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It’s often hard to find an energy drink containing everything you need. Some energy drinks contain high amounts of caffeine while some energy drinks contain low amounts of caffeine which doesn’t seem to work.

What if you’re able to find an energy drink that contains all the right vitamins and just the right amount of caffeine?

X-Gamer energy drink is a popular Swedish brand offering you a decent amount of nutrients. 200 mg of caffeine can be found in X-Gamer 10 grams serving with vitamins such as Vitamin B3, B6, B12, and C.

If you’re living in Canada and you really want to get your hands on this drink, then you can get your hands on it pretty easily. There are many convenience stores from where you can easily buy X-Gamer energy powder. Moreover, you can get your X-Gamer from the X-Gamer’s website, Amazon, and Walmart.

If you want to know more about X-Gamer energy drinks and where you can get them, then keep scrolling through the article.

X-Gamer Nutrition Facts

X-Gamer energy drink is a nutrient-rich energy powder where you can find certain vitamins and a decent amount of caffeine.

Following is the list of nutrients present in X-Gamer energy drink powder:

NutrientsPer 10 g ServingDaily Intake Limit
31 calories2000-2500
Caffeine200mg400 mg
Carbohydrates3g225 and 325 g
Added Sugar0.2g24 to 36 g
Sodium (Salt)0g2,300 mg
X-Gamer Nutrients Information

Ingredients in X-Gamer Energy Drink Powder

X-Gamer energy drink has several ingredients which make it one in many. Following are the ingredients of the X-Gamer energy drink:

  • Dextrose Monohydrate
  • Maltodextrin
  • Malic Acid
  • Citric Acid
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Flavorings
  • Colorings
  • Sucralose
  • L- Carnitine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Taurine
  • Caffeine
  • Niacin
X-Gamer ingredients
Ingredients of X-Gamer

Caffeine in X-Gamer

X-Gamer has 200 mg of caffeine present inside it, which is considered a safe amount of caffeine.

It’s the world’s most popular drug, and it’s found in everything from coffee and tea to sodas and energy drinks. But what exactly is caffeine, and what does it do to our bodies?

When consumed, caffeine enters the bloodstream and travels to the brain, where it blocks adenosine– neurotransmitters that promote sleepiness. This action makes us feel more awake and alert.

This is a popular ingredient because it’s known to provide a number of benefits, including improved alertness, focus, and energy.

Caffeine is also a diuretic, which means it helps to expel water from the body. This can lead to dehydration if we consume too much caffeine and don’t replenish the fluids.

Nonetheless, there are also some potential drawbacks to caffeine, such as anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia. However, when consumed in moderation, caffeine is generally safe and can be a helpful tool for boosting energy and improving focus.

Taurine in X-Gamer

Taurine is an amino acid that’s found in energy drinks. It’s thought to improve mental alertness and increase physical endurance.

Some studies have shown that taurine may help to improve exercise performance, but more research is needed to confirm these results.

Although it’s technically safe for most people to consume, there are some potential side effects that you should be aware of. These include:

  • vomiting.
  • nausea.
  • liver pain.
  • headache.
  • stomach pain.

If you’re considering consuming X-Gamer, it’s important to be aware of these potential side effects. Even so, it’s also important to keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to taurine, so you may not experience any of these side effects at all.

Sweeteners in X-Gamer

Most energy drinks contain caffeine inside them, and as caffeine is a bitter flavored ingredient so some people might not enjoy drinking energy drinks.

Just to make energy drinks enjoyable sweet ingredients like sucralose, aspartame, sucrose, dextrose, etc are added to energy drinks.

Mainly, sugar is added to energy drinks to provide these energy drinks a naturally sweetened taste liked by many people. But you must know, even though sugar provides you with a delicious taste yet it’s nothing but a source of extra calories.

But the good news is that X-Gamer energy drink does not contain sugar. It’s sweetened with other sweeteners like Dextrose, and Sucralose.

Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sucrose, and Dextrose is 20% less sweet than sugar.

X-Gamer energy drink contains zero sugar.

