Is X-Gamer Vegan? (In-Depth Answer)

X Gamer Energy Drink sachets
X-Gamer energy drink can help you stay fit and healthy.

X-Gamer powdered energy drink has a caffeine and vitamin combination that can help you focus and maintain your endurance, whether you’re gaming, working out, or staying up all night.

But, is X-Gamer vegan?

In short, X-Gamer does not contain animals or animal by-products. It can be considered vegan. But some of the ingredients have been tested on animals due to research purposes. Also, X-Gamer has done nothing to confirm the claim.

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What is a vegan diet?

Veganism is the practice of eliminating any animals and animal by-products from one’s diet. 

In detail, veganism means staying away from meat, eggs, dairy, and seafood. Not only that but any ingredients derived from them as well. They eat vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fruits, and other available substitutes in place of any foods listed.

It also prohibited the use of animals, whether in food, clothing, entertainment, or products tested on animals.

If you wish to know more about the vegan diet, here’s a YouTube video you might find interesting.

Everything you need to know about the vegan diet.

Nutrition Facts of X-Gamer

Here’s a table to help you know more about the nutrition facts of the X-Gamer powdered energy drinks.

NutrientsPer ServingPer Liter
Energy KJ129258
Energy K Cals3162
Of which Saturates0g0g
Of which Sugars0.2g0.4g
Nutrition facts of X-Gamer powdered energy drink.

Let’s learn more about what’s in a serving of X-Gamer energy drink.

Calories in X-Gamer

X-Gamer energy drink contains 31 calories per serving.

According to the FDA, men are recommended to take about 2500 calories per day, while women should consume 2000 calories per day. The X-Gamer energy drink, on the other hand, has a low-calorie count.

We should always keep track of how many calories we consume each day. Excessive calorie consumption can result in significant health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and coronary artery disease.

Sugar in X-Gamer

X-Gamer energy drink has zero added sugar.

X-Gamer has no sugar in comparison to other sugary energy drinks. It prevents the sugar crash that might occur as a result of consuming too much sugar.

Sugar is beneficial to a variety of foods. It impacts food’s physical qualities, but it also adds weight to many meals, affecting texture and mouthfeel.

The American Heart Association recommends a daily sugar consumption of 36 grams for males and 25 grams for women. Obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and heart disease are possible outcomes of excessive sugar consumption.

X-Gamer Ingredients

X-Gamer nutritional information at the back of the sachet
X-Gamer nutritional information and ingredients at the back of the sachet.

X-Gamer contains a variety of ingredients in its formula.

If you want a more detailed discussion about X-Gamer caffeine and ingredients, you can also read my previous blog post.

Active Ingredients

It contains active ingredients such as the following:

  • Taurine
  • Caffeine
  • Niacin
  • Maltodextrin
  • Sucralose
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Dextrose Monohydrate
  • Malic Acid
  • Citric Acid
  • Flavorings
  • Colorings

Other Ingredients

X-Gamer includes other ingredients as follows.

  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Carnitine

Vitamins and Minerals

X-Gamer contains around 27 vitamins and mineral complexes, but only three names have been labeled.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12

Is caffeine in X-Gamer vegan?

A laptop with a cup of freshly brewed of coffee beside it.
Caffeine becomes our best friend during a hectic work schedule.

X-Gamer contains 200mg of caffeine per serving.

Caffeine is vegan because it does not include any animal by-products.

Whether it’s coffee or the caffeine substance that goes into energy drinks. Caffeine is often produced from coffee beans

In addition, caffeine can also be derived from the guarana plant. Guarana is a Brazilian fruit that, like coffee, is recognized for increasing focus and energy. Although the fruit isn’t widely available, guarana extract may be found in various supplements and energy beverages.

The FDA reported not to exceed 400 mg of caffeine intake per day. As X-Gamer includes 200 mg of caffeine per serving, it’s advised not to consume more than one serving on the same day.

Moderate caffeine consumption might prove beneficial to you, but consuming it more than the recommended level might negatively affect your health.

However, excessive caffeine consumption might lead to few health issues, such as disrupted metabolism, palpitation, anxiety, insomnia, increased heart rate, enhance coronary heart disease, etc.

Some people might be more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than others. As a result, knowing how much caffeine your body can handle is preferable. I suggest you consult your doctor if you are pregnant, have a kid, or have sleep problems to see whether you should restrict or eliminate caffeine in your diet.

Is taurine in X-Gamer vegan?

Taurine is suitable for vegans since it is usually made synthetically.

It can be made in the body, taken as a supplement, or found in food. Meat, fish, and dairy items are all high in taurine.

Taurine is necessary for the heart and brain to operate properly. It aids in the development of nerves. It’s also utilized to improve sports performance and energy levels.

Taurine does not come from bulls, contrary to common beliefs. In any event, it’s no longer the case. Taurine is now produced in a lab using a technique that is so cheap that it is rarely necessary to obtain it from animals.

Is maltodextrin in X-Gamer vegan?

Maltodextrin is a vegan substance since it is manufactured from corn, potato starch, or wheat starch.

Maltodextrin can be used as many things, from a preservative to a sweetener to a thickening agent. It’s present in many processed foods that we consume every day since it has so many applications. Baking goods, pasta, cereals, and meat substitutes are among them.

