Best Energy Drink Powders For Flu (Facts Reviewed)

Being sick or having flu comes in uncertain times so it’s better that you know what to do.

You never know when you might get sick with the flu. Sometimes you can feel your health deteriorating, or else you wake up feeling ill. Being sick with the flu can be very troublesome for you, especially when you have important work or things to do.

Naturally, when you have the flu, the best way to overcome it is to rest and take proper medication. But, if you can’t stay at home, then energy drinks might be perfect for you.

It’s no secret that energy drinks boost your energy levels, and while the flu leaves your body weaker and you do not have the energy to complete your work, energy drinks work just fine.

But, the question is, are energy drinks good for you while you have the flu?

In short, not all energy drinks are good for your health while you are down with the flu. Instead, you need to look for its essential vitamins, nootropic ingredients, and hydrating formula. This might help you in combating the flu.

When searching for energy drinks to drink while you have the flu, it is better to look for ingredients to help you recover. And the reason why you probably clicked on this article is that you are in search of the best energy drink powders that will help you with the flu.

Therefore, to make your search easier, I have compiled a list of the good energy drink powders that can be taken while having the flu. 

In this article, you’ll find out why Advocare Spark, ZipFizz and G Fuel energy drink powders are the best choices for energy drinks you can opt for while having the flu.

So, keep reading further as I review them in-depth. But, before that, let’s check how can you know when you are coming down with the flu and what ingredients you should consider while buying energy drink powders.

What are the symptoms of Flu?

You need to know what symptoms of a typical flu case show up to determine if energy drinks can help you with the flu. This will enable us to know the best way to treat them.

Influenza virus, a viral infection that unfortunately is widespread in modern society, causes flu. So chances are you’ll be down with flu at least once a year if you haven’t gotten a flu shot yet.

It is possible to experience the following symptoms if you are unfortunate to become a flu victim. 

Effective Remedies To Treat Flu

Medical specialists and doctors have recommended several home remedies you can try to treat your flu at home without visiting the doctor.

To recover from the flu fast, general tips for self-care include getting plenty of sleep, drinking loads of fluids, eating warm broths, increasing your zinc intake, gargling with salt water, using humidifiers, and eating bland foods.

Moreover, specific home remedies advise drinking herbal teas containing green or black tea, turmeric, fresh or dried ginger, fresh garlic, cloves, and star anise.

Also, you may want to consider echinacea supplements or tea, as this herb is known to alleviate inflammation and more aggressive flu symptoms.

What’s inside Energy Drinks?

When looking for energy drink powders, it is better to look for the ingredients present in an energy drink. This is because every energy drink contains almost the same ingredients.

Here are some of the most common energy drink ingredients you need to consider.


Caffeine is one of the main energy-boosting ingredients present in energy drinks.

Caffeine keeps you charged up throughout the day.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that helps you boost your energy level and keep you charged up throughout the day. It is the main ingredient that can be found in energy drinks. 

However, the caffeine content differs from brand to brand. For example, some energy drinks have moderate caffeine, while some are high in caffeine. 

According to the FDA, a person can consume up to 400 mg of caffeine per day, but it depends on how much caffeine you can tolerate. In addition, everyone has a different metabolism, so caffeine works differently for everyone. 

But, remember taking caffeine in excessive amounts can cause adverse side effects like:

So, it is better to take caffeine in a moderate amount to avoid these side effects. 

Furthermore, other than providing you with energy, caffeine is also really beneficial for various health issues. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

When you are sick, taking energy drinks can help you overcome tiredness and grogginess if you don’t have time to lay down and take a rest at home.

However, remember that taking caffeine before going to bed can interfere with your sleep, so avoiding caffeine in the evening is better. 


Sugar is another crucial ingredient to consider while selecting energy drink powders.

Excessive use of sugar while being sick can harm your health.

Sugar is a great source of energy and can be found in most energy drinks. Therefore, while selecting an energy drink powder, it is better to check the sugar content.

Most energy drinks are either sugarless or have low sugar content, while others are high.

