GamerSupps GG VS. Coffee (Who Takes The Crown?)

Assorted flavors of Gamer Supps GG Energy.
Assorted flavors of GamerSupps GG Energy.

Caffeinated beverages are designed to keep you active, aware, and energized. Coffee and energy drinks are intended to assist you during long periods of time at work. Gamer Supps and coffee have been seen to compete fiercely. GamerSupps energy drink, on the other hand, is promoted as one of the most popular gaming energy beverages.

If you are a player who engages in a lot of mental activity, you may require something to keep you attentive and active. That’s where Gamer supplements come in handy.

Unlike coffee, GamerSupps GG revitalizes you and keeps you active. Caffeine is present in both Gamer supplements and coffee. The caffeine in this drink offers you a burst of energy.

But which one to choose?

GamerSupps will be the right one to choose in my opinion.

People are frequently perplexed as to which caffeinated beverage to purchase: coffee or Gamer supplements. 

Both drinks have almost the same amount of caffeine. Nonetheless, when compared to coffee, which only has a few ingredients in its formula. Because of the additional components and nootropic-antioxidant combo, GamerSupps is a better choice.

GamerSupps is the way to go if you’re looking for something healthy and invigorating.

I have added a YouTube video on GamerSupps to help you know more about this beverage and why this is better than coffee.

Gamer Supps Review.

What is GamerSupps?

GamerSupps is a gaming supplement-style energy beverage aimed at gamers, athletes, and anybody else looking for a rapid boost of energy.

This low-caffeine energy drink powder is crammed with the vitamins and minerals you need to keep energized and healthy.

GamerSupps is an energy supplement that gives you more energy, more endurance, and faster reflexes. With 100 servings in each tub, the price per serving is only $0.35.

Pros and Cons of GamerSupps

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of GamerSupps Energy?


The advantages of GamerSupps Energy are listed below.

  • Contains organic caffeine
  • Quite affordable
  • Comes in a variety of delicious flavors
  • Provides a boost of energy
  • Increase your endurance and concentration levels


The following are some of GamerSupps Energy’s drawbacks.

  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Frequent urination
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Trouble breathing

What is Coffee?

Coffee is a beverage created from the roasted and ground kernels of the coffee plant by percolation, infusion, or decoction.

Experts estimate that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are sipped each day around the world.

Coffee has been studied for its potential benefits in the therapy of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and liver disease, but not all, of these affirmations, are supported by evidence.

Coffee is a decent drink, but compared to GamerSupps it’s quite mild.

Pros and Cons of Coffee

Let’s take a look at the advantages and drawbacks of coffee.


The advantages of consuming coffee are the following:

  • Extends life span
  • May process glucose better
  • May help ward off heart failure


The drawbacks of consuming coffee are as follows:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attack

Supplement Facts of GamerSupps and Coffee

Coffee only has a few nutrients, whereas GamerSupps has a long list.

GamerSupps is also a better drink than coffee because of the nutritional differences.

NutrientsGamerSuppsCoffeeRecommended Daily Intake
Energy0 calories2 calories2000-2500 calories
Vitamin B20.2mg33 IU
Vitamin B36.4mg0.5mg20mg
Vitamin B50.6mg10mg
Vitamin B65mg2mg
Vitamin B94.7mcg400mcg
Vitamin B12200mcg6mcg
Vitamin C100mg60mg
Vitamin H100mcg300mcg
Supplement facts of GamerSupps and coffee.

Upon taking a closer look at the table, we can see that GamerSupps is a caffeinated beverage with 100mg of caffeine, zero sugars, and few calories. It contains a lot of vitamin C, vitamin H, and three of the eight types of B vitamins.

A cup of black coffee encloses two calories0.2mcg of vitamin K, 0.5mg of niacin, 0.6mg of pantothenic acid, 0.2mg riboflavin, 4.7mcg folate, and 116mg of potassium.

Supplement facts of GamerSupps.

Comparison of Nutrition Facts

The nutritional facts of coffee and Gamer supplements are broken down in detail to help you understand their importance and functions in your body.


Choline is found in GamerSupps, which aids in the body’s efficient functioning. Choline is a nutrient that is necessary for the body’s healthy functioning. It’s a water-soluble substance that isn’t a vitamin or a mineral. However, because of its similarities to vitamins, it is classified as a vitamin.

