The desire to look skinny is understandable but pristine health should be your utmost priority no matter what.

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