Do Energy Drink Powders Suppress Your Appetite? (Truth Behind)

Do energy drinks suppress your appetite?

Energy drinks are one of the most famous beverages consumed by millions of people daily. They are made to give you a boost of energy whenever you need it. Furthermore, they also help make you alert and focused and increase your endurance level.

However, many people have a question lingering in their minds about whether or not energy drinks suppress your appetite. Therefore, to answer your question, I will be reviewing appetite suppressants and how energy drinks affect your body.

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In short, energy drinks are not appetite suppressants nor do they directly suppress your appetite. However, sometimes you can feel full after drinking them.

Let’s’ take a look at this answer in depth.

Is Caffeine in Energy Drink an appetite suppresant?

Yes, it is an appetite suppressant, however, you can not fully depend on it to suppress your appetite.

It has been demonstrated that caffeine users eat 10% fewer meals than non-coffee users. In the same study, it was also found that caffeine does not deliver all-day benefits.

You may even eat less if you consume caffeine, as it reduces hunger and alters appetite hormones. Caffeine consumption can also make the person’s ability to judge hunger distorted.

However, caffeine drinks do not have any long-term effects on your weight. They may make you drink less in a single meal, but they do not affect your overall weight. Furthermore, energy drinks should not be used as appetite suppressants, while their additional effects may cause other health issues.

Want to know more about whether caffeine can suppress your appetite or not? Then, check out this video.

Is caffeine an appetite suppressant?

Can Energy Drinks make you gain weight?

Energy drinks contains calories in their formula which means you can gain weight if you consume them in excessive amounts.

Energy drinks can make you gain weight.

Energy drinks contain many calories as a result of their sugar content. Although energy drinks have a low-calorie count, they will likely lead to significant weight gain if consumed in large quantities.

Research indicates that sodas, including energy drinks, have significantly contributed to obesity in recent years. If you are trying to control your calorie intake while still getting a caffeine boost, black coffee is generally your best choice.

Alternatively, calorie-free energy drinks are an excellent substitute for black coffee if you dislike the taste. There are many zero-calorie energy drinks so you can opt for them.

If you want to deep dive into this topic, you can read my previous article as it caters to all the facts behind why energy drinks might make you gain those extra pounds.

Do Energy Drinks suppress your appetite?

No, energy drinks do not suppress your appetite but they do contain caffeine which can make you feel full after drinking them.

It may take some time for the caffeine in an energy drink to reduce hunger, but for the moment, it can make you feel full.

As a result, even when you are at rest, your body burns more calories. Furthermore, it increases your metabolic rate, leading to weight loss.

But because energy drinks contain caffeine, they can reduce your appetite for a short time, even if they do not work directly on your appetite.

Can Energy drinks make you lose appetite?

Energy drinks don’t really affect your appetite, but they can trick you and make you think that you are completely full. And that answers why they seem to make you lose your appetite.

These fizzy drinks contain calories in their formulas. With the help of this ingredient, it creates a sensation making you feel stuffed.

But not all calories do the science behind it.

What do Energy Drinks do to you?

Energy drinks provides you with a boost of energy and also keep you alert and awake through out the day.

Energy drinks contain certain ingredients like caffeine, which keeps you energized, wash all the tiredness away from you, keep you focused and also help you go through your day without feeling exhausted.

Furthermore, you can also use energy drinks as your workout supplements since they contain specific ingredients, which provide you with physical strength and improve your endurance. Also, drinking them before starting your workout is very useful, and you can burn calories through it.

Besides this, energy drinks also satisfy your need for food and make you feel less hungry for quite some time. However, I would suggest that you don’t’ use them as appetite suppressants and also don’t’ replace your meals with them.

What are the benefits of Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks are really beneficial for you if you consume them in moderate amounts.

Energy drinks can help your brain and body perform at their best.

Let’s’ take a look at the benefits of energy drinks:

  • It gives you the boost of energy.
  • It reduces fatigue from your body
  • It increase your concentration levels
  • It increases your endurance
  • It helps in cognitive function
  • It keep you alert

Can Energy Drinks boost your metabolism?

