Celsius On-The-Go Vs X-Gamer (Detailed Comparison)

Celsius on-the-go and X-Gamer are two excellent drinks for people who want to get the most out of their day. In addition to that, they contain a superb mixture of supplements in their formulation to keep you hydrated, energetic, and healthy.

Celsius-on-the-go and X-Gamer contain caffeine, essential vitamins, and electrolytes that will boost your energy level and keep you mentally and physically fit.

Celcius On-The-Go is a workout beverage that combines outstanding taste with functionality. The brand claims that consuming this beverage before working out enhances metabolism, and burns body fat. It’s a great drink for everyone who wants to make the most of their day and stay in shape.

 X-Gamer is an advanced, productive, and creative attention and stamina formula for esports, semi-professional, and casual gamers. It provides a great balance of attention and enthusiasm. People can train for a long period of time and perform better.

To find the better one between them, keep reading this article as I review both of these energy drinks with the details of their ingredients.

Ingredients Present in Celsius On-The-Go and X-Gamer

Supplements facts of X-Gamer
Ingrdients of X-Gamer.

Celsius on-the-go and X-Gamer are rich in vitamins and other healthy nutrients, but there is always room for perfection, and these energy drinks are yet to reach it. So, the knowledge of ingredients is really necessary to find out which one comes out on top.

The best way to know the healthiness of an energy drink is by examining its ingredients label and finding out the amount they use. In this way, you can avoid some energy drinks if you are allergic to some nutrients or have a low tolerance for those energy drinks.

Here is a table that I added to inform you about the nutrients and the amount these drinks use in one serving.

Vitamin C60mg
Vitamin B62mg
Vitamin B126mcg
Nutrients in Celsius and X-Gamer.

Upon taking a closer look at the ingredients table, it is easy to find that Celsius On-the-go has many more essential vitamins and minerals than X-Gamer. Therefore, if you are in search of an energy drink with rich vitamins then I would say go for Celsius On-the-go.

If you want to examine the nutrients of Celsius On-the-go in detail then check out this article. On the other hand, if you are interested in finding detailed information on the nutrients of X-Gamer, check out this article.

Nutrition facts of Celsius On-the-go
Supplement facts of Celsius on-The-Go.

Caffeine in Celsius On-The-Go and X-Gamer

Coffee Beans
Caffeine may cause rapid heart rate.

Both Celsius on-the-go and X-Gamer contain 200mg of caffeine in their formula.

Caffeine is a natural sedative that accelerates the neurological system and avoids drowsiness by supplying the body with a burst of energy. Due to this quality, it is also used in drugs and medicines for headache and migraine treatments.

Many people use caffeine to receive a boost of energy to get through the day and perform better at work or in late-night gaming sessions.

Caffeine enhances intellectual capacity and focus, essential in Esports and many other high-intensity physical activities. It keeps you awake by minimizing headaches and drowsiness.

As the FDA prohibits the amount of caffeine per day above 400mg, we need to be careful when consuming food and drink with a large amount of caffeine. Otherwise, it may affect our health.

Celsius on the go and X-Gamer contain a large amount of caffeine, so be on the watch not to consume more than one serving per day. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you should not consume these beverages because they’ll have side effects on your body.

Side Effects of Caffeine

Consuming caffeine more than the set limit may cause these health problems:

  1. Drowsiness
  2. Frequent Urination
  3. Insomnia
  4. Dehydration
  5. Fast heart rate
  6. Anxiety

Here’s a video that can tell you more about the side effects of caffeine.

Caffeine is not good for pregnant women and children.

Calories in Celsius On-The-Go and X-Gamer

Celsius on-the-go contains 10 calories, while X-Gamer contains 31 calories per serving.

It is simple to understand that the energy we acquire from the foods and beverages daily is calculated in terms of calories. A calorie is the most basic unit of energy. This energy is utilized in our daily physical activity.

Calories are essential for human health, but the amount you need to consume each day depends on your age, gender, and level of physical activity you perform daily.

Not everyone requires the same number of calories every day because People’s metabolisms vary, and they burn calories in different ways. However, the NHS suggests that the standardized number of calories for an average man is 2500 calories, whereas an average woman needs 2000 calories daily.

Celsius on-the-go and X-Gamer do not contain a very high amount of calories, and it is safe to say that you can consume these energy drinks without checking out your balanced diet sheet.

Side Effects of Too Many Calories

Calories itself is not dangerous, however, too many calories can affect your body in some unwanted ways, such as:

  • Generating excess body fat
  • Drowsiness
  • Obesity
  • Effecting brain function
  • Disrupting Hunger regulation

Sugar in Celsius On-The-Go and X-Gamer

Sugar in a jar
Too much sugar causes tooth cavities.

