Best Energy Drink Powders (Top Picks)

There are a variety of energy drinks available in the market.

Energy drinks may help you get through whatever you need to do by boosting your energy levels, so they’re a fantastic method to prevent the afternoon slump.

Drinking energy drinks offers a variety of advantages, like being the ideal handy caffeine pick-me-up, feeding you with extra vitamins, and even assisting weight reduction. 

There are two types of energy drinks available in the market. One is powdered, and the other is ready-made liquid energy drinks. 

You will be shocked to learn that powdered energy drinks are different but also quite similar to liquid energy drinks at the same time.

The main difference between these energy drinks is that while you can consume liquid energy drinks by just opening a can, with powdered energy drinks, you have to add water to the scoop or spoon of the powdered energy drink mix. 

Powdered energy drinks are pocket-friendly, and you can use them in plenty of ways to get an immediate burst of energy.

Whether you are a student studying late hours, an esports person, or just a normal person wanting to go through your day without feeling low or tired and have a boost of energy, then powdered energy drinks are the great go-to solution for you.

You might want to consider my top three picks: Zipfizz, G-Fuel, and Sneak Energy as the extra help you need to improve your focus and endurance for a longer period.

Interested in knowing what energy drink powders are good and healthy for you? Then read on further as I review these best energy drink powders as well as their benefits and the drawbacks of drinking them.

Powder vs. Liquid

Powdered energy drinks and liquid energy drinks are quite similar but different at the same time.

Sneak and X-Gamer sachets.
Here are some of the powdered energy drinks available in the market.

There are a few factors that differentiate powdered energy drinks from liquid energy drinks. However, the main difference is that powdered energy drinks are less expensive than liquid energy drinks.

On the other hand, liquid energy drinks are quite expensive because you are charged a shipping fee if you order them online. And, the shipping of liquid energy drinks is more as compared to powdered ones since the bottles and cans of liquid energy drinks have quite weight. 

Another difference between powder and liquid energy drinks is that powdered energy drinks are a little inconvenient in the making but are very convenient and easy to carry around with you.

Unlike liquid energy drinks, you can open up the powdered energy drink and drink it up. You have to mix it up with water before drinking it.

This makes it a little bit inconvenient for you if you need immediate energy, but you are in the middle of the practice session or at a place where water is not available.

On the other hand, powdered energy drinks are easy to carry around with you in your bag or pockets to have them whenever you want to.

Considering that both options can be helpful in certain situations, the argument is still valid. Therefore, the choice is yours, depending on your circumstances.

Why should you choose Powder Energy Drinks over Liquid Energy Drinks?

Powdered energy drinks have loads of benefits and are healthy as compared to liquid energy drinks.

Here are some of the reasons why powder energy drinks are a better choice than liquid energy drinks.

Cheaper in Cost 

Powdered energy drinks are relatively cheaper as compared to liquid energy drinks.

As stated above, liquid energy drinks are quite expensive, and one can cost you up to $3, $4, or even $5 per serving, depending on the location. 

This is not a big deal for occasional users, but it stacks up for regular consumers. 

On the other hand, powdered energy drinks are inexpensive in comparison to liquid energy drinks. But, it does not mean that it is not as good as them or that you will miss out on the ingredients. 

Powdered energy drinks can also contain the same amount of caffeine, sugar, vitamins, taurine, minerals, and other ingredients that are mostly found in liquid energy drinks. 

Ability to Control the Taste

Powdered energy drinks are easier to control in terms of taste as compared to liquid energy drinks. This is the reason why I like and prefer powdered energy drinks more. 

I think you can control the taste of the energy drink by increasing or decreasing its water content. That way, you can control the taste of your energy drink without having to go around looking for any other mix.

Add less water to your drink if you want it to be very energetic. Conversely, you can also increase your water intake if you want a less intense kick.

With this, you can control how much of an energy drink you want to drink without worrying about other mixes. In addition, it’s a taste option that means you won’t have to buy another drink if you want a less intense energy drink on other days.

For liquid energy drinks, you’ll have to look for milder options, but you can control how strong they are for powders. 

Convenient to Carry

Powdered energy drinks are way easier and convenient to carry as compared to liquid energy drinks.

You can easily carry powdered energy drinks with you in your pockets or bag compared to liquid energy drinks.

On days when I’m not in the mood for regular energy drinks or don’t want to carry them, I keep a powdered energy drink in my backpack. I mix water and drink it before work or in between the classes, which is much easier.

Why should you drink energy drinks?

Energy drinks are a great way to keep you energized, focused, and concentrated throughout the day.

