Is Sneak Vegan? (Complete Explanation)

A box of Sneak’s powdered energy beverage.

Sneak doesn’t contain all of the usual amounts of ingredients that you find in the average energy drink, but it does have an astounding nutritional value that offers comparable energy and a focus-boosting experience.

In each sachet of Sneak Energy, you’ll find carnitine tartrate, theanine, taurine, ginseng, choline bitartrate, and, of course, 150 milligrams of caffeine.

But for those who are seriously considering incorporating Sneak Energy in their diet, let’s first take a look if all the ingredients in Sneak Energy are vegan-friendly.

If we keep it simple: Sneak Energy is a vegan supplement. There is minimal worry regarding animal by-products getting added into the mixture since the bulk of its components can readily be produced in a laboratory or synthetically.

Let’s clarify what is vegan nutrition, what ingredients are present in vegan selections, and is caffeine vegan?

Before diving into the details, here is a brief overview of a vegan diet.

What is a vegan diet?

Eat healthy to stay healthy.

Veganism is an eating plan where you avoid any animal by-products. This means that people on a vegan diet do not consume meat, dairy products, or whatever supplements that contain animal protein components.

Approximately 35% of people adopt a vegan lifestyle. Their motives for being vegan differ. Certain vegans do this to enhance their well-being or to prevent other illnesses from escalating while others choose to do this for ethical reasons.

Basically, a diet focused on plants may reduce the risk of some illnesses. Others remain away from meat since they wouldn’t want to harm any animals.

On the contrary, vegans eat fruit, veggies, tofu, or other vegetable items. Nutritional supplements compensate for any deficits created by a diet based on plants.

There are several explanations why anyone might choose to convert to a vegetarian diet. Often it is just a question of better diet and the prevention of toxins present in animal feed.

To learn more about vegan nutrition, watch this helpful video.

Ingredients of Sneak Energy

Now at this point, let’s inspect each and every ingredient of Sneak Energy one by one.

Ingredients of Sneak Energy as seen on the back of the packaging.

Below is a rundown of elements included in one serving of Sneak Energy. We’ll discuss each of these in a while to provide you a better idea is Sneak is fit for a vegan diet or not.

  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Taurine
  • GPC Alpha
  • Anhydrous caffeine
  • Carnitine
  • Maltodextrin
  • Malic acid 
  • Flavors derived from nature
  • Sucralose
  • Potassium acesulfame
  • Powdered Spirulina
  • Silicon Dioxide

You might find my article on Sneak Caffeine and Ingredients handy if you want to learn more about Sneak’s ingredients in great detail.

Let’s look at the caffeine level and other vital components in Sneak Energy to see why it’s a suitable vegan option.

Is caffeine vegan-friendly? 

Is caffeine a component of Sneak Vegan?
Snek Energy contains a moderately strong caffeine level at 150 mg.

Caffeine is generated from coffee beans. Thus, it is vegan friendly and includes no animal by-products.

Sneak uses caffeine anhydrous, which provides a similar if not enhanced effect as regular caffeine.

Caffeine Anhydrous is just highly-concentrated powdered caffeine. The quantity of caffeine in each scoop is what sets it apart from other caffeine or coffee powders.

While a single cup of regular coffee has 95 milligrams of caffeine, a teaspoonful of caffeine anhydrous contains enough caffeine to make 28 cups of coffee.

Don’t worry because the amount of caffeine in Sneak Energy which is 150 mg is still within the safe limit.

A better and healthier adult should consume no fewer than 400 milligrams of caffeine each day, as per the FDA. Any more than that, and you’re in for some unpleasant side effects.

both caffeine or caffeine anhydrous are harmful to your well-being on their own, you should exercise caution when consuming them.

Is veganism just about eating less meat?

Generally, vegans avoid meat, eggs, fish, poultry, honey, seafood, milk, and other goods featuring animal-derived ingredients.

