Is Extra Joss Vegan? (Honest Venture)

Olive oil.
Extra Joss is not vegan, and it’s best to shun away from this beverage if you are a strict vegan.

Extra Joss caters to a diverse set of individuals with different lifestyles, from entrepreneurs, athletes, and even college students. No wonder this brand has a comprehensive market grasp. But is this energy drink flexible enough to be able to cater to those with different diets and eating schedules as well, specifically the vegan diet?

Extra Joss is not vegan as it includes royal jelly, which has been produced from honey and has been an intriguing topic for vegans. So, I don’t think you can or should label Extra Joss as vegan-compliant.

However, before entirely believing claims like these, it’s always best to conduct a medically and scientifically supported investigation for validation.

What is Extra Joss?

Extra Joss is an energy drink that supports an active lifestyle and uplifts you to work strenuously and stay active.

Extra Joss is a powdered energy drink mix that incorporates 50mg of caffeine, and the amount is quite low for an energy beverage.

It challenges to re-energize your workday and is an excellent pre-sport or pre-workout supplement. The tropical fruit flavor is pleasant and free of sugar, and a few other essential elements operate together to boost your metabolism, confidence, physical endurance, fight fatigue, and sharpen the senses.

Pros and Cons

Like every other thing, Extra Joss has positive and negative sides on its own, and it’s time to describe the pros and cons of the Extra Joss energy beverage.


The pros of Extra Joss comprise the following:

  • Improves metabolism
  • Enhances brain function
  • Helps to stay physically active


The cons of the Extra Joss energy drink have been listed below.

  • A bit low in caffeine
  • Doesn’t provide enough boost
  • May cause insomnia, anxiety, and dehydration
A packet of Extra Joss.
Extra Joss is a decent energy beverage with a low caffeine content, but it can have some adverse effects on health too.

What is veganism?

Veganism is regarded as a movement and even a way of life for some people.

This movement is strived to promote the practice of reducing or even completely prohibiting animal exploitation for entertainment, clothing, or food, hence the vegan lifestyle and food habit.

For reference, the vegan diet is an eating plan that eliminates any absorption of food or beverages with animal products or by-products, even traces of animal products are not considered by those rigorously practicing this diet.

This diet has been found to lessen bodyweight, improve glycemic control, and is associated with expanded insulin sensitivity and reductions in chronic diseases.

List of vegan foods

For vegans who want to stay wholesome, consuming a nutrient-rich diet with whole and fortified foods is very critical. I have added a list below to show you the foods to consume during veganism.

  • Legumes
  • Nuts, nut butter, and seeds
  • Hemp, flax, and chia seeds
  • Tofu and other minimally processed meat substitutes
  • Calcium-fortified plant milk and yogurts

Is Extra Joss vegan?

Extra Joss is not vegan.

Extra Joss includes honey that is not vegan compliant at all. It is made from royal jelly, which is used as a skin conditioner in cosmetics. The glands of worker honey bees secrete royal jelly to provide sustenance to larvae and the queen bee.

I have added a YouTube video regarding the vegan status of royal jelly to help you know more about this matter.

The vegan status of royal jelly.

Nutrition Facts of Extra Joss

Extra Joss includes zero amount of calories and carbohydrates, as well as protein and B vitamins.

NutrientsAmount Per ServingRecommended Daily Intake
Vitamin B23mg1.7mg
Vitamin B316mg20mg
Vitamin B55mg10mg
Vitamin B61.5mg2mg
Vitamin B9100mcg400mcg
Vitamin B121mcg6mcg
Nutrition facts of Extra Joss
Supplement facts of Extra Joss.
Supplement facts of Extra Joss.

Calories and Carbohydrates

Extra Joss is a calorie- and carbohydrate-free sports drink.

Extra Joss provides zero calories per serving, which makes it ideal for dieters who need to up their calorie intake. Even if you aren’t on a diet, sipping this beverage helps you to consume more calories while staying on track.

This beverage is also sugar-free and carb-free, allowing you to keep an active and healthy lifestyle without gaining weight.

Side Effects of Calories and Carbohydrates

The possible side effects of calories and carbohydrates have been listed below.

  • High blood sugar
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Gallstones
  • Cancers, especially endometrial cancer
  • Poor metabolic health

Vitamin Content

There are a series of B Vitamins found in Extra Joss.