Most people use energy drinks to give themselves an additional rush of energy, whether it’s to get them through a long day or to give them a pick-me-up at the end of one.

Energy drinks contain several components that offer a natural energy boost, which they got their name. In addition, some not-so-natural, artificial compounds are added expressly to minimize weariness and enhance attention.

What to look for in energy drink powders 

Energy drinks are a great source to boost your energy levels as well as improve your alertness.

There is no doubt energy drinks are excellent at providing you with energy and increasing your focus; they can generally do these things. However, there are some factors to consider while buying energy drinks.

Here are  these factors:

  • Caffeine content
  • Sugar content
  • Price

Let’s discuss these factors in-depth.

Caffeine Content

Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in tea, coffees, and beverages and helps you stay awake and hydrated. 

Caffeine is a great source to keep you energized.

Caffeine is a key ingredient found in many beverages and energy drinks that include powdered energy drinks. 

This is because the caffeine helps you stay awake, keeps you energized, improves your focus and concentration, and also helps in reducing the risks of various health diseases.

 So, whether you are pulling a full-nighter to study for your exams, need energy during workout sessions, or want to concentrate on your game, nothing works better than a cup of coffee or a glass of an energy drink.  

According to the FDA, 400mg is the recommended amount of caffeine per day.

I prefer 100mg of caffeine intake per day, ideal for everyone. However, everyone has different caffeine tolerance. Therefore, it is better to experiment yourself. 

But, even if you are not caffeine tolerant, sometimes the excessive use of caffeine can be harmful to your health and have severe side effects. Therefore, make sure you are not reckless with your caffeine consumption. 

Sugar Content 

Sugar is another key ingredient that is present in energy drinks to boost your energy.

Sugar is a great source of energy, but sometimes its excessive use can cause adverse side effects.

Like caffeine, sugar is found in powdered energy drinks, boosts energy, and improves mental performance.

But, the excessive use of sugar can lead to various side effects. For example, various studies show that too much sugar consumption can cause health issues like type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. 

So, to avoid these health issues, it is better to consume sugar within a moderate amount.

According to AHA, the recommended amount of sugar per day for men is 36g, and for women, it is 26g. 

Therefore, it is better to check the sugar content present in powdered energy drinks before buying them.


Powdered energy drinks are relatively less expensive than liquid energy drinks.

Energy drinks can be both expensive as well as inexpensive so choose wisely.

It can be quite tricky and sensitive to discuss energy drink pricing.

You don’t want to invest $10 on energy drink powder. However, you might find it normal to pay $2, $3, or even $5 per can for liquid energy drinks.

The price of powdered energy drinks is significantly lower than that of liquid energy drinks. Moreover, powders come in packets containing up to 10 servings, but this depends on how much power the brand you choose provides.

Even though powdered energy drinks can sometimes be a bit pricey, many times they’re very inexpensive and worth the investment.

Are Energy Drinks Bad For Your Health?

Energy drinks are neither good nor bad for your health.

Powdered energy drinks are neither worse nor good for your health as compared to liquid energy drinks. The main difference between them is that while liquid energy drinks are already mixed and ready to drink, you have to mix the powdered energy drinks with water before drinking them.

However, the ingredients present in both liquid and powdered energy drinks are almost the same; neither one is healthy or unhealthy for your health.

Therefore, I would recommend you drink energy drinks within the limit.

Like other energy drinks, powdered energy drinks also contain caffeine and other ingredients in high amounts, which should be consumed moderately.

So, before buying any powdered energy drinks, it is better to check the supplement facts and ingredients of that particular drink and check the sugar and caffeine content present in them.

The reason is that these two ingredients, if consumed in excessive amounts, can cause health issues in both adults and children, including:

Increase in Blood Pressure

Excessive consumption of energy drinks can lead to the rise in blood pressure.

Be it adults, teenagers, or children, excessive consumption of energy drinks can lead to a spike in blood pressure. But, it most commonly occurs in teenagers and children.

The excessive use of both sugar and caffeine plays a role in increasing a child’s blood pressure or a teenager, subjecting them to various health problems, including heart attack.

Therefore, in my opinion, neither the child nor the teenager should consume energy drinks.


Another health issue caused by excessive use of energy drinks is severe headache.

Consuming too many energy drinks can lead to headaches no matter what form they are, i.e., liquid and powdered. However, this is not limited to headaches. You can feel drained and exhausted by energy drinks, too, if you exceed your limits.

Want to know more about whether energy drinks are bad for you or not? Then check this video out.

Here is a complete review on whether energy drinks are bad for you or not.

What are the Best Energy Drink Powders?