Celsius on-the-go and X-Gamer don’t contain any sugar.

Sugar is a type of carbohydrate that is commonly used to sweeten or flavor a product. It provides our muscles with quick energy in the form of glucose.

Many people are unaware of how much sugar they consume every day. Sugar isn’t required for proper body function. Its consumption should be limited because it contains extra calories that might lead to weight gain.

The AHA has stated that 36g of sugar for an average man and 25g of sugar for an average woman is the standardized amount.

For your information, if you take sugar in extreme measures, you may experience these side effects:

  1. Cavities
  2. Inflammation
  3. Overeating
  4. Heart issues
  5. Weight gain
  6. Tooth decay

Artificial Sweeteners in Celsius On-The-Go and X-Gamer

Both Celsius on-the-go and X-Gamer use sucralose as their artificial sweetener.

It’s natural to be curious about the sweetness found in Celsius on-the-Go and X-Gamer. Nevertheless, both add artificial sweeteners to their products to make them sweet for their consumers.

Artificial sweeteners are sugar substitutes that can be created naturally or artificially. People are becoming more concerned about their sugar intake; thus, they avoid products containing more sugar.

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that is FDA-approved, and it is 600 times sweeter than sugar. Sucralose is an amazing substitute for people because it does not add any calories to your body and give you the sweet taste of sugar without any harmful after effects.

Taste Comparison Between Celsius On-The-Go and X-Gamer

Celsius on the go has six unique flavors, whereas X-Gamer has more than twenty amazing flavors.

Many people enjoy their preferred energy drink, not for its ingredients but for its delicious taste and flavors.

Both energy drinks come in various flavors, so you can try them all and select your favorite. Another amazing aspect of flavor is that it may sometimes be a combination of numerous flavors, making it even more delectable.

Let’s dive into the details of each flavor of Celsius on the go and X-gamer as I review my favorite flavors among them.

Flavors of Celsius On-The-Go

Celsius on-the-go has 6 delectable flavors.

  1. Kiwi Guava Lime
  2. Dragon Fruit Lime
  3. Coconut
  4. Cranberry Lemon
  5. Berry
  6. Orange

First, I tried Kiwi Guava Lime which has a delicious taste and is a surprising mixture of Kiwi and Guava. The cool and refreshing mixture of sweet and sour fruits makes your mind go wow.

My second favorite is Dragon Fruit Lime because I am too fond of dragon fruit; that’s why I like this flavor. But, it may not work for you if you don’t like dragon fruit.

Flavors of X-Gamer

X-Gamer has more than 20 flavors. To mention a few,

  1. Sakurafuri
  2. King of Banana
  3. Sun Beam
  4. Post Malone
  5. Black Metal Berry
  6. Zomberry
  7. Razzberry
  8. Steve’s Apple
  9. Mega Mango
  10. Cape Town
  11. Hydrastorm
  12. Hyper Berries
  13. Nightshade
  14. Nukefusion

Razzberry is one of my favorite flavors in X-Gamer since it creates a sense of freshness to your mood and a nice sensation to your taste buds. Because of the berry twist, the sweetness sits perfectly alongside the fruity flavor.

If you are looking for an energy drink with many flavors choice, you should opt for X-Gamer because it has many delicious flavors and will serve you better than Celsius.

Price Comparison Between Celsius On-The-Go and X-Gamer

A single sachet of Celsius on-the-go and X-Gamer costs around $1, which is good for people who can’t afford expensive energy drinks.

Regarding energy drinks, affordability and convenience are the most important criteria. People prefer low-cost energy drinks that do not strain their wallets.

The appeal of an energy drink is boosted by its affordability and accessibility. Even if an energy drink has incredible components and flavors, it’ll sell less if it is too pricey for the average person.

You can buy Celsius on the go from its official website as it is the best platform to buy genuine products and it also gives you many options regarding flavors.

Similarly, X-Gamer is also available on its official website for sale, where you can order them online, and the company will ship them to your doorstep.

However, the cost may increase a few dollars because of shipping charges. If you order them across a country, then the taxes may also apply, which will end up increasing the price of your ordered energy drink.


There are a just few minor differences between X-Gamer and Celsius On-the-go because they contain the same amount of caffeine, and sugar and have almost the same price. A comparison like this can be hard sometimes, but as I stated earlier, the decision depends on your likenesses and perspectives.

Celsius on-the-go and X-gamer struggle to keep themselves on the top among energy drinks. The competition between energy drinks has risen to a higher level in the past years.

Both Celsius on-the-go and X-Gamer have a matchless blend of energy, focus, and healthiness in their formulations. You can opt for any of these, and the result might leave you surprised. That being said, the caffeine content is pretty high, so be careful about that.

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I like to write about energy drinks and play video games. I hope the information that I share on this website is useful for you.

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