Is Ghost Gamer Bad For You? (Yes or No)

Ghost gamer sachets
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Ghost gamer is an epic and enjoyable supplement-style energy drink.

Ghost gamer claims to provide more energy, increases stamina, and boost your focus. A nootropic and energy-enhancing blend, ghost gamer is specifically made for gamers to keep them alert and energized throughout the games.

As it is universal for all energy drinks, there is still a lingering question at the back of people’s minds that whether or not this Ghost gamer energy drink is sour for you.

The answer to this question is, no. Ghost Gamer is not bad for you at all. Stick around so you can know the reason to it!

Let’s start by taking a look at the nutritional facts and ingredients present in the Ghost Gamer energy drink.

Ghost Gamer Nutritional Facts

As an overview, Ghost gamer contains 5% calories, 1g carbohydrates, 150mg Caffeine, and no sugar.

Nutritional facts regarding ghost gamer
Nutritional facts present at the back of Ghost Gamer Powder Box

For a clear view, refer to this table which includes the important nutritional facts.

Nutritional FactsPer 100gPer 1 scoopPer 2 scoops
Energy356kj/84 kcal18kJ/4kcal36kJ/8kcal
Vitamin C as ascorbic acid5,000mg250mg500mg
Vitamin D as cholecalciferol5000mg250mg500mg
Vitamin E150mg7.5mg15mg
Vitamin B1260mcg3cg6mcg
Vitamin B617mg0.85mg1.7mg
Nutritional facts regarding Ghost Gamer

Now, let’s dive into further details.

Caffeine in Ghost Gamer

There is 150mg caffeine present in two scopes of Ghost Gamer.

Throughout history, caffeine has been consumed as a stimulant by millions of people worldwide daily. It’s a slave of your delay and helps you stay awake and focused. According to FDA, the maximum amount to consume caffeine per day is 400mg for a healthy adult.

If appropriately consumed, caffeine is highly beneficial for a healthy life. Here are some benefits caffeine provides you:

  • It helps in reducing weight.
  • It keeps you active.
  • It is pretty effective for migraines and headaches.
  • It decreases the risk of liver cancer.

Even though caffeine has lots of benefits, but if you drink more than the recommended dosage, it may cause some health problems such as

coffee beans contain caffeine in high amount
Coffee beans are a source of abundant caffeine

Sugar Content in Ghost Gamer

There is no less than >0.5mg sugar present in 2 per scoops of ghost gamer.

Although advertised as sugar-free, the ghost gamer still contains up to 16.8g of sugar per tub, which is still better than the amount of sugar present in most energy drinks.

According to AHA, men should consume nine teaspoons or 36g of sugar per day, and a woman shouldn’t consume over six teaspoons or 26g of sugar in a day.

Even though 16.8g is not that much, it can still have some side effects on your body. So here, let’s look at the positive and negative effects of sugar on the human body.

The positive side effect of sugar includes:

  • It provides you blood and insulin benefits.
  • It boosts your mood.
  • It improves thinking skills.

Aside from this, consuming more than the recommended sugar can cause various health issues and side effects. Here are some of them:

Want to know more about how excessive consumption of sugar can affect your health? Then, check out this video.

How does sugar affect your life?

Vitamins in Ghost Gamer

supplement pills usually contain vitamins
All nutritional supplements contain essential vitamins needed for our body.

Ghost gamer contains vitamins B, C, D, and E

Aside from containing many vitamins B, this fantastic energy drink also has vitamin D, C, and E. It’s a healthy energy drink because the number of vitamins it contains outweighing the potential risks from high caffeine levels.

Now that you know that this energy drink is enriched with many vitamins let’s dive further and learn more about these vitamins.

Vitamin B

citrus fruits
Fruits are a natural source of vitamins.

B-vitamin contributes to overall bodily functions and also boosts your energy. Read on further to know what kind of vitamin B is present in Ghost gamer energy drink, its benefits, and how much you should take.

There are eight b-vitamins. However, in Ghost Gamer, the two types of vitamins present are B6 and B12, commonly known as Pyridoxine and Cobalamin.

Vitamin B is highly beneficial for the human body. Here are some of their benefits:

  • It helps in digesting fats.
  • It develops red blood cells and nerve cells.
  • It promotes healthy metabolism.
  • It is suitable for the skin.

Vitamin C

oranges are great source of vitamin c
Citrus fruits are a vital source of vitamin C.

Vitamin C, most commonly known as ascorbic acid, is highly beneficial for all body tissues’ repair, development, and growth.

Ghost gamer contains up to 500mg of Vitamin C per 2 scoops

Vitamin C is quite helpful for health. Here are some of its benefits.

  • It helps in managing high blood pressure.
  • It boosts immunity.
  • It reduces the risk of a heart attack.