These vitamins help make this formula healthier and better compared to other energy beverage brands.

Here’s a list of some of the health benefits of the vitamins included in Extra Joss.

  • Riboflavin promotes eye and nerve function while enhancing mineral and vitamin absorption.
  • Niacin is crucial for the production of energy and the preservation of healthy skin.
  • Pantothenic acid is a water-soluble vitamin that assists in the body’s glucose and protein metabolism.
  • Pyridoxine aids in red blood cell genesis and the storage of energy from proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Folate, in conjunction with other vitamins, aids cell expansion and DNA creation, as well as the formation of new proteins.
  • Cobalamin promotes the formation of red blood cells and keeps the nervous system wholesome.

Are the vitamins in Extra Joss vegan?

The vitamins in Extra Joss are vegan.

As you can see, all of the vitamins used to make this energy drink are synthesized, so none of these compounds contain any animal products or by-products.

VitaminsAmount Per ServingVegan Or Not?
Vitamin B23mgVegan
Vitamin B316mgVegan
Vitamin B55mgVegan
Vitamin B61.5mgVegan
Vitamin B9100mcgVegan
Vitamin B121mcgVegan
A table showing the identity and the amount of each vitamin in Extra Joss and whether they’re vegan-friendly or not.

Caffeine Content of Extra Joss

Extra Joss incorporates 50mg of caffeine per serving.

Caffeine is a mind-altering drug that is commonly utilized by millions of people around the globe and belongs to a group of medicines called central nervous system stimulants. This stimulant is known to have the ability to alleviate fatigue and enhance energy and focus levels.

Apart from this, caffeine can also enhance your overall brain function and shield you from liver disease, diabetes, and liver cancer.

Despite the benefits provided by this drug, there are potential hazards to it as well, including but not limited to anxiety disorders, seizures, cardiovascular complications by causing disturbances in the rhythm of your heart; that’s why you must comply with the suggested daily caffeine limit set by the FDA which is around 400mg.

Considering that the formula has 50mg of caffeine per serving, so this beverage might not provide you with the necessary boost you need. But then again, that discussion’s for another time. Now, let’s focus on discovering if the caffeine in this formula is vegan.

Is the caffeine in Extra Joss vegan?

The caffeine in this formula is vegan.

Given that caffeine is naturally obtained from plant species or coffee beans, the extracted caffeine is, therefore, regarded vegan.

Roasted coffee beans.
Caffeine is usually derived from coffee beans that are totally vegan.

Ingredients of Extra Joss

Extra Joss includes a few ingredients that might deliver significant boost energy and render you with significant nutrients you might need to stay upbeat and healthful.

The following are the components of the Extra Joss energy beverage.

IngredientsVegan Or Not?
Ginseng ExtractVegan
Royal JellyNot vegan
Acesulfame PotassiumMaybe
Mix Fruit FlavorVegan
Citric AcidVegan
Ingredients table of Extra Joss

Upon taking a closer look, we can see that there’s a lot of ingredients in Extra Joss that you can never be sure of. The main point is Extra Joss includes Royal Jelly that is not vegan at all.

There are few ingredients that are vegan; some are not vegan. Also, there are some ingredients that are uncertain because they had been tested on animals before marketing.

Artificial Sweeteners

Extra Joss used acesulfame potassium and aspartame to substitute sugar.

Artificial sweetener is a type of sugar substitute that is widely incorporated in different meals and beverages such as follows.

  • Soft drinks
  • Powdered drink mixes
  • Baked goods
  • Puddings
  • Canned foods
  • Jams
  • Jellies
  • Dairy products

Acesulfame potassium or ace K is 200 periods sweeter than sugar and without calories. It has a sharp aftertaste and is frequently incorporated with sucralose or aspartame.

While aspartame is a commonly employed artificial sweetener in meals and drinks like diet sodas and is often utilized as a component in some remedies.

Same as ace K, aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar, but some people with phenylketonuria and under prescription for schizophrenia should steer clear of aspartame.

Are aspartame and acesulfame potassium vegan?

Both aspartame and acesulfame potassium conduct in grey on this particular issue.