When you’re sick, sugar prevents your body from draining bacteria from your body as it doesn’t allow your immune system to function properly.

It is best not to take sugar when you have the flu. This is because too much sugar causes several health problems:

  • High blood pressure
  • Inflammation
  • Diabetes
  • Weight Gain
  • Obesity

Moreover, even if you don’t have the flu, you should restrict yourself to a particular amount of sugar to avoid these health problems. For example, the American Health Association (AHA) has recommended that men take only 36g of sugar while women restrict themselves to 26g of sugar per day.

I highly recommend you should choose energy drinks with low sugar content or sugar-free energy drinks when you have the flu.

Does Caffeine help with Flu?

Yes, caffeine can actually help with the flu, but try taking it in a moderate amount.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that helps boost your energy and keeps you alert and focused. Moreover, it also improves your cognitive skills and mental as well as physical performance.

Besides this, it also keeps you stay awake for a long period. SO, if you are feeling exhausted due to the flu, you can consume caffeine to keep the fatigue away temporarily.

However, excessive caffeine intake can cause sleeping problems, so it is better to avoid caffeine if it interferes with your sleep.

Overall, taking caffeine is really beneficial, especially when you are down with the flu. But, remember it can only work for a few hours, and it is better not to be too dependent on caffeine and rest when having a cold or flu.

Want to know whether caffeine helps with flu or not? Then, check this video out.

Here is a complete video on whether caffeine helps with flu or not.

Should you drink Energy Drinks if you are sick? 

Yes, you can actually drink energy drinks even if you are sick. But try taking them in moderate amounts.

Energy drinks can help you with the flu.

A study shows that energy drinks are beneficial for the flu as they improve your mental performance, give you a burst of energy, and improve endurance and focus.

When you are ill, staying awake and staying focused is difficult. And a good energy drink can help you recover and get back on your feet after a long day.

That being said, I would recommend trying not to consume energy drinks every time you feel sick. However, you can take them when you need a boost of energy.

Do Energy Drinks interfere with medication?

Your prescribed medications may be interfered with by energy drinks. Therefore, you should consult your doctor before you consume energy drinks while you are sick.

If you are taking medicines to cure the flu, then it is better to drink energy drinks in a moderate amount.

It is common for energy drinks to have ingredients that may interfere with your medication. Make sure to consult with a health professional about these drinks to avoid side effects later.

If you are on medication, I will advise that you avoid energy drinks completely to be on the safer side. 

Can Energy Drinks help you recover from fatigue due to the flu? 

Yes, energy drinks can actually help you in recovering from fatigue. 

When you’re sick, you might not only have a runny nose, but you may also feel tired and lethargic. Malaise can cause feelings of fatigue and lethargicness, weakness, and overall discomfort.

The caffeine present in energy drinks helps boost your energy and overcome the feelings of lethargy so that you can function properly and get through your day without feeling exhausted or tired.

Other Beverages to Drink with Flu

Energy drinks are a good choice of beverages to drink while being down with the flu, as they keep you energized. But, there are other healthy options for beverages available you can drink while being sick. These are:


Drinking loads of water is essential for our health.

You should drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

While being sick, you lose your body fluids which in return make you feel low or dehydrated. Therefore, if you want to recover quickly, you must drink water in excessive amounts.

Moreover, water relieves the stuffiness and loosens the mucus that comes with the flu so you can function properly. 

Hot Herbal Tea

Hot herbal tea is actually a good idea to drink while being sick. 

Herbals teas are really good for flu if you want to recover fast.

Hot herbal teas clear the congested airways and relieve sore throat, stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing, and fatigue.

A steamy or hot cup of any herbal tea can do wonders for your body, so I highly recommend you drink them as much as you can.

Best Energy Drinks Powders for Flu

Now that you have taken a look at how energy drinks can help you while being sick with the flu. Let’s take a look at some of the best energy drink powders you can take while being down with the flu. 

Here are the best energy drink powders.

Energy DrinksSugar ContentCalorie Content
G FuelZero 10
Advocare SparkZero45
Here are some of the best energy drink powders you can drink while having flu.