Yes, energy drinks can help you in boosting your metabolism.

Energy drinks contain certain ingredients in them that help you in fast metabolism. The only ingredient they have is caffeine which helps in boosting the energy your body spends.

Besides this, taurine, an amino acid found in some energy drinks, has been shown to increase metabolism and burn fat.

As another example, your resting metabolic rate refers to the rate at which you burn calories while resting. You can eat more food without gaining weight if your metabolic rate is higher, so you will be able to lose weight quickly.

Moreover, caffeine can increase your metabolism by 3–11%, with higher doses giving you the best results.

What Energy Drinks can act as the appetite suppressants?

Energy drinks that contains caffeine in excessive amounts can act as an appetite suppressants.

Various studies show that individuals suffering from anorexia or eating disorders consume energy drinks that are high in caffeine amounts and use artificial sweeteners.

They resort to these methods because they want to suppress their hunger and boost their energy levels. This, in my opinion, is not good as there are many risks associated with it.

Let’s’ take a look at some of the energy drinks high in caffeine and can act as appetite suppressants.

Energy DrinksCaffeine Content
Celsius On-The-Go200 mg
Mixt Energy166 mg
G-Fuel energy150mg
Rogue energy 150mg
Red Bull147 mg
Here are the energy drinks that contain excessive caffeine in them.

Does Red Bull suppress your appetite?

Yes, Red Bull can suppress your appetite.

Red Bull energy drink contains an excessive amount of caffeine in its formula, which can help you suppress your appetite. However, I don’t’ think that you should do it.
The reason behind this is that it contains a hefty amount of caffeine and while it can satisfy your hunger and make you feel, drinking it instead of having food can lead to caffeine overdose.

RedBull is a good energy beverage.

Having it occasionally is excellent. However, you should not use it as an appetite suppressant.

Are Energy Drinks bad for you?

No, energy drinks are not bad for you if you consume them in moderate amounts.

Energy drinks are an excellent source for boosting your energy. However, you should avoid consuming them excessively as it can lead to various side effects.

Furthermore, you can occasionally consume these energy drinks, but I will advise you not to depend on them entirely for getting energy.

Also, pregnant women should avoid energy drinks at any cost as it contains caffeine, which can lead to miscarriage.

So, overall, energy drinks are not bad for you at all, but you should consume them in moderate amounts.

Side Effects of Energy Drinks

Drinking energy drinks in excessive amounts can cause multiple side effects.

Here are some of the side effects that you can experience if you consume energy drinks in too many amounts:

  • Increase in your heart rate
  • It spikes your blood pressure
  • Causes insomnia
  • Dehydration
  • Restlessness

Therefore, you should consume energy drinks in moderate amounts to avoid these side effects.

Can You Drink Energy Drinks Daily?

Yes, you can consume energy drinks on daily basis. However, try consuming them in moderate amounts.

Energy drinks are good for boosting your energy levels, and you can consume them daily. However, it would help if you consumed them in moderate amounts as it contains certain ingredients which can cause side effects.

The main ingredient that affects your health is sugar. Most energy drinks contain sugar in excessive amounts and can lead to various side effects like weight gain, obesity, sugar crashes, etc.

Furthermore, they also contain caffeine in them. And, even though it is beneficial, you can still feel minor side effects like headaches, anxiety, depression, etc., if you consume them in excessive amounts.

So, overall you can drink energy drinks every day. However, try to opt for sugar-free energy drinks or those low in caffeine to avoid these side effects.


To conclude, you should not consume energy drinks to suppress your appetite.

Energy drinks are good for boosting your energy and also improving your focus. So, you can consume energy drinks once in a while to give yourself a boost of energy.

There are many energy drinks available in the market that you can opt for. However, remember that you should not use it as an appetite suppressant.

Most of you think that caffeine can help you with suppressing your appetite. However, it is far from the truth as it does not work well.

It would help if you always remembered that excessive caffeine consumption could cause various side effects. Therefore, you should not depend on energy drinks or caffeine in general as it will only affect your health.

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