Choline lowers the risks of the following health issues:

  • Cancer
  • Fatty liver
  • Kidney issues
  • Anxious or restless stage
  • Muscle damage

Choline is produced in small amounts by the body, although it can also be obtained from diet or energy drinks. One serving of GamerSupps includes enough choline to keep you from being deficient in it. Because choline insufficiency can cause the following health risks.

  • Cancer
  • Fatty liver
  • Kidney issues
  • Anxious or restless stage
  • Muscle damage


Both coffee and GamerSupps energy drinks contain vitamins.

They serve a variety of purposes, including improving your vision and maintaining the proper functioning of your internal organs. Coffee has less vitamin content than GamerSupps, so if you’re searching for a drink with a good supply of vitamins, GamerSupps is the way to go.


Antioxidants such as melanoidins and chlorogenic acid are present in sufficient quantities in coffee.

When absorbed into the bloodstream, these antioxidants raise the antioxidant level and help to prevent heart disease. More research is being done to learn more about antioxidant functions.

Red bell paper.
Coffee often includes some antioxidants in it.

Nootropic Blend

The nootropic-antioxidant blend is also comprehended as the focus complex, which gives gamers an extra boost of energy. Gamers need something extra to enhance their cognitive ability, and GamerSupps provides them with needed ingredients. This nootropic-antioxidant blend retains caffeine, ginseng root, antioxidants, and other ingredients.

As we don’t know the exact quantity of ingredients utilized in the nootropic blend, it is pretty challenging to know if the used ingredients are effective or not. Vitamins, electrolytes, and caffeine make up most of this combination.

All these ingredients help increase the focus ability of gamers and enhance the brain’s activity. The overall weight of the nootropic-antioxidant blend is 1.65 mg; however, the weight of the components is still unknown.

Comparison of Caffeine Content

Caffeine is a primary and typical component in coffee and GamerSupps.

The caffeine content in both is not much dissimilar. One serving of GamerSupps contains caffeine equivalent to one cup of black coffee. Caffeine helps you to stay active, alert, and energetic by precluding the working of adenosine.

Adenosine is a neurochemical that prevent you from feeling tired. Caffeine works as a brain stimulant and stops the working of adenosine to keep you enthusiastic and alert.

GamerSupps has 100mg of caffeine, this abundance is enough to boost your energy level, and you don’t have to worry about caffeine overdose.

Caffeine overdose is not possible with just one or two servings of GamerSupps. According to FDA, caffeine use should be limited to 400mg per day.

Caffeine overuse can lead to a variety of health problems, which include the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Acne problems
  • Caffeine addiction and dependency
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle breakdown
  • Insomnia
  • Rapid heart rate
  • High blood pressure

If you don’t consume caffeine, none of these adverse effects will occur, which is a positive thing. Caffeine addiction can be difficult to manage, especially if you don’t get the boost you need.

You can also read more about how many GamerSupps GG can you have in a day in my previous article.

Why should you choose GamerSupps?

GamerSupps stands out among gaming energy drinks and caffeinated beverages for a variety of obvious reasons. Some of these factors are described in more detail below.

Standardized Caffeine Content

Caffeine is present in a moderate amount in GamerSupps.

To avoid caffeine overload, the caffeine content is carefully measured. Coffee, on the other hand, does not have a defined caffeine concentration, which can put your health at risk. If you’re wanting to cut down on your caffeine intake, Gamer supplements are a better option than coffee.

Enjoyable Taste

GamerSupps is the perfect choice if you enjoy sweets and want a pleasurable supply of caffeine. Despite the fact that GamerSupps is sugar-free, it does include artificial sweeteners such as erythritol.

Erythritol is a calorie-free ingredient that replaces sugar in GamerSupps energy drinks. It is safe for those with diabetes and high blood sugar levels because it has no negative effects. It’s also 70% sweeter than sugar, and just a small amount is needed to sweeten Gamer supplements. It’s said to be a better alternative to sugar.

Excess sugar can lead to these health risks:

  • Obesity
  • High blood sugar level
  • Acne
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Diabetes
Excessive consumption of sugar may lead to acne-prone skin.


GamerSupps is served chilled and carbonated.

As a result, it is both a vital reference and an energy enhancer. You felt refreshed after consuming GamerSupps before a workout or during a long, exhausting day.

Coffee, on the other hand, is served hot and does not function as quickly as GamerSupps.