Many components in today’s cuisine are obtained from mammals or animal by-products, as already mentioned. 

Furthermore, many chemicals intended to enhance food quality are examined on animals until being introduced to the marketplace.

These practices are one of the reasons why people turn to veganism and follow a strict plant-only diet. That’s why most businesses do much to avoid anything that has been tested on animals to widen their reach.

Vegans abstain from all animal-derived foods. These are some of them:

  • shellfish
  • eggs
  • meat
  • dairy
  • chicken
  • honey
  • fish

Vegans also avoid products containing animal-derived substances, such as isinglass, casein, albumin, pepsin, shellac, whey carmine, and gelatin.

Some kinds of wine and beer, marshmallows, gummy sweets, morning cereals, and chewing gum all include these components.

Is taurine in Sneak Energy vegan-friendly?

Taurine is an amino acid that the system can make on its own. The taurine commonly used in energy drinks are supplements so we can conclude it’s vegan safe.

It’s focused most heavily on the eyes, heart, and muscles. It performs a variety of vital tasks in your system.

Taurine does not come from bulls. Unlike its name presently, it is manufactured in labs, and the procedure is cheap enough that using a real bull’s liver is no longer necessary.

It also helps with a variety of physiological processes, including:

  • Supporting the functioning of the nervous system
  • Antioxidants
  • Calcium levels in cells are regulated
  • Keeping track of electrolytes
  • Creating bile salts that may be used in digesting
  • Keeping yourself hydrated

Is Tyrosine in Sneak Energy vegan?

Tyrosine is an amino acid that assists you in concentrating, stay alert, and pay attention. It is commonly sourced from animals but can also be produced artificially in laboratories.

As we have discussed a while ago, Sneak is vegan-friendly so this implies that they used synthetic tyrosine generated from laboratories instead of animals.

Generally, tyrosine is a great energy drink ingredient because it helps the brain produce substances that help in neuron connectivity and mood control.

Cheese, salmon, and a number of other high-protein foods contain tyrosine but nowadays tyrosine can be easily synthesized in laboratories.

Here’s a list of the hormones that tyrosine generates and their roles in your system:

NoradrenalineIn moments of stress, it trains the system reflex and quick response.
AdrenalineIn moments of stress, it trains the system for battle reactions.
Thyroid hormones      This controls your metabolism. The thyroid gland produces this hormone.
DopamineMemory and motor abilities are also affected. Regulates the brain’s pleasure center.
List of hormones produced by tyrosine in the body.

Tyrosine is also believed to help people who are concentrate under stressful situations. The FDA considers it to be safe to consume. However, it may cause adverse impacts when used with other medications.

Tyrosine must ignore if you use Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs), Levodopa (L-dopa), or thyroid medicines.

Is L-Carnitine in Sneak Energy vegan?

L-carnitine is an amino acid present in our body as well as in nutritional supplements. This can be derived from animals or synthesized in laboratories.

Since Sneak Energy is confirmed vegan-friendly, I believe it is safe to assume that manufacturers used synthetic L-Carnitine in their formulation.

It’s well recognized for its role in power generation metabolism and the maintenance of brain function.

In particular, L-carnitine aids in the breakdown of fat so that it may be turned to power when you’re running short on fuel.

It is also claimed to have the following advantages:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • More vitality
  • Waste elimination prevents cellular harm.
  • Improved athletic ability
  • Helps with weight loss

However, like with many other substances, L-carnitine has certain adverse side effects to be aware of, including:

  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Some individuals reported experiencing a ‘fishy’ bodily odor after taking L-carnitine. Moreover, the degree of the issue is determined by the person and their surroundings.

Is Maltodextrin in Sneak Energy vegan?

Maltodextrin is a versatile vegan-friendly food ingredient. Manufacturers have employed it as preservation and as a carbohydrates boost for athletes. It seems to be a starchy white powder when seen in person.