Both aspartame and acesulfame potassium has been made synthetically. But both of them have been tested on animals and can be hazardous to health as well.

Taurine in Extra Joss

Extra Joss energy beverage contains taurine, an amino acid that plays a vital role in a number of metabolic manners in the body that is known to have antioxidant properties.

The long-term impacts of supplemental taurine ingestion, however, are unknown and can be discovered in a diversity of foods, including meat, fish, dairy merchandise, and human milk, as well as as a dietary supplement.

While the evidence is conflicting, some researchers propose that taurine supplementation may improve athletic performance, and persons with congestive heart failure who took taurine supplements three times a day for fourteen days straight had an upsurge in their exercise capacity.

Is taurine in Extra Joss vegan?

It’s not certain whether the taurine in Extra Joss is vegan or not. There are two types of taurine; animal-based and lab-made. It’s unsure which type Extra Joss has used.

Taurine is a naturally transpiring chemical discovered in fish and meat that is widely included in energy beverages. Taurine is a key component of bile and is found in the large intestine. It makes up only 0.1 percent of the human physique.

Synthetic taurine, on the other hand, is more commonly discovered in energy drinks. This synthetic taurine is assembled in a laboratory using a chemical reaction.

For a more comprehensive discussion about this energy drink, you can check the article Extra Joss Review.

Energy beverages.
Taurine is the most confusing energy beverage, can be both non-veg or organic made.

Can you drink Extra Joss every day?

You can drink Extra Joss every day as long as you don’t exceed the recommended dosage.

Caffeine, in the form of 50mg, can provide you with a surge of energy while also boosting your mental and physical performance.

Because it is sugar-free and contains important B vitamins, Extra Joss is actually good for your health. However, to avoid negative consequences, always remember to consume it in moderation.

Because it is sugar-free, diabetics can consume it. Extra Joss, on the other hand, contains aspartame, which is harmful to people with phenylketonuria.

Who should not drink Extra Joss?

Some health specialists have warned that energy refreshments may be terrible, leading many individuals to doubt their safety.

The ones who should not consume energy beverages are identified in the list below.

  • Children and teenagers
  • Persons with heart problems or medical conditions
  • Pregnant and nursing women

Is Extra Joss a good pre-workout drink?

Extra Joss is an excellent pre-workout energy drink mix.

Extra Joss is an excellent beverage for proffering a short-term energy boost. You can consume it to get a surge of energy before working out. Caffeine levels are low but enough to keep you focused and energized.

When I took it, I felt a surge of energy that stayed for one to two hours. As my caffeine tolerance is really high (100mg to 200mg), it was not really adequate for me. But as caffeine limit always varies from one to another, maybe you can use it as a pre-workout beverage.

The wonderful part is that you won’t experience any sugar crashes or jitters.

What happens when you drink Extra Joss?

Caffeine and taurine boost your brain when you consume an Extra Joss energy drink.

Caffeine is a stimulant that enters your body through your colon and travels to various sections of your body through your bloodstream. When it enters your brain, it fights adenosine, a neurotransmitter that promotes sleepiness. In this way, caffeine keeps you alert and enhances concentration.

When combined with coffee, taurine can help you stay alert. It boosts your brain and cognitive abilities. Other nutrients, such as ginseng, royal jelly, and vitamins, can help you stay energized throughout the day.

Where to buy Extra Joss and how much?

You can convey Extra Joss from the nearest convenience shop or online.

You can have it online from Amazon and eBay, but Extra Joss is can also be obtained from its authorized website.

A package of 30 sachets price ranges around $19, but prices may vary depending on the location you are purchasing it from.

Flavors of Extra Joss

Extra Joss includes three fruity flavors:

  • Ginseng
  • Mango
  • Grape

Final Takeaway

Extra Joss is a tasty energy drink with moderate caffeine content. If you believe it is the right energy beverage for you, remember to consume it in moderation.

Extra Joss includes some ingredients that are pure vegan due to being plant-based or lab-made. But some of the ingredients have been tested on animals before marketing.

Although there’s no official statement about this energy beverage being vegan, this beverage includes royal jelly which is not vegan at all.

If you are a vegan due to health issues, you might drink Extra Joss. However, if you are vegan by choice, this beverage is not for you and I suggest not to drink this beverage.

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