Additional Ingredients

GamerSupps, like other energy drinks, include a number of extra supplements.

Essential vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, and other nutrients are included in its nootropic-antioxidant blend. All of these substances contribute to the body’s healthy and effective functioning. Electrolytes help you stay hydrated and active.

Coffee, on the other hand, is just caffeine and doesn’t have nearly as many additives as GamerSupps.

Variety of Flavors

Tea and coffee have a distinct flavor that many people dislike.

They need something healthy and different from their usual caffeine intake, and GamerSupps has a great selection of tastes to choose from. Each flavor has an energizing and invigorating effect.

Why should you choose coffee?

Coffee contains caffeine alone, thus it’s great for folks who don’t want anything else in their caffeine. There are several explanations for this, which are enumerated below.

Cheaper Price

Coffee contains caffeine alone, thus it’s great for folks who don’t want anything else in their caffeine. There are more explanations for this, which are listed below.

Suits Your Taste

Many people despise the sweet taste of energy drinks and prefer their caffeinated beverages to have a similar flavor.

For those people, coffee is the ideal drink. You can rapidly add your ingredients to your hot coffee cup.

However, Gamer supplements come with their own list of ingredients, and you can’t add any more.

No Calories

Coffee is calorie-free since it is sugar-free.

It’s an excellent choice for folks who are wanting to lose weight. However, adding milk or sugar to your coffee will add a few calories. Coffee is preferred by diabetics as a daily caffeine source because it has no effect on blood sugar levels.

Pure Caffeine

Because caffeine is extracted straight from coffee beans, coffee is caffeine-free.

It does, however, contain a few vitamins and antioxidants, which increase its nutritional worth. Coffee is for anyone who dislikes the way energy drinks are made because of a few nutritious elements.

Comparison of Flavors

GamerSupps and coffee come in a wide range of flavors to appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Pineapple CocktailEspresso
Waifu CandyDouble Espresso
MangometaBlack Americano
Citrus LemonadeFlat White
Blue RazzCafe latte
Dragonfruit PunchCappuccino
Acai BlueberryIced Coffee
Sour Apple
Watermelon Ice
Comparison of flavors of GamerSupps and Coffee.

These delicious and refreshing varieties can be found in local supermarkets, and you can also prepare any variety of coffee at home. Online stores are also convenient shopping centers where you can purchase your desired items.

Comparison of Price

In comparison to Gamer supplements, coffee is a less expensive option.

A bottle of coffee lasts longer than a tub of GamerSupps. However, the cost of Gamer supplements is justified by the inclusion of numerous nutritious elements.

$35.99 (100 servings)$18-$30 (bottle)
Comparison of prices between Gamer Supps and Coffee.

GamerSupps is relatively low priced compared to other gaming energy beverage brands. You can also acquire amazing deals on online stores like AmazoneBay, and Walmart.

Coffee is less expensive than Gamer Supps.

Is coffee better than GamerSupps?

Coffee is not better than GamerSupps.

Since the introduction of caffeinated beverages to the market, coffee and energy drinks have faced stiff competition.

The caffeine content in GamerSupps and coffee is nearly identical. However, compared to Coffee with few components, Gamer supplements are high in nutritional elements and provide significant nutritional value.

Gamer supplements are always a better choice than coffee for keeping you hydrated, alert, and energetic.


Coffee and Gamer supplements comparisons give interesting information about both products. Both have nearly identical amounts of caffeine, but the key variation is in the nutritional contents. Gamer supplements contain a variety of nutritious components that aid in the body’s normal and efficient functioning.

The nootropic-electrolyte compound in GamerSupps is amazing, and it helps gamers play better and more attentively. To outplay your gaming opponents, you need focus, activity, and coordination. GamerSupps gives you substances that assist you to develop all of these talents. It maintains a constant energy flow and keeps you focused throughout the game.

Why not a cup of coffee? Although coffee is a popular beverage among many people, it is nutritionally deficient. Gamer supplements are far more nutritionally important than coffee; the growing need for a healthy caffeinated beverage has overshadowed coffee.

Gaming beverages, such as GamerSupps, contain ingredients that aid in cognitive performance. Furthermore, the effect of coffee lasts 3-4 hours, compared to 5-6 hours for GamerSupps energy drink.

GamerSupps is a low-cost gaming beverage. One tub contains 100 servings, equating to $0.35 for each serving; impressive, isn’t it?

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