Best Energy Drink Powders For Workout (Gearing Up)

Can you drink energy drinks while working out?

Most of you, including me, love to work out to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But sometimes, doing a workout routine can be exhausting.

The reason behind this is that probably your energy has been drained, leaving you to feel sluggish and exhausted. So, you look out for ways to re-energize yourself to hit the gym. There are many ways through which you can make your tiredness go away. And, energy drinks are one of them.

However, the main concern for most people is, Whether or not energy drinks are effective for workouts? If, yes then which energy drink powder is the best choice.

And, that’s why you are probably reading this article to find out which is the best energy drink powder for your workout session.

So, to make things easier for you, I have reviewed the top three energy drink powders that are quite effective and will help you in your workout.

In short, yes energy drinks do work and currently, ZipFizz, G-Fuel, and Celsius On-The-Go are the best energy drink powders for workouts.

Let’s take a deep look at these energy drink powders. But, before that, let’s see what makes an energy drink the best.

Energy Drinks─what are the factors for an ideal drink?

When selecting an energy drink powder, it is crucial to look out for certain factors. The first most important factor in an energy drink is caffeine content.

Sugar is the best essential factor. If you are health conscious and try to eat healthy daily, you will undoubtfully consider this factor.

Let’s take a closer look at these factors in detail below.

Caffeine Content

Limiting your caffeine concentration per day will help you get rid of its negative impact.

Caffeine is a major factor to consider since most energy drinks.

Caffeine is a natural energy-boosting stimulant that boosts your energy levels and keeps you energized throughout the day. Most energy drink powders contain caffeine up to 50 mg to 200 mg depending on your chosen brand.

However, it does not mean that it will be better if it is high in caffeine. Caffeine works differently for everyone because everyone has different caffeine metabolism and tolerance.

Caffeine is beneficial in increasing your alertness, improving your physical performance, and enhancing your cognitive skills. However, even if it is beneficial, its high dose can lead to side effects. Therefore, I prefer a low amount of caffeine in energy drinks. This will help you work out in the gym and not affect your health. Also, remember to take caffeine in moderate amounts.

According to the FDA, the limited amount of caffeine per day is 400 mg.

Therefore, if you consume more than the recommended amount, it can lead to certain side effects:

  • Severe headache
  • Insomnia 
  • Sleep deprivation 
  • Depression

Pro tip: choose energy drinks that are low in caffeine content and try to stay in your limited intake.

Want to know more about caffeine? Then, check this video out.

Is caffeine beneficial for you?


Another factor you will find in an energy drink is sugar. However, nowadays most energy drink brands have started using artificial sweeteners in their drinks to avoid any extra calories.

Sugary drinks are not good for you if you want abs.

Sugar is another ingredient that provides you with energy. However, it is also excessive in calories, and your diet and fitness performance would be affected by sugar in your energy drinks, so you should avoid them at all costs.

Although you won’t get the sugar rush the sugar-containing energy drinks usually provide, you’ll also avoid the crash due to the sudden rise and fall in blood sugar levels after the sugar wears off.

Despite this, if your favorite energy drink powder contains sugar, you don’t have to quit using it yet. A small amount of sugar every once in a while is okay and it can even improve your performance during exercise.

Stick to the limit recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA) for daily sugar intake:

Men36g/150 calories
Women25g/100 calories
Here is the daily recommended amount of sugar.

Excessive sugar consumption can lead to health problems such as:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease

You can stay healthy and fit if you consume moderate amounts of sugar and eat a balanced diet.

What’s the best time to drink Energy Drinks─before or after workout?

If you want to consume energy drinks before starting your workout, then it is best if you drink them 45 minutes before working out.

Drinking energy drinks before working out can help you in many ways.

As soon as you take your first sip, you may feel a little buzz. However, this does not necessarily mean you have reached your peak energy yet.

A typical energy drink takes about 45 minutes to reach its maximum energy boost. During that time, caffeine has the strongest effect.

Is it safe if you consume Energy Drinks while working out?

Yes, it’s completely safe for you to consume energy drinks while working out.

In my opinion, one can of energy drink during a workout is safe for most healthy individuals. Energy drinks are effective in aiding exercise performance in studies.

Although energy drinks aren’t exactly healthy per se, they’re generally safe to consume during exercise if consumed in moderation.

How many Energy Drinks can you consume in a day?

The consumption of energy drinks depends on the brand you choose and how much caffeine content it contains.

As per the recommendation of the FDA, one should consume 400 mg of caffeine per day. So, choosing energy drinks with any lower than that is completely okay.

