Best Energy Drink Powders For A Night Shift (Facts And Figures)

Can energy drinks help you stay awake all night?

Whether you have a deadline that you need to fulfill, an exam that you have to study for, or a pile of work you need to complete, you all must have pulled an all-nighter once.

Well, pulling an all-nighter and staying awake all night is not an easy task at all. It would help if you had loads of energy and stamina to do so. And that’s where energy drinks come in handy.

However, you already know the answer to the question, which is why you are here for. It would help find which energy drink powder is best for staying awake all night and focusing on your work. So, you don’t need to worry, as, in this article, I will be reviewing the top-most energy drink powders that help you stay awake all night.

So, keep on reading this article.

In short, ZipFIzz, G-Fuel, and Advocare Spark are the best energy drink powders that will help you in staying awake all night.

Let’s take a deeper look at these energy drink powders.

Energy Drinkーwhat’s to scrutinize?

You should look out for certain things when purchasing an energy drink. There are many energy drinks present in the market. So, it will be quite tough to select the right one.

Therefore, to help you choose one, below are some factors that you should consider.

Amount of Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most famous ingredients present in almost every energy drink.

Caffeine is good for you if you want to stay awake all night.

Caffeine is an energy booster and provides you with loads of benefits if you consume it. It helps improve your concentration level, increases your alertness, and reduces fatigue.

However, you should always be careful when consuming caffeine because its excessive consumption can lead to various side effects. Furthermore, it would be best to try to stay within the recommended amount, which is 400 mg per day.

Moreover, even if you have selected an energy drink low in caffeine content, try to drink it in moderate amounts because it can harm your health. Following are the side effects of consuming caffeine in larger amounts:

  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Irritability
  • Frequent urination or inability to control urination
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Muscle tremors


Sugar is another key ingredient of an energy drink and also a great source of energy. Therefore, you should always check its content before buying an energy drink.

Sugar adds flavor to energy drinks.

Though you can not deny that sugar is a great source for boosting your energy, this energy is temporary and can cause sugar crashes and spike your blood pressure. Furthermore, it also causes various side effects like weight gain and diabetes.

Therefore, when consuming an energy drink, you should always be careful about the sugar content and try to stay within the 26g to 35g recommended amount per day.

Fortunately, many energy drink brands have started introducing sugar-free energy drinks in the market so that you can opt for those. Furthermore, many energy drinks are low in sugar content, so they are best for you.

Curious to know more about sugar and its effects? Then, check this video out.

What can sugar do to your body?

Selling price

Price is something we all look for whenever we are purchasing anything. And, this implies energy drinks too.

Price does not determine whether an energy drink is of good quality or not.

There are many energy drinks in the market that are very pricey and reasonable. However, it does not mean that pricey ones will always work and cheap ones will not. And vice versa.

Therefore, whenever you select an energy drink, it is very important to check its price and its ingredient, so you don’t select the ones that do not and are either expensive or affordable.

The best way to purchase an energy drink for staying up all night is to check the requirements of ingredients that will help you stay awake and then match it with your suitable energy drink powder within the budget you have selected for yourself.

Tips on how to get energy on a night shift

Some jobs fall out from the typical working hours. These duties require workers to attend to their night duties instead of sleeping at night.

And since sleep is an essential part of our general health, skipping a night’s sleep can be associated with negative consequences.

To help you cope up and be ready for another late-night duty, I’ve listed down some tips you can do.

  • Watch your caffeine
  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Establish a sleeping pattern
  • Take a nap

How to stay awake for 24 hours?

There are many helpful ways through which you can stay awake all night.

How can you stay awake for a longer period of time?

Many different ways will help you in staying awake all night. However, caffeine plays a crucial role in it as it helps you stay active and awake for a longer period.

There are many beverages like coffee, tea, soft drinks, and, of course, energy drinks with caffeine. So, you can opt for these drinks if you want to stay awake all night.

Furthermore, according to this study, there are many tricks like physical activity. Lighting up your room or taking a shower will help keep you awake all night.

How to stay awake when tired?

There are many tricks you can use to stay awake even if you are tired.

You can stay awake even if you are tired by pulling some tricks that will boost your energy. One of the best ways to stay awake and wash the feeling of tiredness is to take a power nap. This will enhance your memory and make you fresh so that you can continue doing what you were doing.

However, if you can’t afford a nap, then you can drink your favorite energy drink so that you can stay energized. Furthermore, you can snack on some of the energy bars or chocolates to further achieve the boost of energy you need.

All the above-mention steps will help you overcome the tiredness and help you concentrate on your work.

Can Red Bull keep you awake all night?

Red bull contains 80 mg of caffeine in its formula, which is not enough to keep you up all night.

Red Bull energy drink contains a low amount of caffeine which will not work if you stay all night. However, it can still make you less tired. Therefore you can still drink Red Bull if you want to. You can drink two cans of Red Bull and use some of the tips mentioned above so that you can make it through the night.

But, one thing you should know about Red Bull is that its regular version contains 27 g of sugar, so you can experience a sugar crash if you drink too much. Therefore, I will advise you to opt for the sugar-free version of this energy drink.

