Can Energy Drinks Make You Gassy? (Must Know)

Some of us are habituated to drinking energy drinks. The reason is that they contain caffeine and many other ingredients which have proven benefits.

Despite the fact that energy drinks can increase energy, there’re many energy drinks that contain ingredients that are harmful. Some people have reported stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, etc.

Moreover, Energy drinks can make you gassy and bloated. The reason behind this is mainly because of the presence of carbonated water, caffeine, sugar, etc., and many other ingredients present in these drinks.

Let’s explore our query a little more to get an exact answer that what might be making you gassy.

Ingredients in Energy Drinks

Energy drinks have become popular for quite some time now, and they’ve become common drinks in most households.

The reason behind their popularity is quite obvious; they’re popular for boosting physical endurance. Energy drinks are also great for enhancing your mental activity.

They contain many ingredients which are beneficial to the consumers. Nonetheless, other ingredients can actually cause your stomach to become gassy and bloated.

Following are a few ingredients that might be the culprit behind doing so!

Carbonated Water

It’s common for canned energy drinks to contain carbonated water. But powdered energy drinks do not contain carbonated water.

Carbonated water is prepared by the action of carbon dioxide over plain water at really high pressure. Since the water is a mixture of gas, and it’s also known by the name sparkling or fizzy water, it can make your drink bubbly.

It’s present in liquid energy drinks, however, powdered energy drinks do not contain carbonated water. So if you drink canned versions of the drinks, then you are likely to get gassy.

Carbonated water
Gin and tonic with ice and lime

Yet, if you are consuming powdered energy drinks, then carbonated water might not be the reason for making you gassy.

But in some cases, people like mixing their energy powder with carbonated water, so yes, it might make you a little gassy.


Sugar is a carbohydrate, and many carbohydrates have a tendency to make you all bloated and gassy.

Sometimes, not all the carbs are properly digested, when these undigested carbs find their way to the colon, the bacteria there ferment them.

This fermentation of undigested carbs can result in unpleasant outcomes such as making you gassy and bloated.

A few energy drink powders are really high in sugar. So, these energy powders or energy drinks are likely to cause you to become gassy.

They do not only make you gassy, but you might experience stomach cramps and accompanying side effects.


Caffeine is a much hyped-up ingredient or chemical compound when it comes to making fatigue go away.

Moreover, caffeine can do other benefits for you such as boosting your mind and mood. Your physical activity can also be affected positively by the consumption of caffeine.

Energy drinks are rich in caffeine and powered by different types of caffeine.

However, due to the presence of caffeine in energy drinks, your stomach is likely to get gassy. The reason is that caffeine can increase acidity levels. Increased acidity can stimulate your digestive tract and you are likely to become gassy and all bloated.

Caffeine in energy drink
Caffeine can cause gases in your stomach

So, caffeine is an ingredient that has the potential to cause you to become gassy. Do not forget to keep your caffeine intake below 200 mg. Though if 200 mg is not working for you, so you can increase the amount by a few as the safe consumption amount is somewhere below 400 mg.

Following is the caffeine content of a few energy powders which are safe to be consumed:

Energy powdersCaffeine Content
G Fuel150 mg
JuJu Energy Powder135 mg
Sneak Energy150 mg
Glitch Energy150 mg
Celsius On-the-Go200 mg
The caffeine content of energy powders


Minerals are necessary micronutrients that our body needs on a regular basis as they’ve really important functions. From regulating our body fluids to making our muscles work, minerals definitely do a lot!

Still, there’re certain minerals that can actually make you bloated such as calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium. Many of these minerals are taken to promote laxative effects. So yes, they might cause you to become gassy and bloated.

But the possibility of becoming gassy by the consumption of minerals present in energy drinks is low because these energy drinks contain insignificant amounts of minerals.

Can Energy Drinks Make You Gassy?