However, when consuming an energy drink, it is safe to take precautions and consult your doctor if you have doubts since too many energy drinks can cause several health issues.

In my opinion, it is okay to consume up to 2 energy drinks in a day if you have chosen energy drinks that are low in caffeine and sugar content. Moreover, many energy drinks in the market are dangerously high in caffeine content, so choose wisely.

Best Energy Drink Powders for Workout

Here are the top three energy drink powders that are good for workouts.

Energy DrinksSugar ContentCalorie Content
CelsiusZero 10
Here are the best energy drink powders for working out.


Caffeine‌ ‌content:‌ ‌‌100mg‌

Sugar‌ ‌content:‌ ‌‌Zero‌ ‌sugar‌

Price:‌ ‌‌$29.99‌ ‌to‌ ‌$37.99‌ ‌

Calorie‌ ‌Content:‌ ‌‌20‌ ‌calories‌ 

ZipFizz energy drink powder is one of the best choices of powdered energy drinks for workouts.

Here are some of the flavors of ZipFizz.

ZipFizz energy drink powder contains only 100mg of caffeine, which is just the right amount compared to other energy drinks. So, you can easily consume this energy drink while working out without worrying about weight gain, caffeine overdose, or other health issues.

Moreover, this energy drink is completely sugar-free and is enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, which means you won’t have any jitters or sugar crashes. And, you also won’t have to worry about spiking your blood pressure.

The best part of this energy drink that I like is that it comes in 14 different delicious flavors, which means you can choose any flavor according to your taste and preferences. Furthermore, this energy drink powder costs around $299.99 to $37.99 and can easily be bought from its official website and other e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay.

So, if you have high blood pressure and enjoy drinking energy drinks, I highly suggest you try this energy drink powder as it is healthy and won’t affect you.

But, remember moderation is the key, so try taking it in a moderate amount.

Want to know more about this energy drink? Then, check my other article, ZipFizz review here.


Caffeine Content: 140mg to 150mg

Sugar Content: This energy drink does not contain any sugar

Calories Content: 10 calories

Price: $35.99 

G-Fuel energy drink powder is another delicious energy drink you can try for your workout session.

G-fuel energy drink is a perfect beverage choice for tennis.

G-Fuel energy drink, branded as an e-sports drink, is a low-calorie powdered energy drink that is widely popular and can be consumed when working out.

This energy drink contains 140 to 150 mg of caffeine, neither low nor high compared to other powders. Besides this, G-Fuel is completely sugar-free, so you won’t have to worry about any side effects.

Furthermore, this energy drink comes in 40 fabulous flavors and only costs $35.99, an excellent price for a drink like this. And, this energy drink powder is easily available in the market. So, if you want to buy it, you can either order it online from its official website or Amazon and buy it from a local store near you.

Curious to know what more this energy drink can do? Then, check out my article about the G-Fuel review here.

Celsius On-The-Go

Caffeine Content: 200mg

Sugar Content: 0g

Calories Content: 10 calories

Price: $16.63

Celsius is another great energy drink for workouts.

A packet of Ceslsius On The Go comprising 14 small sachets.
Celsius On-The-Go is a decent energy beverage but comprises a high amount of caffeine in its formula.

Celsius energy drink powder contains only 200 mg of caffeine, no sugar, and only a small amount of calories in its formula. Even though the caffeine amount is a little too much, you can still consume this energy drink as your workout supplement.

This brand claims that Celsius helps burn fat and increase your energy levels, so it is an ideal choice if you want to lose weight. Furthermore, this energy drink powder helps provide you energy and keeps you hydrated, which is great as you will be refreshed during your workout session.

Besides this, Celsius energy drink powder comes in various flavors and costs around $16.63, which is quite affordable. Moreover, you can purchase this energy drink from Walmart, Amazon, etc. However, remember since it contains a high amount of caffeine, you must consume this energy drink in moderate amounts.


Currently ZipFizz, G-fuel and Celsius-On-The-Go are best energy drink powders for workout.

When selecting an energy drink for your workout session, you must consider caffeine and sugar amount in ts formula since it plays an important role in your workout. While a moderate amount of caffeine keeps you energized during the workout, the sugar keeps your sugar intake.

Furthermore, certain ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are present in an energy drink that keeps you hydrated and helps replenish those body fluids back that you lose during a workout.

So, overall, the energy mentioned above drinks is good for workouts, and you can consume them. However, remember to consume them in a moderate amount because too much consumption can make you tired and sluggish.

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