Caffeine‌ ‌content:‌ ‌‌100mg‌

Sugar‌ ‌content:‌ ‌‌Zero‌ ‌sugar‌

Price:‌ ‌‌$29.99‌ ‌to‌ ‌$37.99‌ ‌

Calorie‌ ‌Content:‌ ‌‌20‌ ‌calories‌ 

Zipp Fizz is an energy drink that contains only 100mg of caffeine, and to be honest, it is enough for most people out there to keep energised.

Zipfizz review
ZipFizz energy drink powders come in small tubes and are easy to carry around.

As the caffeine level is moderate, the person feels active for a long period, and there are no certain side effects or an after crash which leads to even more tiredness.

This is why it is healthy for even youngsters and is considered a healthy powdered energy drink in the market, and a person starting with energy drinks should consider Zipp Fizz a great choice.

The other major thing we should note is that the sugar level of Zipp Fizz is zero, which is another plus because having sugar in an energy drink has more negative effects than having a positive effect.

Having zero sugar is very beneficial for the consumer, and even diabetic patients can easily drink this powdered energy drink while being sick.

Another great part of this energy drink is that it is quite inexpensive. Zipp Fizz has a price of $29.99 to $37.99, which is not too much. Moreover, you can easily buy this energy drink from its official website or Amazon.

Want to know more about the ingredients present in this energy drink? Then check out my article ZipFizz nutrition facts here. 

G Fuel

Caffeine Content: 140mg to 150mg (Depending on the flavors)

Sugar Content: This energy drink does not contain any sugar

Calories Content: 10 calories

Price: $35.99 

G Fuel is another great energy drink powder you can consume while having flu.

Here is one of the delicious flavors of G Fuel energy drinks.

G Fuel energy drink is an amazing energy drink powder that contains only 140 to 150 mg of caffeine, which is a moderate amount as compared to other energy drink powders. Furthermore, this energy drink is packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants that keep you hydrated for a longer time.

The best part of this energy drink is that it is completely sugar-free. That means you can easily consume this energy drink powder while being sick without worrying about any negative effects on your health.

G-Fuel energy drink powder comes in 40 different delicious flavors and can easily be bought through its official website, Amazon or eBay. Another great thing about this energy drink is that it is quite inexpensive compared to other energy drinks.

So, if you want something effective and healthier to recover from the flu, then you can try out this energy drink powder. Want to know more about this energy drink? Then, check out my article G Fuel Review here.

Advocare Spark 

Caffeine content: 120mg

Sugar content: Zero sugar

Price: 54$

Calorie Content: 45 calories

Advocare Spark is another great energy drink for the flu. 

Advocare Spark sachets.
Advocare Spark contains ingredients that provide us with the necessary boost and help us stay upright during need.

Advocare Spark energy drink powder is one of the great energy drinks you can consume while being sick. It contains 120mg of caffeine and no sugar in its formula. That means it is perfect for you as you won’t have to worry about other negative impacts on your health.

The caffeine content in this energy drink is perfect for giving you the boost of energy you need, and since it is rich in vitamins and amino acids, you won’t have to worry about being dehydrated. 

However, this energy drink is a little bit expensive as compared to other energy drinks. Nevertheless, you can easily buy this energy drink from its official website or other local stores.

Want to know more about where you can buy this energy drink? Then check my article Where to Buy Advocare Spark relive here.


In my opinion, ZipFizz, Advocare Spark and G Fuel energy drink powders are the best options if you are looking for healthy energy drinks to consume while being sick.

If you are sick or have the flu, it is important to take enough rest and medication prescribed by your doctor. Energy drinks can temporarily only provide you comfort and are not good for your health in the long run.

Plus, some energy drinks are not that hydrating, even if they claim to be. Therefore it is better to drink plenty of water once the effect of energy drinks has worn off.

Moreover, if you drink energy drinks while being sick, it is better to take them in moderation or worsen your health.

All in all, energy drink powders are good for you while you have the flu and are in dire need of energy. But, remember don’t depend on them too much and take proper rest.

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