Best Energy Drink Powders For Diarrhea (Recovering After An Episode)

Can you drink energy drinks while suffering from diarrhea?

Runny stools or diarrhea are commonly experienced by almost all of us once or twice in our lives. Usually, they disappear after a few days.

Having diarrhea can be both uncomfortable and exhausting. No one enjoys being in pain and having to go to the bathroom frequently, whether it is mild or chronic.

You’ll likely feel sick and lethargic as well if you have diarrhea. There may be nothing you can do but lay in bed until the discomfort and pain subside. However, many of us do not have the luxury of staying at home to recuperate and instead need to work or attend classes.

These are times when you might feel like you need an energy boost to help you get through your day. And, that’s where an energy drink comes in.

Energy drinks are trendy and known for their energy-boosting properties. They keep you energized and help you stay awake and alert throughout the day.

Consuming energy drinks is not recommended for diarrhea, although they can provide you with energy after diarrhea has subsided. 

But, that does not mean you can’t consume energy drinks. It’s quite the opposite to this. You can consume energy drinks. However, I will advise you to take them after your diarrhea has subsided or you start feeling better.

In this article, I will be tackling all your queries regarding diarrhea, and how energy drinks can be helpful including which energy drinks are good for it.

Also, find out why Zipfizz, Arbonne Fizz, and G-Fuel energy drink powders can be the perfect fit to help you recover right after an episode.

So, keep on reading further!

Symptoms of Diarrhea

The symptoms of diarrhea are mostly recognized by stomach pains, or aches, or the frequent need to go and relive yourselves.

Generally, diarrhea is characterized by loose, watery stools and frequent trips to the bathroom. Most of the time, it’s nothing to worry about since the body will quickly recover. Nearly 4 billion people have brief diarrhea all over the globe every year.

Following are the symptoms of diarrhea.

Even though diarrhea goes away after a short period, some situations require immediate medical attention. Contact your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms as an adult:

  • Loose bowel movements after two days
  • Severe dehydration
  • Black stools
  • High fever above 39C.

Causes of Diarrhea

There are certain reasons due to which you get diarrhea.

Here are some of the causes of diarrhea:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria and parasites
  • Medications
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Fructose
  • Surgery foods
  • Digestive disorders

Are Energy Drinks good for Diarrhea?

Energy drinks can be beneficial for your recovery after your diarrhea had eased off.

Due to its high caffeine content, energy drinks are not advisable to drink while you have diarrhea. Too much intake might lead to exhausting travel to the toilet, so it’s best to keep away from caffeinated drinks like energy drinks.

You can still have energy drinks, but I would recommend that you’ll take them after the event.

Fizzy beverages such as energy drinks can help replenish your body and replace the lost fluids after suffering from loose bowel movements.

Do Energy Drinks make Diarrhea worse?

Energy drinks may contribute to the earlier signs of loose bowels, so it’s better to avoid consuming these drinks while suffering from diarrhea.

Fizzy and caffeinated drinks might irritate the digestive system and might be the root cause for making the symptoms worse.

Moreover, it could also play a part in the condition and might be the reason behind why you’re feeling bloated and experiencing stomach cramps.

Is Caffeine good for Diarrhea?

No, it is not good to consume caffeine if you have diarrhea.

Excessive consumption of caffeine can worsen your condition.

Caffeine or anything that contains caffeine is not recommended if you have diarrhea cause it causes bowel movements in the body as it includes laxative properties. Furthermore, according to research, caffeine also causes potential digestive issues.

That is why most people experience after they consume caffeine in excessive amounts. Therefore, it is better to avoid caffeine if you are not feeling good. Furthermore, even if you don’t have diarrhea, it is still better to consume caffeine in moderate amounts because excessive consumption can lead to various side effects. According to FDA, you should only have 400 mg of caffeine, and if you consume any more than that, you can experience the following negative effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Increased thirst
  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Breathing troubles
  • Vomiting
  • Irregular heartbeat

So, if you are suffering from diarrhea, then it is better if you avoid your daily dose of coffee or energy drinks in the morning so that your digestive system can recover. In meantime, try drinking more caffeine-free fluids like water, sports drink, or clear broth.

Want to know more about the shocking side effects of caffeine? Then, check this video out.

Here are the extreme side effects of caffeine.

Can Caffeine cause dehydration?

No, caffeine does not cause dehydration.

According to this study, caffeine does not cause dehydration. However, it does contain more mild diuretic effects, increasing your need for urination. Although, for you to experience any diuretic effects, it requires large doses of caffeine which is 500 mg in a day.

But, if you consume more than the recommended amount in a day, you will feel the side effects of caffeine before any dehydration. So, you don’t need to worry about this.

