Celsius On-The-Go Vs Mixt (Detailed Comparison)

Celsius On-the-Go is advertised as a health drink, while Mixt energy is popular in the gaming industry, with excellent taste and functionality. Many different energy drinks are produced regularly, and some are more nutritious than others.

Which one is best suited and for what function?

Celsius focuses on energizing you and giving you nitrification benefits in the process, while Mixt offers a substantial amount of energy with fewer nitrifying ingredients. In this article, I will examine these two energy drinks to find out which one could be the best fit for you. 

Get into the specifics with me:

Energy drinks provide a boost of energy
Energy drinks provide an energy boost

Nutritional Facts; Celsius On-the-Go Vs Mixt

Every energy source is loaded with nutrients such as carbohydrates, calories, and sugar.

In between Celsius and Mixt, the former is better in terms of inclusion, since it contains a higher quantity of caffeine and vitamins. Mixt is low in calories and contains lower levels of caffeine which results in a healthier source of energy-boosting elements.

Let’s look into it in more detail.

Comparison of Calories

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
10 calories0 calories
Comparison of calorie count between Mixt and Celsius energy drinks

If you’re following an extremely low-calorie diet, then you should select Mixt energy drink. The calorie count will depend on the amount of energy you will receive out of the beverage. It is vital to monitor the calories you consume as excessive amounts of them can be stored as fats that cause weight gain.

If you have an active lifestyle and need greater energy to fuel your activities, Celsius On-the-Go can be a great option, with just 10% calories in each serving. This isn’t much of a deal in the strictest diet.

Now that we know the caloric content, we can look into the content of carbohydrates in these drinks.

Comparison of Carbohydrates

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Comparison of carbohydrate content between Mixt and Celsius energy drinks

Carbohydrates can be an additional form of calories. They provide energy but when consumed in excess, they can cause weight gain.

If you’re following a strict diet, it’s a good idea to consider whether you’d like this additional energy or not. My recommendation is to go for Mixt energy since it contains zero carbs.

As an exercise drink, Celsius is not a poor choice. It contains 2g of carbohydrates that could be considered equivalent to nothing. 

For those who are fitness-oriented, you will easily shed the extra calories. However, if you’re sitting in the same spot for hours with no movement due to constant gaming, Mixt can be your friend.

After we’ve learned about the carbohydrate content in both beverages, let’s turn to their sugar content.

Comparison of sugar content

Sugar content in energy drinks
Sugar content in energy drinks

As per the FDA, any food item that contains up to 0.5 grams of sugar per serving may be labeled sugar-free.

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Comparison of sugar content between Mixt and Celsius energy drinks

Sugar is of no nutritional significance, therefore brands have begun to go sugar-free. Because of this, you won’t experience cravings for sugar following withdrawal from caffeine.

Sugar in excess can be harmful to your health.

According to AHA, the maximum sugar intake per day for men is 37g, while for women it’s 25g, and for children younger than six years old, 19g. This is so that you monitor the amount you consume to prevent overdosing, which could cause possible adverse effects such as:

  1. Irritability
  2. Hunger
  3. Bloating
  4. Jitters
  5. Dizziness

In my mind, this is fantastic news. Within this class, you have the option to select any of the beverages that I mentioned earlier.

However, being sugar-free doesn’t mean that you’ll have to compromise on flavor. Brands have begun making use of artificial sweeteners to make drinks more delicious and sweeter.

Artificial sweeteners used in Celsius and Mixt

Artificial sweeteners don’t spike blood sugar.

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Acesulfame Potassium
Comparison of artificial sweeteners in Mixt and Celsius energy drinks

Celsius On-the-Go uses two artificial sweeteners. Mixt makes use of only one artificial sweetener. These sweeteners are deemed to be safe by FDA for use by humans.

Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar, calorie-free, and is a non-nutritive sweetener. Erythritol, however, is 70 percent sweeter than sugar, and acesulfame is 200 times sweeter than sugar.

After we’ve discovered that these energy drinks are free of sugar and do not contain artificial sweeteners, let’s get into the caffeine content.

Comparative study on caffeine

Caffeine brings an increase in cognitive performance.

Caffeine is an agent which naturally stimulates the central nervous system. It is a substance that can be addictive, therefore you must be cautious when you consume it.

A cup of coffee
Caffeine is also present in energy drinks

This is probably the most important factor to consider in any energy beverage. Let’s look at the content of caffeine in both drinks.

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Comparison of caffeine content between Mixt and Celsius energy drinks

Comparison of caffeine between Celsius and Mixt

As you can see in the list above, Mixt Energy has less caffeine than Celsius On-the-Go. This is a good thing if you’d like to take more servings to increase your energy levels. In Celsius, the caffeine content of the drink is close to the level where one serving per day is enough.

The FDA states that healthy people should not consume more than 400mg of caffeine per day. It is recommended to avoid the overconsumption of caffeine as it can cause negative side effects such as:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Unrest
  3. Headaches
  4. Trouble concentrating
  5. Shakiness
  6. Anxiety
  7. Nausea

In my opinion, 100 to 150mg of caffeine is enough to provide you with the boost you need to improve your physical and mental performance. In this scenario, it is best to choose Mixt Energy.

If you’re a person with a high tolerance to caffeine and would like to experience the maximum effects you could opt for Celsius, but limit yourself to one drink per day.