Energy drinks can make you gassy due to several reasons. These reasons might include the consumption of certain ingredients, or having stomach sensitivity to certain ingredients.

For instance, caffeine, sugar, carbonated water, artificial sweeteners, and gluten can actually cause you to become gassy and bloated.

In order to avoid becoming gassy, do not keep sitting after consumption of the drinks. You need your body to move around a little and keep yourself hydrated.

Also, if your bloating is due to some stomach sensitivity or allergy to some ingredients, then you should avoid the consumption of these energy drinks.

Can Energy Drinks Cause Digestive Problems?

Energy drinks have been linked to several digestive problems and many problems have been reported by people.

The caffeine present in the drinks or powders can cause make your stomach to have issues like gastritis, acidity, diarrhea, and irregular bowel movements.

The reason is that caffeine can make your gastric juices slightly more acidic. This level of acidity is not really good for the walls of your stomach.

That being said, due to an acidic reaction, your digestive tract can be damaged and you might face issues like gastritis, ulcers, etc. These conditions can cause an extreme level of discomfort.

energy drinks causing stomach issues
Energy drinks can cause several digestive problems – make sure to keep a check on your energy drink consumption!

What Are The Side Effects of Drinking Energy Drinks Every Day?

Drinking energy drinking has been proven to accelerate your physical as well as mental activity levels. Nevertheless, these drinks can have certain unpleasant side effects.

Getting fatigued after the consumption of energy drinks or having a nauseous feeling is common after drinking energy drinks. But this is not all, sometimes you can have far serious side effects because of the energy drinks.

Some people have reported hypertension, anxiety, worsen cases of depression, sleepless nights, disturbed heart rhythm, and blood pressure.

These side effects are likely to be experienced by people, who either overconsume the drinks or have been drinking energy drinks for a long time.

Why Does Red Bull Make Me Gassy?

Red Bull energy drinks can make you gassy and it’s not something surprising. These drinks are carbonated beverages containing loads of sugar and caffeine in them.

All of the ingredients – caffeine, sugar, and carbonated water present in Red Bull energy drink and other similar energy beverages can harm you and your stomach.

Does Monster Give You Gas?

Monster Energy is a popular beverage all around the world. Since it was released into the markets, there have been many variations in the original drink.

Many people love it for the same reasons, they love energy drinks in general – the energy-providing benefits.

However, the downside of Monster energy is the high amount of sugar it contains. Along with sugar, it contains some other ingredients such as carbonated water and caffeine.

The presence of these ingredients in Monster energy can make you gassy.

Why Do Energy Drinks Give You Diarrhea?

Energy drinks contain several ingredients that work like stimulants, and they can increase gut motility.

Caffeine has been proven to increase your bowel movements. With an increased bowel movement, you can get diarrhea.

Why Do Energy Drinks Make You Pee?

Energy drinks contain caffeine, which is a diuretic ingredient. Being a diuretic ingredient, it increases urination.

Diuretics remove the excess water from the body. They remove chlorine and Sodium in the form of urine from the body.

This is the reason that you feel urinating more than usual after the consumption of energy drinks.

Understand more about bloating.

How Long Does Bloating From Fizzy Drinks Last?

The bloating from fizzy drinks can last for a few to several hours.

In order to reduce bloating quickly, you can try yoga poses and try fast walking. Moreover, you can try out herbal teas and keep yourself hydrated.

Final Verdict

  • Despite the popularity of energy drinks, they can cause stomach issues such as ulcers, stomach cramps, nausea, etc.
  • Some people get gassy after consumption of energy drinks which is quite a common side effect of energy drinks.
  • The ingredients present inside energy drinks such as caffeine, sugar, and carbonated water can make you gassy.
  • Some carbs, when not absorbed properly can ferment inside your intestines and this leads to gases.
  • Bloating from fizzy drinks is temporary and you can get rid of it by trying various techniques such as yoga, walking, exercising, and keeping yourself hydrated.

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