Any starchy plant may be used to make maltodextrin. It’s often made from corn, wheat, or barley. It is also manufactured without the use of animals or animal by-products. The FDA considers it to be safe to consume.

The recommended daily value of maltodextrin is 10mg per day. However, X-Gamer has not specified the amount of maltodextrin in their beverages.

Is citric acid in X-Gamer vegan?

Citric acid is vegan-friendly since it is usually derived from plants.

Although some of it originates from citrus fruits such as lemon and lime, most of it is produced to meet demand. Citric acid is used in the food business to preserve food, increase acidity, and flavor it.

Citric acid can also be added to canned fruits and vegetables to avoid botulism in the consumer. Botulism is a serious (though uncommon) disease caused by a specific type of bacteria.

Citric acid is also used in medicine for the same purposes. The active ingredients are preserved, and the flavor of chewable and syrup medicines is disguised.

Is L-Carnitine in X-Gamer vegan?

L-Carnitine is a supplement that is made from a naturally occurring amino acid derivative.

It’s a weight-loss supplement that also has the potential to affect brain function. Popular claims concerning supplements, on the other hand, aren’t necessarily supported by evidence.

Because carnitine is naturally present in animal proteins, vegetarians and vegans must be aware of this ingredient.

Studies show that it lowers the possibility of developing Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases.

Although the guidance value ranges between 500-2000 mg, we don’t know how much L-Carnitine a 10g serving of X-Gamer contains.

Is L-Tyrosine in X-Gamer vegan?

L-Tyrosine is produced using a fermentation method and is vegan certified, making it safe to eat.

L-Tyrosine is an unneeded amino acid that assists in producing neurotransmitters like dopamine epinephrine in your brain.

You need to have 45-65 mg per pound of body weight. But there is zero information available about the amount of L-Tyrosine in X-Gamer.

Is Sucralose in X-Gamer Vegan?

Artificial sweetener with a strawberry on top.
Sucralose is used in packed foods and beverages to replace sugar.

Sucralose is a topic of dispute among vegans.

Sucralose, popularly known as Splenda, has a sweetness level 600 times that of sugar. It doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste like other artificial sweeteners, making it a common ingredient in sugar-free energy drinks.

Sucralose (Splenda) is sensitive because it was developed using animals. As of this writing, tests to see what effect sucralose has on the body and if it is safe to have resulted in the deaths of 12,800 animals.

Are colorings vegan?

Colorful candies.
We should limit ourselves from using too many artificial colors.

Vegans are conflicted on the use of food colorings.

Vegans are conflicted on food colorings since they have a history of being tested on animals. These tests are carried out to determine the effects of consuming the food coloring on the body and ensure safety.

Insects are even used to make some food colors. Insect-derived food coloring like Red 4 is an example. The majority of food colorings, on the other hand, come from chemical processes.

To be more exact, the majority of them are made from petroleum in a laboratory.

Are flavorings of X-Gamer vegan?

Flavorings can be both vegan and non-vegan.

Natural flavoring is a general term that refers to any flavoring that is made from plants or of natural origin. Fruits and vegetables, as well as eggs, milk, and animals are examples of sources of natural flavorings.

Manufacturers have been known to exploit the label to disguise substances that aren’t vegan-friendly in the past. There are occasions when you can get around this by doing thorough web research or reading the allergy labels on a product.

Is X-Gamer vegetarian?

X-Gamer powdered energy drink can be considered vegetarian since it does not contain meat products.

The words vegan and vegetarian are often used interchangeably. So, what’s the difference between vegan and vegetarian?

Both vegan and vegetarian avoid meat, fish, seafood, and poultry in their diet. However, a vegetarian diet can include eggs and dairy while vegans exclude these and all animal products.

Is X-Gamer healthy?

X-Gamer has over 27 vitamins and minerals in its formula, which makes it a healthy option.

These vitamins and minerals provide various health benefits and perform various functions in the body. They also build up bones, heal wounds, and boost your immune system.

X-Gamer also contains caffeine which can assist in reducing tiredness, improve mental function and memory.

It has low calories, no added sugar, and uses sucralose as a sweetener. Sucralose may boost the digestion system, boost immune function, and lower your risk of various health conditions.

X-Gamer Flavors

X-Gamer contains a variety of flavors such as the following.

  • Mega Mango
  • Post Malone
  • Sun Beam
  • Sakurafuri
  • Steve’s Apple
  • King of Banana
  • Fuzzberry
  • Powacrush
  • Nightshade
  • Nukefusion
  • Hydrastorm
  • Hyper Berries
  • Cape Town
  • Zomberry
  • Black Metal Berry
  • Bluenitro
  • Hyperbeast
  • Horus
  • Dr. Beast
  • Gummilicious


X-Gamer is loaded with nutrients, including amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. It also includes 200mg of caffeine, which is far away from the FDA’s caffeine limit.

X-Gamer is a fantastic energy drink for people who have a hectic schedule and need a rapid boost. However, if you’re a strict vegan searching for a vegan-friendly energy drink, X-Gamer may not be the best option.

While not officially vegan-certified, none of the ingredients in the X-Gamer is non-vegan. However, sucralose and the colors have been tested on animals, making the debate to other vegans. Also, if you look closely at their official website, you will find that the formula of X-Gamer may contain traces of eggs.

X-Gamer is yet to certify the vegan-friendliness of this energy drink. This article is entirely based on what is written on the ingredients list.

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