X-Gamer VS Coffee (True Comparison)

X-Gamer and Coffee are both caffeinated beverages with certain variations in their ingredients. Both may help you stay active, but only X-Gamers of the two is considered an energy drink.

Gaming has evolved a lot because of technological advancements. E-sports are becoming popular by the day, and leveling up requires a lot of concentration and mental strength.

X-Gamer is a powdery energy drink aiming to improve focus, increase energy level, and boost reflexes. Thus, it can provide the energy that a simple cup of coffee may never offer.

As for the comparison between X-Gamers and Coffee, both have their merits and demerits. That’s why I think you should keep reading this article to find out which one suits you better!

Comparison of Nutritional Ingredients

Ingredients of X Gamer
Supplement facts of X-Gamer.

While comparing X-Gamer and Coffee, the best way to start is by comparing their nutritional ingredients. It can help you understand the in-depth analysis of their attributes.

It would be best to always compare the nutrients before selecting energy drinks. It will give you a clear-cut idea about which one of them is better.

Here is a table containing the nutrients of the X-Gamer energy drink:

NutrientsX GamerRecommended Daily Intake
Total Carbohydrates1g300mg
Vitamin B330mg20mg
Nutrition facts of X-Gamer and the recommended daily intake.

A detailed comparison of various nutritional ingredients in X-Gamer and Coffee is discussed below.

Sugar in X-Gamer and Coffee

Sugar and strawberry in a spoon
Sugar increases your weight.

Sugar has become a crucial part of our everyday diet. Without realizing how threatening sugar can be, we keep on using sugar in almost everything.

The good news is that both X-Gamer and Coffee contain zero sugar. Thus, both the drinks are beneficial in terms of sugar content.

The ideal amount of sugar required for normal metabolism may differ based on gender. According to the AHA, the daily usage of sugar should be no more than 25g for women and 36g for men.

The high sugar intake may lead to disorders like weight gain, obesity, diabetes, and several heart diseases.

Calories in X-Gamer And Coffee

High Calorie food.
Calories overconsumption may lead to obesity.

X-Gamer contains 31 calories, while there are zero calories in Coffee.

Calories are used to define the energy we obtain from daily foods and beverages. It provides us with the energy we need for physical activities.

Calories are an important part of our diet. Every person needs a different amount of calories per day, mostly depending on their gender and age.

The NHS recommends a daily dose of 2,000 calories for women and 2,500 for men.

The small number of calories in X-Gamer allows you to use it without worrying about your calories consumption. Thus, it can be the perfect drink for gamers.

However, if you are on a low-calorie diet, coffee is a perfect choice as it offers no calories.

Vitamins in X-Gamer And Coffee

Different fruits and vegetables
The best way of vitamin intake is through fruits and vegetables.

Vitamins are micronutrients that the body does not produce by itself and must be obtained from food. These are required in a limited amount but are necessary for the body’s healthy functioning.

Vitamins can be found in both coffee and X-Gamer but their quantity varies; coffee has fewer vitamins than X-Gamer.

Vitamins transform food into energy and aids in repairing damaged cells. They can improve your immune system, support bones, and heal wounds.

On the other hand, less intake of vitamins may cause mood swings, anxiety, headache, and difficulty in concentration, the things a gamer would never want.

Coffee offers only a limited amount of vitamins, while X-Gamer provides a large number of vitamins. Thus, you should choose X-Gamer over Coffee if vitamins are what you need.

However, as beneficial as the vitamins are, only a small amount of vitamins is enough for a healthy person.

As there is a lower limit on vitamin intake, there is also an upper limit, and crossing that boundary can have serious consequences.

Caffeine in X-Gamer And Coffee

Coffee beans in a cup
Overconsumption of caffeine may lead to Insomnia.

Caffeine is a stimulant that stimulates the neurological system and avoids drowsiness by supplying the body with a burst of energy.

It boosts the body’s circulation of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Caffeine can help you feel energized and concentrated in modest quantities.