Now that you know what powdered energy drinks are and what they can do to your body, let’s check out the best-powdered energy drinks that are not bad for your health if consumed in moderation and taste amazing.

Here are my top three picks for the best-powdered energy drinks.

Energy Drink PowdersCaffeineSugarCalories
Sneak Energy150mg0g12
Here is a table of my top three picks with their contents.

Here is the list of best energy drink powders.

Let’s take a look at these energy drink powders in-depth.

ZipFizz Energy Drink Powder

Caffeine Content: 100mg

Sugar: Zero added sugar

Calorie Content: 20 calories

Price: $37.99 to $29.99

ZipFizz energy drink is available in a variety of different amazing flavors.

ZipFizz energy drink is an incredible nutritional supplement filled with minearls, vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids that keeps you hydrated as well as supports your immune system.

ZipFizz energy drink contains amazing ingredients and is enriched with vitamins and minerals that keep you hydrated and refreshed for long hours and support your immune system. This is an American energy drink brand marketed as a sports drink. Hence, it is an incredible option for gamers and athletes who want to stay energized and focused throughout the gameplay.

Carbs and caffeine are two of the most crucial ingredients present in ZipFizz. It is also said to be that this powdered energy drink is healthy as it has key vitamins, including 3 B-vitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E in its formula.

Besides, this energy drink also has a variety of flavors available so that you can choose according to your preferences.

You can easily purchase this energy drink from the local store near you if you live in the US. But, if you want to buy it online, you can order from the official website of ZipFizz and Amazon. Moreover, you can also avail the amazing discounts present on the website.

Want to know more about ZipFizz energy drink before purchasing it, then you can check out my article Honest ZipFizz Review as I have reviewed this energy drink in detail here.


Caffeine Content: 140mg to 150mg (Depending on the flavors)

Sugar Content: This energy drink does not contain any sugar

Calories Content: 10 calories

Price: $35.99

G-Fuel energy drink is a sugar-free drink, that contains amazing ingredients as well as essential vitamins . This energy drink helps you stay energetic during the hectic days.

An assortment of G Fuel flavors.

G-Fuel energy drink is a well-known energy drink that is not only sugar-free but also has great ingredients that give a boost of energy and keep you hydrated whenever you need it.

Besides this, it has 140mg to 150mg of caffeine which is a good amount compared to other energy drinks. That’s why you can easily consume it without worrying about the side effects.

The best part of this energy drink is that it is completely gluten-free and has up to 40 flavors available in the market so that you can choose whatever flavor you like.

This energy drink is easily available in the market, and the best place to purchase it is its official website. But, you can also purchase it from other e-commerce websites like AmazoneBayWalmart, etc.

So, if you are looking for an energy drink powder that works effectively and is healthy, I will highly recommend this energy drink. You can also check my article on G-Fuel review to gain more information on this energy drink.


Caffeine content: 200mg

Calorie content: 10 calories

Sugar content: No sugar

Price: $40

Sneak energy drink is a sugar-free and low-calorie energy drink made to keep you energized throughout the day.

Sneak energy drink sachet Blue Raspberry flavor
Energy drinks, such as Sneak Energy, are nutritious drinks that contain caffeine to provide you with a boost.

Supplement-style energy drink mix Sneak claims to boost energy levels and improve reaction times to give players more time to game and grind. 

Sneak Energy has 150 mg of caffeine, 12 calories, and no sugar and costs approximately $0.87 per serving. In addition, it contains essential vitamins. However, people who are sensitive to caffeine may suffer adverse effects from the high caffeine content. 

The objective of this beverage is to provide a sustainable energy source that puts you in control. One scoop mixed with water will give you a powerful, long-lasting energy boost. In addition, sneak is packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which help you stay focused and react faster.

Sneak energy drink is available in 40 different and incredible flavors and can be purchased from its official website. You can also read my article Is sneak energy bad for you to know more about this incredible energy drink.

Final Verdict

I prefer powdered energy drinks over liquid energy drinks as they are convenient to carry. Moreover, on the days when you are traveling, powdered energy drinks work like a charm.

So if you are looking for energy drinks that will surely give you a burst of energy with incredible flavors to choose from, I recommend you these powdered energy drinks particularly Sneak Energy, Zipfizz, and G-Fuel.

Just keep in mind that before buying, make sure to check the caffeine and sugar content and check the price so that you don’t choose the expensive ones. There are many budget-friendly options available, so you can choose from them.

Also, remember powdered energy drinks also have various side effects if consumed in high amounts. So, try to take these energy drinks in a moderate amount.

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