It may be produced from everything that has starch, such as maize or wheat. It is acceptable for vegetarians and vegans to eat since no mammals or animal by-products are utilized in the production process.

Maltodextrin is often found in packaged goods, apart from energy beverages like Sneak. Pastries, sweets, and meat substitutes are among them. Soft drinks contain it as well. The FDA also considers it to be safe to eat.

Is silicon dioxide in Sneak Energy vegan?

As the name indicates, silicon dioxide is a combination of silicon & oxygen.  It works as an anti-caking ingredient in food, preventing the powder grain in Sneak from sticking together.

This prolongs Sneak’s shelf life and prevents moisture damage. Leafy greens, vegetables, and certain grains are included in the diet.

Is it true that Sneak contains artificial sweeteners?

Sneak Energy contains artificial sweeteners mainly sucralose and acesulfame potassium. Both are generally considered vegan-friendly.

Because these are alternative sugar substitutes they are commonly synthesized in laboratories. Thus, no mammals or animal proteins are used in the manufacturing process.

But there’s a high chance that animals have been used to test and study artificial sweeteners in the past.

According to research, approximately 12,000 mammals have perished as a result of Splenda research. For several vegans, this may seem to be a “red flag”.

Sucralose (Splenda) and Acesulfame Potassium are two unnatural sweeteners included in Sneak Energy (Ace-K).

For a brief overview, Splenda is produced by removing certain hydrogen-oxygen groups from sucrose (ordinary table sugar) and substituting them with chlorine atoms.

Consequently, a sugar replacement 600 times sweeter than sugars and is not digested by the system during digestion has been developed.

Acetoacetic acid and potassium are combined to make Acesulfame Potassium. This produces a white powdered that is 200 times sweeter than sugar but tastes harsh.

When putting Ace-K on a product, companies typically mask the aftertaste by combining it with additional artificial sweeteners.

Is Sneak natural flavors vegan?

You can’t go wrong with real fruit flavors.

The majority of natural flavors are vegan because they are derived from fruit extracts.

Natural Flavor is a broad term that refers to everything derived from a plant or animal to enhance the flavoring and taste of a product.

As a consequence, it may or may not be vegan.

In reality, however, it differs per product. As previously stated, the term “organic flavors” may also apply to chemicals produced from plants.

It may also imply that the tastes were created without using any chemicals, such as artificial flavors.

For instance, the following substances may be considered ‘Natural Flavors’:

  • Products derived from milk
  • Fruits
  • Meat
  • Grains
  • Seafood
  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Spices

But you don’t have to worry because the manufacturers of Sneak confirmed that their products are vegan-friendly. This means that all of their flavorings are plant-based.

Is spirulina powder in Sneak Energy vegan?

Spirulina is a type of algae that may be consumed as nutrition. It is also vegan-friendly.

Because of its nutritional value and the health advantages, it provides to people who consume it, and many believe it is a superfood.

Spirulina has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities in addition to being a good source of vitamins and nutrients. It’s also renowned for helping to strengthen your immune system.

Spirulina has the following health benefits:

  • Several vitamins
  • Reduce heart disease risk
  • Improved metabolism
  • Improved intestinal health
  • Lower your cholesterol levels
  • Blood sugar levels are lower
  • Reduce your blood pressure
  • Allergy symptoms are lessened
  • It aids with weight loss
  • Poisoning therapy that works

Last Thoughts

Sneak Energy is a plant-based supplement. There are no mammals or animal by-products in its components or production method.

Though, it does include specific features that may be unpleasant to vegans. Sneak’s website FAQ also verified this.

In my view, Sneak Energy is deserving of a try. In contrast to other products, it is vegan friendly and low in calories and sugar.

As a result, it’s somewhat healthier than most other brands. But be careful not to get overdone on caffeine. Based on your acceptance, 150 milligrams of caffeine for every serving can be a lot.


I like to write about energy drinks and play video games. I hope the information that I share on this website is useful for you.

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