Best energy supplements for a night shift workers

Energy drinks help to boost your concentration and keep you awake to fulfill your night duties. But besides caffeine, there are other contents found in energy drinks that aid you to pay attention and supply your daily dose of energy while working in a fast-paced environment.

According to this summary, these are components from energy drinks that can also be the factors to improve your brain function and keep you awake all night.

And here’s a breakdown of them:

L-TyrosineHelps to perform in stressful scenarios and helps in improving cognitive function. The effect takes up to three hours.
GuaranaA common ingredient among energy drinks. Just like the profile of green teas, it helps the brain to stimulate and relax and experience less tiredness.
Ginseng Aids in cognitive-related medical conditions, consumption of ginseng in an optimal dose are proven promising for those who have Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps revitalize physical and mental activity.
B-vitaminsThese vitamins are essential compounds in performing normal physiological functioning. B-vitamins are responsible for cellular functions and play a role in deficiency-related health issues
InositolBalancing the chemicals present in our body, Inositol assists with cognitive impairments such as depression and panic disorder.
TaurineIt is referred to as a wonder molecule by some researchers. This amino acid helps you to improve your brain and heart health.

What is the best energy drink for a night shift?

Now that you know how you can stay awake all night, let’s look at some of the best energy drink powders that will help you.

Here are the energy drink powders that will help you in staying awake.

Energy DrinksCaffeine ContentSugar Content Calories
G-Fuel140-150 mgZero10
Advocare Spark120mgZero45
Here are the best energy drink powders you can drink to stay awake all night.


Caffeine content: 100mg

Sugar content: Zero sugar

Price: $29.99 to $37.99

Calorie Content: 20 calories 

ZipFizz energy drink contains moderate amount of caffeine which will help you in staying awake all-night.

ZipFizz energy drink will help you in staying awake all night.

ZipFizz energy drink powder contains 100 mg of caffeine which is a perfect amount and will keep you awake for a longer period. Furthermore, this content will help you in boosting your energy levels.

Moreover, this energy drink does not contain any sugar in its formula, which means you can easily consume up to two servings of this energy drink in a day. However, remember it still has 20 calories per serving, so you should monitor your daily calorie intake before drinking it. Also, this energy drink powder has many vitamins and minerals in its formula, which will keep you hydrated.

Besides this, ZipFizz energy drink powder comes in small tubes you can carry around everywhere with you. Also, this energy drink powder has several delicious flavors and only costs around $37.99, which is quite an affordable price.

You can easily purchase this energy drink from its official website. It is also available on Amazon.

If you want a more detailed discussion about Zipfizz, check this article here.


Caffeine content: 140-150mg

Sugar content: Zero sugar

Price: 34 to 35$

Calorie Content: 10 calories

G-Fuel is another energy drink powder that will keep you up all night.

G-fuel is a good energy drink powder.

G-Fuel energy drink powder contains 140 to 150 mg of caffeine in its formula, which is moderate to keep you energized. This energy drink will help you in pulling an all-nighter as well as will boost your energy levels.

Furthermore, this energy drink powder contains zero sugar in its formula and has ten calories, good for an energy beverage like this. Also, this energy drink is packed with vitamins and minerals, so you won’t have to worry about dehydrating yourself.

However, when consuming this energy drink, try to stay within limits and only consume up to one scoop in a day. The reason behind this is that even though the caffeine amount present in this energy drink will keep you up, this is still too much. So, if you are caffeine sensitive, it can cause various side effects like dizziness, headache, caffeine overdose, etc. Therefore, look out for caffeine content when consuming this.

Besides this, G-Fuel energy drink comes in huge containers and costs around $35, which is not too much. Moreover, just like ZipFizz, this energy drink has a variety of flavors, and you can buy it from its official website.

Deep dive about G-Fuel here, as I’ve catered some of the facts about this drink.

Advocare Spark

Caffeine content: 120mg

Sugar content: Zero sugar

Price: 54$

Calorie Content: 15 calories

Advcoare Spark has 120 mg of caffeine which will help you in staying awake all night.

Advocare Spark in its mango strawberry flavor.

Advocare Spark energy drink powder contains 120 mg of caffeine and zero sugar in its formula, which is more than enough to keep you up without causing any side effects like caffeine overdose and sugar crashes. However, it has 15 calories in its formula, which can be a little too much, especially when trying to lose weight. Therefore, it is better to consume this in moderate amounts.

Moreover, this energy drink contains minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes in its formula, which will help you stay hydrated and refreshed; besides this, Advocare Spark has eleven different flavors and is available in sachets. The only thing I dislike about this energy drink is that it is quite pricey.

This energy drink costs around $54.99, and you can purchase it from its official website. Want to know more about this energy drink? Then, check my article here.


In my opinion, ZipFIzz, G-Fuel, and Advocare Spark are the best energy drink powders that will help you in satying awake all-night.

Staying awake all night is not good for your health at all. It can disturb your sleep cycle and make you feel cranky. Therefore, I don’t prefer to do so.

However, if you want to do some important work, you can pull an all-nighter. And, the energy mentioned above drinks will help you. But remember to take a power nap and try to stay hydrated. You can also follow the above-mention tricks.

But, remember not to consume energy drinks in high amounts and try not to depend on them fully.

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