According to various researches, the recommended dosage of vitamin C per day is up-to 65 to 90 mg.

Although too much consumption of vitamin C is unlikely to be harmful to the human body, sometimes the excessive dosage of vitamin C might cause the following minor health issues.

  • It can cause diarrhea
  • It may upset your stomach.
  • It might cause kidney stones.

Can you take it every day?

It is safe to drink Ghost gamer every day. However, avoid taking it in an excessive amount.

As mentioned above, two scoops of ghost gamer have up to 150 mg of caffeine, and The recommended daily dose of caffeine is 400 mg which means you can take this energy drink two times a day.

Even though you can take this energy drink four times a day, I advise you not to do so, as this much consumption can lead to side effects.

Is Ghost Gamer bad for you?

Considering the benefits mentioned above, we can conclude that,

Ghost gamer is not at all bad for your health as long as it is consumed in moderation!

The different ingredients present in Ghost Gamer energy drink have benefits and some downsides, depending on how you use it. Here are some of the downsides of consuming Ghost gamer.

What are its downsides and how can you prevent it?

Caffeine overdose

Ghost gamer contains 150 g caffeine per two scoops that can affect your health negatively if consumed more than its actual recommendation.

So it is highly recommended that you drink it within limits. Also, avoid using it near your bedtime as it can mess up with your sleeping schedule.

Even though ghost gamer contains less caffeine than other energy drinks, drinking too much might cause caffeine overdose, which can affect your health negatively.

Does the question also arise that how would you know if you have consumed more caffeine than your body tolerance? Whenever our body has overdosed on caffeine, it may show symptoms like inability to sleep, jitters, anxiousness, tachycardia, upset stomach, nausea, headache, a feeling of unhappiness.

The half-life of caffeine is found to be around 6 hours, however, the effects can be seen in 15 minutes of its administration. It can take up to 10 hours to remove from the system.  

Considering the addiction potential of caffeine, Ghost Gamer drink might cause dependency, however, it is not as threatening as other drinks like alcohol which can cause addiction. This means that your body adjusts gets used to of the drink.

Similarly, caffeine is not suitable for children at all. American Academy of Pediatrics (APA), strictly recommends that children below 12 should not consume caffeine at all. It is reported to cause several issues like increased anxiety, tachycardia, hypertension, acid reflux, and insomnia, which can be unmanageable for young kids.

Too Much Vitamins

Ghost gamer is enriched in vitamins. Even though vitamins are good for health, their excessive use can lead to minor side effects. Therefore, try to take them according to the recommended dosage.

It may seem contradictory but the fact is that you can overdose on your vitamins. However, this is not an acute condition, and it occurs when the person has taken abundant supplements for a longer period.

Usually, our body is able to get rid of water-soluble vitamins by excretion via urine but the fat-soluble vitamins tend to stay and can be disastrous for our health. Among the vitamins, that Ghost Gamer contains, Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and does not pose many threats but the accumulation of fat-soluble Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin E can prove to be toxic.

An excess of vitamin D can cause muscle weakness, confusion, abnormal heartbeat. Whereas, excess of vitamin B6 has proven to cause nerve damage. Vitamin E can cause problems with the blood clotting mechanism, so people on blood thinner medications might need a consult from their health professional.

How do you drink Ghost Gamer?

Ghost Gamer is an easy-to-prepare drink. Mix 1 scoop of the powder in 8-10 oz of any beverage or water and gulp it down, right before your game.

Avoid taking the drink before your bedtime as it can increase alertness.

Does Ghost Gamer come with a scoop?

Ghost Gamer being a powder drink comes with pre-calculated sachets, in which one sachet contains a product equal to one scoop i.e. 4.75 g.

Aside from sachets, you can also buy it in a 40-serving tub container.

Ghost Gamer Review ( Is It Bad For You?)

Where can you buy Ghost Gamer?

There are many stores and online websites that sell Ghost Gamer. However, if you want to buy ghost gamer online, these three websites are perfect for you. They are:

In a nutshell

Ghost Gamer is not at all harmful to you. It contains 150 mg of caffeine and other beneficial ingredients that keep you energized throughout the day.

Even though many energy drinks are available in the market, this Ghost Gamer energy drink might be the perfect pre-workout meal that you’re looking for

This energy drink contains an appropriate amount of caffeine, has a low-calorie count, and is sugarless.

Overall, I would say that ghost gamer is an excellent low-risk powdered energy drink. But, it can cause some side effects sometimes so, try to consume it moderately. I would also advise you to limit your Ghost gamer intake to no more than two servings per day.

So, if you are looking for an energy drink that is amazing to taste and pretty beneficial, then I’ll recommend this drink to you.

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