Vitamins in X-Gamer

Most energy drinks only contain caffeine and other harmful chemicals. So, make sure to consume energy drinks, which contain vitamins instead of harmful chemicals.

X-Gamer energy drink contains several ingredients which are great for keeping you healthy and which are great for cognition.

Following are the vitamins present in the X-Gamer energy drink:

Vitamin B3Vitamin B3 is an essential vitamin working to convert food into energy. Moreover, it might also work for improving one’s memory. Not only this, but Vitamin B3 also works as a powerful antioxidant.
Vitamin B6The deficiency of Vitamin B6 has been noticed to give rise to a decline in cognitive health. So if you want to stay mentally healthy, then do not forget to have energy drinks or foods which contain Vitamin B6.
Vitamin B12Low levels of Vitamin B12 have been shown to increase depression. The reason is that Vitamin B12 helps to regulate the neurotransmitter which makes your mood better.
Vitamin CVitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which helps to reduce free radicals that are actually very harmful to you. The presence of such free radicals can also lead to fatigue, but vitamin C helps in fighting fatigue too.
Vitamins in X-Gamer energy drink

Is X-Gamer Pre-Workout?

Pre-workout supplements are designed to improve your gaming performance by improving cognitive functions. They can also help with performance during exercise by providing you with energy, focus, and stamina.

X-Gamer is an energy powder that contains a blend of ingredients that may provide these benefits.

Although, it’s important to note that X-Gamer has been designed for esports, and not designed as a pre-workout supplement.

Therefore, it’s not clear if it’s more effective than other pre-workout options on the market. So if you are a gym enthusiast, it’s better to look for energy drinks that are specifically designed for pre-workouts.

X-Gamer energy drink is not a pre-workout energy drink

Is X-Gamer Available in Canada?

X-Gamer energy powder is a popular energy gaming brand in many countries.

Moreover, X-Gamer energy powder is available in Canada. You can always buy it from convenience stores; online websites have also made the availability of X-Gamer easy.

Where to Buy X-Gamer Energy in Canada?

X Gamer is a nutrient-rich energy powder beverage that has many benefits as an energy drink.

Provided that you’re looking to buy X-Gamer in Canada, you can find it from the following locations and websites:

Physical Stores

X-Gamer energy drink is a big energy brand, and there are many convenience stores in Canada which have this gaming supplement available.

X-Gamer Official Websites

X-Gamer energy drink has its own official website from where you can easily make a quick purchase.


Amazon is a large online business that has taken over other online stores quite quickly. It delivers worldwide.

It also offers a range of services, such as Amazon Prime, which provides free shipping on millions of items, and Amazon Web Services, which is a cloud computing platform.

If you’re living in Canada, but you’re not able to find X-Gamer anywhere, so you don’t have to worry since you can always order it from Amazon.


Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue, with US$485.9 billion in 2018. It’s also the largest private employer in the world with 2.2 million employees.

Walmart is a family-owned business, as the company is controlled by the Walton family. They have a 48% stake in Walmart.

Walmart is also operating in Canada. So you can easily buy your X-Gamer energy drink from Walmart in Canada.

Check out the reviews of others for X-GAMER energy drink

Is X-Gamer Energy Good for You?

X-Gamer is an energy drink powder with moderate nutrient contents which are beneficial for you. It can make you more alert and active if you have it in the right amount.

It also contains many vitamins, which can make your cognitive and physical health better.

So yes, X-Gamer energy is good for you. But, make sure to keep your drink limit up to 1 serving per day.

Final Verdict

  • X-Gamer energy drink is a gamer-specified energy drink loaded with 200 mg of caffeine and several vitamins.
  • X-Gamer energy drink does not contain sugar but has sweeteners like Dextrose and Sucralose.
  • X-Gamer has been designed for esports, and not designed as a pre-workout supplement.
  • X-Gamer energy drinks in Canada can be bought from different convenience stores or shop online from Amazon, the X-Gamer website, and Walmart.
  • X Gamer is an energy drink suggested for you given its benefits but make sure to keep 1 serving per day as a limit.

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