Gamer Supps Vs X-Gamer (Detailed Comparison)

Gamer Supps and X-Gamer are among the best gaming energy drinks present in the market. Both of them are good for boosting energy and elevating mental alertness.

Gamer Supps and X Gamer have excelled in one or another segment of energy drinks advantages. Both are good at providing focus, alertness, and energy boost to increase performance.

The question may arise in one’s mind, which one is best?

Well, the answer depends on your preference. Both energy drinks have their benefits and limitations, which vary from person to person. However, in my opinion, Gamer Supps is better than X Gamer because it has less caffeine than X Gamer and has many essential vitamins in it.

So, if you intend to find out which one is better for you, keep reading this article. It’ll eventually lead you to choose the best one for you.

Gamer Supps and X-Gamer Ingredients

Nutrients in X Gamer.
Ingredients Present in X Gamer.

In comparing Gamer Supps and X Gamer, we first have to look at the ingredients present in both of them, which will give us a better understanding of their healthiness.

I’ve added a table below that shows the ingredients present in Gamer Supps and X Gamer. Also, compare them with recommended amount column to get a better idea of their per day usage.

NutrientsGamer SuppsX GamerRecommended Amount
Fat 0.02g44g
Vitamin C100mg65mg
Vitamin B65mg2mg
Vitamin B12200mcg3mcg
Supplement facts of Gamer Supps and X Gamer.

As you can see, Gamer Supps contains essential vitamins that can add value to your health and fitness. However, X Gamer also has many great nutrients, which will make you active and energized for enough period of the day.

Supplement facts of Gamer Supps.
Nutrients in Gamer Supps.

Nutrients in Gamer Supps and X-Gamer

It is always recommended to examine the nutrients of a product before trying it because it gives you a good idea about how that specific product would affect your body.

So now let’s examine the nutrients present in both the drinks one by one to learn their benefits and drawbacks.

Below are the details of each important nutrient present in Gamer Supps and X Gamer.


Caffeine is a natural stimulant that stimulates the nervous system and prevents the onset of drowsiness by providing vibrant energy to the body.

Gamer Supps contain 100mg of caffeine, while X Gamer contains 200mg of caffeine in one serving.

Caffeine is used by many people worldwide to get vibrant energy to get through their day and perform better in their work or late-night gaming sessions.

It elevates mental vigilance and increases focus which is much needed in E-sports and extreme physical activities. It prevents headaches and drowsiness from helping you stay boosted.

Caffeine is popular among athletes or gym goers because it increases physical strength and reduces fatigue during exercise.

However, all these benefits of caffeine can only be reaped if it is consumed in moderation.

Normally, I prefer energy drinks with low caffeine. That’s why I opt for Gamer Supps. However, the U.S Food and Drug Administration recommends no more than 400mg of caffeine per day.

That said, I think X Gamer would be a better option for people with high caffeine tolerance.

Also, keep in mind, caffeine can be bad for pregnant women, children, epilepsy patients, and osteoporosis patients.

Side Effects of Caffeine

If you take more caffeine than recommended, you might face these side effects:

  1. Chest Pain
  2. Anxiety
  3. Nervousness
  4. Restlessness
  5. Increase Heart Rate


A calorie is a basic unit of energy. It can easily be described as the energy we get from consuming food and drink we use every day. We use this energy in our daily physical activities.

X Gamer contains 31 calories, while Gamer Supps is entirely a calorie-free beverage.

Calories are very important for human health, but it depends on the amount we consume per day. The amount generally varies from person to person depending upon age, gender, and level of physical activity.

Generally, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,500 for men.

For your information, people have different metabolism rate which burns calories differently.

Side Effects of Too Many Calories

Consuming calories more than recommended can have these side effects on your body:

  1. Reduces Fertility
  2. Weaken Bones
  3. Weak Immunity
  4. Low Metabolism
  5. Weight gain


table sugar in a jar put on a table.
Extreme consumption of sugar can lead to weight gain.

Sugar is a form of carbohydrate which is often used for adding sweetness or taste to a product. It gives instant energy to our body in the form of glucose.

