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Energy drinks are becoming sought-after, especially among young adults. These are beverages that contain stimulant compounds like caffeine, guarana, and taurine. These ingredients work together to provide a boost of energy and alertness.

One of the many popular energy drinks is the X-Gamer energy drink. It contains around 200 mg of caffeine and almost no sugar, they use Sucralose as sweetener.

If you’re living in New Zealand, then you can buy X-Gamer energy drinks from online stores such as Amazon, Fish Pond, Play Tech, and X Gamer energy drink’s official website.

If you want to know more about X-Gamer energy drinks, then you should scroll down.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts are the factual information about the nutrients that are contained in a food. This information includes the number of calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that are present in a food.

They’re usually found on food labels, and they can help you make informed decisions about the foods you eat.

It’s important to learn the nutrients of energy drinks before buying them; it’s important to read the nutrition facts of X-Gamer energy drink before buying it:

NutrientsPer 10g ServingDaily Intake Limit
31 calories2000-2500
Caffeine200 mg400 mg
Fat0.02 g
Carbohydrates3 g225 and 325 g
Added Sugar0.2 g24 to 36 g
Protein0.7 g
Sodium (Salt)0 g2,300 mg
X Gamer energy drink review

Ingredients of X-Gamer

Listed below are the ingredients of X-Gamer energy drink:

  • Dextrose Monohydrate
  • Maltodextrin
  • Malic Acid
  • Citric Acid
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Flavorings
  • Colorings
  • Sucralose
  • L- Carnitine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Taurine
  • Caffeine
  • Niacin
X-Gamer ingredients
Ingredients of X-Gamer

Calories in X-Gamer Energy Drink

There are around 31 calories in the X-Gamer energy drink.

Calories are a unit of measurement that tells us how much energy a food provides. A certain amount of caffeine is important to consume as our body needs calories to function.

However, if you consume excessive calories then you’re likely to experience certain side effects.

Many energy drinks are high in calories, and they add extra calories to your diet. It’s better to opt for energy drinks, which are moderate in calories or which contain low calories.

Sugar in X-Gamer Energy Drink

There are only 0.2 grams of X-Gamer, which is almost no sugar.

Energy drinks are often marketed as being beneficial for physical and mental performance. However, they’re often high in sugar and calories, which can negate any potential benefits.

Consuming sugar-sweetened beverages has been linked to problems such as weight gain, diabetes, and other health problems. However, many people still consume these drinks, often in the form of energy drinks.

For these reasons, it’s important to be aware of the sugar content in energy drinks. If you’re looking for a healthy way to boost your energy levels, consider choosing an energy drink that’s low in sugar or opting for another type of beverage altogether.

Sucralose in X Gamer energy drink

X Gamer is sweetened with Sucralose.

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that’s almost 600 times sweeter than sugar.

Sucralose is a common sweetener in energy drinks. While it’s generally safe for consumption, there are some potential side effects to be aware of.

In addition, some people may experience gastrointestinal issues after consuming energy drinks sweetened with sucralose. These issues can include bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

sucralose in x gamer
X Gamer does not contain sugar, but it contains sucralose as a sweetener

How Much Caffeine Does X-Gamer Have?

There is 200 mg of caffeine in an X-Gamer energy drink.

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. It’s found naturally in more than 60 plants, including coffee beans, tea leaves, and cocoa beans. Caffeine is also added to a variety of products, including energy drinks, sodas, pain relievers, and even some weight-loss aids.

It’s known for its ability to improve mental alertness and physical performance. Given the widespread use of energy drinks, it’s crucial to understand the potential risks and benefits of caffeine.

While caffeine does have some benefits, such as providing a temporary boost of energy, it can also have some negative effects, especially when consumed in large amounts.

Listed are a few side effects of caffeine:

  • Restlessness and shakiness.
  • Insomnia.
  • Headaches.
  • Dizziness.
  • Fast heart rate.
  • Dehydration.
  • Anxiety.
  • Dependency.

Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the caffeine content in energy drinks and to consume them in moderation. The safe limit of caffeine consumption is to stay under 400 mg.

Vitamins in X Gamer

Vitamins are extremely important micronutrients. There are several vitamins present in the X Gamer energy drink.

Take a look at the vitamins present in X Gamer:

Vitamin B3Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, is an essential nutrient that plays a key role in many of the body’s processes. It can be found in a variety of foods, including meats, fish, poultry, nuts, and seeds. The body needs vitamin B3 to convert food into energy and to keep the nervous system functioning properly. Vitamin B3 is also necessary for the body to produce hormones and process fats and cholesterol.
Vitamin B6Vitamin B6 is important for the development and function of the brain and nervous system. There’s some evidence that folate may help improve cognitive function in people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. It may also help improve cognitive function in people who have had a stroke. Folate may help prevent cognitive decline in healthy older adults.
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that’s involved in many important bodily functions. It’s involved in the production of red blood cells, the proper function of the nervous system, and the metabolism of fats and proteins. Vitamin B12 can be found in animal-based foods such as meat, poultry, fish, and eggs.
Vitamin CVitamin C is an important vitamin that can help in reducing free radicals in the body. This means that Vitamin C can also reduce your fatigue as free radicals cause fatigue.
Vitamins in X-Gamer energy drink
Vitamins in X Gamer
X Gamer contains vitamins B3, B6, B12, and C – all of these vitamins are extremely important for you!

How Much Does X-Gamer Cost?

Energy drinks can provide you with several benefits, however, these energy drinks can cost a lot which is not cost-friendly.

But there are many energy drinks that can be cost-friendly. Following is the cost of the X-Gamer energy drink:

X-Tubz 600g (60 servings)AUD 50
X-Shotz 10g per sachet (3 pieces)AUD 7
Price of X Gamer

X-Gamer Energy Drink Flavors

There are various flavors of X-Gamer energy drinks. Following are the X-Gamer flavors:

  • Mega Mango
  • Post Malone
  • Sun Beam
  • Sakurafuri
  • X Gamer Steve’s Apple
  • X Gamer King Of Banana
  • X Gamer Fuzzberry
  • X Gamer Powacrush
  • Nightshade
  • X Gamer Nukefushion
  • Hydrastorm
  • X Gamer Hyper berries
  • X Gamer Cape Town
  • X Gamer Zomberry
  • X Gamer Black Metal Berry
  • X Gamer Bluenitro
  • Hyperbeast
  • X Gamer Horus
  • X Gamer Dr. Beast
  • X Gamer Gummilicious

Buy X-Gamer New Zealand

You can buy X-Gamer energy drinks in New Zealand from different online stores. However, it’s not available in physical stores.

Following are the online stores from where you can buy X Gamer in New Zealand:


X-Gamer energy drink is a famous energy drink, and you can buy X-Gamer can be bought from its official website.

By visiting X-Gamer energy drink’s official website, you can get different updates. If you want to get updates on exclusive flavors, you can visit its official website.


The X Gamer energy drink is available on Amazon in New Zealand.

Amazon is an international e-commerce and cloud computing company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world, with over 150 million products currently available for purchase.


You can buy an X-Gamer energy drink from Fish Pond in New Zealand.

Fish Pond is an online store that provides different services to its customers and operates in both New Zealand and Australia.

Play Tech

Play Tech sells X-Gamer energy drinks in New Zealand.

Poly Tech is a website that works to provide the best-priced gaming systems and many other related things.

It sells powder energy drinks as well, and you can buy an X-Gamer energy drink from Play Tech.

X Gamer energy drink review

Final Verdict

  • X-Gamer is an effective gaming energy drink that contains around 200 mg of caffeine. It doesn’t contain any sugar and it’s sweetened with Sucralose.
  • X-Gamer is not available in any physical stores in New Zealand.
  • X-Gamer energy drinks can be bought from online stores such as Amazon, Fish Pond, Play Tech, and X Gamer energy drink’s official website in New Zealand.
  • X-Gamer energy drink’s 60 servings cost around AUD 50.

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