Ingredients in Celsius On-the-Go vs Mixt

After we’ve gone over the primary ingredients, let’s talk about the nutritional components in these energy drinks.


Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Vitamin B6VitaminB6
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Pantothenic acid
Comparison of vitamin content between Mixt and Celsius energy drinks

Vitamins are vital nutrients that we typically consume in small amounts. Celsius contains 6 kinds of B vitamins which help in the creation of new blood cells.

They also help our body convert food into energy and keep the brain healthy. If your diet is high in vitamins, you should avoid consuming energy drinks.

Celsius On-the-Go is taking the leading position here since Mixt only offers three types of B vitamins. After we’ve learned about the vitamins present in the drinks, let’s dive into the mineral and electrolyte content of these drinks.

Minerals and Electrolytes

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Comparison of mineral and electrolyte content between Mixt and Celsius energy drinks

Celsius continues to take the lead. Mixt energy has one disadvantage when it concerns electrolytes and minerals.

These substances are essential to restore your electrolytes when you’re not drinking enough fluid. The sodium regulates your thirst and makes you want to drink more fluids to ensure you stay well hydrated.

Amino Acids

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Comparison of amino acid content between Mixt and Celsius energy drinks

Taurine helps with the function of the brain, your heart, and the growth of nerves. Tyrosine helps boost the level of alertness, focus, and concentration.

Both amino acids are effective in assisting your body. However, if you can consume two of them at once, then why not choose Mixt?

Additional Ingredients

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Citric AcidCitric Acid
Acesulfame Potassium
Natural FlavorsNatural and Artificial Flavors
Silicon Dioxide
Comparison of additional ingredients in Mixt and Celsius energy drinks

Citric acid is utilized to keep food for longer periods. Acesulfame potassium is also an artificial sweetener that can be combined with others for greater sweetness.

Comparison of Flavors

Brand flavoring is usually an important aspect to consider when buying energy drinks. Certain brands that offer a greater variety of flavors can be overpowering, while others provide the right number of flavors to pick from.

Both drinks have created a range of flavors:

Celsius On-the-Go Flavors

There are 12 different flavors of Celsius available in the market.

  1. Iceberg Sparkling Strawberry Guava
  2. Celsius Sparkling Peach Vibe
  3. Celsius Sparkling Fuji Apple Pear
  4. Celsius Sparkling Orange
  5. Celsius Sparkling Kiwi Guava
  6. Sparkling Celsius Wild Berry
  7. Celsius Sparkling Watermelon
  8. Sparkling Grapes Rush in Celsius
  9. Celsius Sparkling Cola
  10. Green tea from Celsius Raspberry Acai
  11. Celsius Peach Mango Green Tea
  12. Celsius Grapefruit Melon

Mixt Energy Flavors

Mixt offers 9 distinct flavors that you can choose from.

  1. Mixt Energy Fruit Punch
  2. Mixt Energy Watermelon Rush
  3. Mixt Energy Rainbow Candy
  4. Mixt Energy Sour Slurp
  5. Mixt Energy Starfruit Blast
  6. Mixt Energy Orange Sherbet
  7. Mixt Energy Grape Popsicle
  8. Mixt Energy Blue Raspberry
  9. Mixt Energy Fresh Lemonade

Comparison of Price

Price comparison

Pricing is a source of concern for a majority of the population.

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
$16.63 (14 Servings)$30 (60 Servings)
Price comparison between Celsius and Mixt energy drinks

The price is an important aspect for any person, and you would not want to invest your money on items that aren’t worth the cost. You’ll want to purchase high quantities for the price you can afford.

By the cost, Mixt Energy per serving costs around $.49 This is significantly less than Celsius On-the-Go, which is priced at $1.18 for every serving.

Where to Purchase Celsius On-the-Go and Mixt Energy?

These formulas are available at stores and online as well. Shopping in stores may be more efficient I think.

Celsius On-the-GoMixt Energy
Celsius original websiteMixt original website
A list of authorized sellers for both brands

Shopping online is more convenient. However, receiving your purchase may take a while, and shipping costs are extra. It is best to purchase from a local store, and this is the only benefit Celsius can provide.

If you’re not likely to leave the house and aren’t keen on waiting, Mixt is a good option, since it’s available at two stores online.

Which one is better for your health?

A person jogging
Energy drinks provide a good boost

Mixt energy is good if you’re looking for a small amount of caffeine to get a big energy boost. It’s sugar-free, calorie-free, and only uses one artificial sweetener, Acesulfame K. If you’re concerned about vitamins or minerals, then Mixt will give you the best of both worlds.

Celsius takes the cake when it comes to availability and health benefits. It offers a wide range of minerals and vitamins and is sold in local stores.

The essence of their value is determined by the benefits you’re hoping to gain and the degree to which you are willing to invest for their purposes.


In the end, Celsius and Mixt have distinct advantages, and the choice is based on which one you’d like to incorporate into your daily routine.

Celsius is a great formulation of vitamins and nutrition, however, it does contain an abundance of caffeine. You should consider it only if you’re tolerant.

Mixt, on the contrary, isn’t as expensive and contains a substantial amount of caffeine that can help boost your energy levels. In comparison to Mixt, Celsius has more nitrifying properties, which I’d say far overtakes Mixt in terms of benefits for those who are health conscious.

For more information, Watch this video:

Celsius review and facts


I like to write about energy drinks and play video games. I hope the information that I share on this website is useful for you.

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