Both Gamer Supps and X Gamer are sugar-free beverages meaning they contain zero sugar. Therefore, both are good for people on a sugar-restricting diet or with diabetes.

Many people don’t realize the amount of sugar they consume in one day. Though our bodies need sugar to function properly, controlling sugar consumption is important because it can increase your weight and cause multiple health problems.

According to AHA, the daily sugar intake recommended limit for men is 36g while for women is 25g per day. Keep in mind added sugar contributes zero nutrients to your body but many extra calories which may lead to obesity.

Side Effects of Sugar

Exceeding the recommended sugar limit may have these side effects on your body:

  1. Obesity
  2. Diabetes
  3. Poor oral health
  4. Weight gain

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are synthetic sugar substitutes that can be made or refined from some naturally occurring substance.

Both Gamer Supps and X Gamer use Sucralose as an artificial sweetener in their product.

These beverages include only a small amount of artificial sweetener compared to the amount of sugar you normally use for sweetness.

Sucralose is FDA approved, and it is 600 times sweeter than sugar and contains no calories making it the perfect match for people on a diet. If you want something diet-friendly and wish to control your daily intake of sugar, you should opt for sucralose.

Side Effects of Artificial Sweeteners

Keep in mind that using artificial sweeteners excessively may lead to these health problems:

  1. Headache
  2. Depression
  3. Increased risk of Cancer
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Heart disease

Difference in Taste Between Gamer Supps and X Gamer

Gamer Supps comes in thirteen flavors, while X Gamer has more than twenty flavors. Thus, if you are looking for something with more flavor options, you should choose X Gamer.

Many people like their favorite energy drink not because of their ingredients but because of their wonderful taste and flavors.

Both of the energy drinks have many flavors, so you can check out each one and find your favorite flavor in them. Another wonderful thing about their flavors is that some of the variants are a blend of several flavors, making them more delicious.

I like the SunBeam flavor of X Gamer because it is refreshing and tastes like lemonade which I admire. In Gamer Supps, I prefer the pineapple cocktail because it has a mouth-watering aftertaste and an amazing aroma.

Flavors of Gamer Supps

Gamer Supps has 13 flavors which are as follows:

  1. Sour Apple
  2. Citrus Lemonade
  3. Watermelon Ice
  4. Misfits Melon
  5. Dragon Fruit Punch
  6. Blue Razz
  7. Pineapple Cocktail
  8. Mango Meta
  9. Lemon Limeade
  10. Guacamole Gamer Fart
  11. Waifu Candy
  12. Strawberry Burst
  13. Acai Blueberry

Flavors of X Gamer

Given below are some of the flavors of X Gamers:

  1. Nightshade
  2. Nukefusion
  3. Sun Beam
  4. Cape Town
  5. Hydrastorm
  6. Zomberry
  7. Razzberry
  8. Steve’s Apple
  9. Mega Mango
  10. Post Malone
  11. Black Metal Berry
  12. Hyper Berries
  13. Sakurafuri
  14. King of Banana
  15. Powacrush

Here, I found a video that can tell you everything about X Gamer Flavors:

This video explains every flavor in detail.

Price of Gamer Supps and X Gamer

Affordability and convenience are two factors that matter most when buying energy drinks. People generally like inexpensive energy drinks, which will not put a dent in their pockets.

A single sachet of Gamer Supps costs around 50 cents, while a single sachet of X Gamer is priced at around $1. There are other deals also available which can save you money if you buy them in bulk.

This price comparison exposes that Gamer Supps is more affordable and easily accessible to people than X Gamer. Therefore, if you want something with low prices and healthy nutrients, then Gamer Supps is a better option.

Final Verdict

To sum up, both Gamer Supps and X Gamer are good and recommended if you’re looking for a non-jittery and long-lasting energy boost to face your busy day. They do a great job of keeping you focused and energized throughout the day.

In my opinion, Gamer Supps is better than X Gamer because it has many essential ingredients in it and has a low price compared to X Gamer. But, if you are looking for something with high caffeine and amazing flavors, then X Gamer will come on top.

I hope this comparison would help you decide which one to go for!

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