People around the world are widely consuming caffeine. Some may use it to overcome societal pressure, do better at work, or get through long gaming sessions.

For sure, caffeine is supposed to be a part of most energy drinks.

Caffeine in X Gamer

Almost all the drinks that can help you stay active use less or more amount of caffeine. It’s present in both X-Gamer and coffee, which keeps you active, alert, and focused. You may even find it in tea.

X-Gamer has 200mg of caffeine in every 10g sachet.

Ideally, caffeine should not be consumed more than 400mg per day. Thus, you should avoid using more than two sachets a day.

Caffeine overdose can result in many negative effects, including:

  • restlessness
  • insomnia
  • dizziness
  • dehydration
  • anxiety

Apart from them, there comes caffeine tolerance. Caffeine tolerance implies that you’ll feel lesser of its effects as you drink it more regularly.

Thus, it would be best if you stay careful while consuming X-Gamer. Do not consume more than two sachets until and unless you are sure you won’t have any other caffeinated drink for the rest of the day.

Caffeine in Coffee

As mentioned earlier, caffeine is a part of every drink that can help you stay active. Coffee is no exception because it also contains a fair amount of caffeine.

The caffeine content in black coffee is 90-95 mg per cup.

This is a considerably less amount of caffeine as compared to X-Gamer. The caffeine content in both these drinks is not alarming, but you need to be careful.

According to FDA, the normal intake of caffeine should be less than 400mg per day. So, all you need to do is be mindful of that limit.

If you have a high caffeine tolerance, X-Gamer is a good choice because it contains a significant dose of caffeine that lasts longer than coffee. However, if you are hesitant to consume a large amount of caffeine, coffee might be better.

Here, I’ve added a video to tell you about the bad impact of coffee or caffeine on your body.

Drinking a lot of coffee can cause several health problems.

How Do They Differ in Taste?

Many energy drink users do not care much about the ingredients or whether the drink is a healthy way to go for. Rather, all they care about is if it tastes good enough.

X-Gamer comes with a variety of options to choose from. It is easily available in more than 20 flavors.

On the other side, although coffee has a long history, it is available in fewer flavors. Thus, X-Gamer will be a better choice if you want to enjoy a variety of flavors in your drink.

Flavors of X-Gamer:

X-Gamer is easily accessible in over 20 flavors. Some of these flavors are mentioned here:

  1. Nukefusion
  2. Sun Beam
  3. Razzberry
  4. Zomberry
  5. Steve’s Apple
  6. Mega Mango
  7. Black Metal Berry
  8. King of Banana
  9. Hyper Berries
  10. Cape Town

Flavors of Coffee:

Some of the well-recognized coffee flavors are mentioned below.

  1. Espresso
  2. Double Espresso
  3. Coffee Late
  4. Black Eye
  5. Cappuccino
  6. Iced Coffee
  7. Black Americano

Which One is Healthier?

The nutritional ingredients of any drink give a clear-cut idea about whether it is healthy or not. After having an idea about their ingredients, you may select and go with your preferences.

In my opinion, the overview of the ingredients in both the drinks suggests that X-Gamer is a better choice than Coffee in general. However, there are some varieties of coffee that you might prefer over X-Gamer.

Let it be in terms of vitamins, carbohydrates, caffeine, or additional components; the stats seem to favor X-Gamer. So, seemingly, it is a more appropriate choice.

A high amount of vitamins or caffeine can sometimes cause problems in some cases. In such a case, X-Gamer cannot be preferred as excessive intake of these nutrients can be harmful.


In short, X-Gamer and coffee are great ways to start your day and elevate your reaction time by increasing your energy and focus to get through your day without feeling tired.

There are many differences between X-Gamer and Coffee but the only similarity is that they work as energy boosters and they have been used by a lot of people around the world. Drinking coffee in the morning has become a daily ritual for many people.

X-Gamer contains a little more vitamins and carbohydrates than coffee which means that X-Gamer can give you health benefits with a better boost.

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