This report states that if you consume caffeine in moderate amounts, it can work for you as a substitute for water, keeping you hydrated. But, when you have diarrhea, you lose a lot of fluids from your body. Therefore, it is better to avoid caffeine altogether to don’t worsen your condition.

Can you consume sugar if you have diarrhea?

No, it is not a good idea to consume sugar or any sugary item if you have diarrhea.

It is better to avoid sugar if you are suffering from diarrhea.

Even though sugar is a good source of energy and this boost is suitable for it, this energy is only temporary. And, the excessive consumption of sugar can also cause diarrhea.

Livestrong article says that when you consume sugar, your stomach dilutes it with electrolytes and water present in your body.

As the fluid builds up in your stomach, stomach contents flow faster into your small intestine. During this process, your intestines release more water into your digestive tract, stimulating bowel movements and causing you to pass more stools.

So, if you consume too much sugar, your digestive system may become overwhelmed, resulting in bloating, abdominal pains, and diarrhea.

Furthermore, fructose, a type of sugar, can also cause diarrhea and issues in your digestive system. Fructose is naturally found in fruits and is the standard component of sugar. So, if you have a sensitive stomach, it is better to control your consumption of certain fruits and food items containing fructose.

Moreover, it’s also possible that you have sugar intolerance, which is surprisingly common in most people, although how severe it is depends on the individual.

Intolerant to sugar isn’t the same as a food allergy, but rather your body has trouble digesting and processing sugar. So, severe sugar intolerance can also cause diarrhea. Besides this, excessive consumption of sugar can also cause sugar crashes and other side effects like:

  • Weight gain
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Tooth decay

Therefore, you must keep an eye on your daily sugar consumption.

According to AHA, you should only consume 25 to 36 g of sugar daily.

As for energy drinks, many energy drinks in the market have an excessive amount of sugar in their formula. So, when purchasing an energy drink, it is better to look out for sugar content in an energy drink you are choosing. Furthermore, you can also opt for sugar-free energy drinks since they are better for you even when you still feel the aftermath of diarrhea.

Do Energy Drinks help with Diarrhea?

Yes, energy drinks can definitely help you with diarrhea.

If you have diarrhea, it is better to avoid energy drinks until you are fully recovered.

When you are recovering from diarrhea, you can feel exhausted and weak, and that’s where energy drinks play their part.

Drinking energy drinks can boost your energy levels, reduce feelings of fatigue, and increase your alertness.

Caffeine, a key ingredient in energy drinks, increases their energy levels. This is the same ingredient found in coffee and tea. According to a 2011 study, drinking Red Bull during prolonged driving improved performance and reduced sleepiness. According to a study, caffeine consumption increases alertness and vigilance.

In addition, energy drinks can boost your mental performance. Therefore, energy drinks can improve cognitive function when you’re feeling fatigued after diarrhea due to fatigue. However, it would help if you remembered to consume energy drinks in moderate amounts.

Can you drink Reb Bull after recovering from Diarrhea?

Yes, you can consume red bull even if you are recovering from diarrhea.

Red Bull has moderate caffeine content, so it is unlikely to cause serious side effects after one or two cans. However, your caffeine tolerance and metabolism will likely determine how you respond to the beverage.

Despite this, the amount of sugar found in a can of Red Bull can be concerning. You won’t have a problem if you’re healthy, but it may upset your stomach in the aftermath of diarrhea.

Instead of regular Red Bull, I suggest you go for the sugar-free version. It contains the same caffeine content, taste, and ingredients as regular Red Bull without the sugar.

Nevertheless, it would help if you drank these energy drinks in moderation to avoid overdosing.

Best Energy Drink Powders for Diarrhea

Now that you know how energy drinks affect you in diarrhea let’s look at some of the best energy drink powders you can consume while recovering from diarrhea.

Energy DrinksCaffeine Content Sugar Content
Arbonne Fizz55 mg2 g
ZipFizz 100 mg0 g
G-Fuel 140- 150 mg 0 g
Here are some of the best energy drink powders for diarrhea.

Arbonne Fizz

Caffeine Content: 55 mg

Sugar Content: 2 g

Calorie Content: 15

Price: $55

Arbonne Fizz energy drink powder is the best energy drink powder for diarrhea as it contains a moderate amount of caffeine in it.

Arbonne Fizz Energy includes a low caffeine content.

Arbonne Fizz energy drink powder is one of the best energy drinks to boost your energy levels while recovering from diarrhea and is entirely safe to consume due to its low caffeine content.

Furthermore, this energy drink is entirely sugar-free and only contains 15 calories in its formula, so you won’t have to worry about any adverse side effects. Also, this energy drink has all the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in its formula, which is good for keeping you hydrated.

Moreover, this energy drink powder comes in four different fruity flavors and costs around $55, which is quite affordable. Besides this, Arbonne Fizz is available online and offline so that you can purchase it easily. The best place to buy this energy drink is its official website. However, you can also purchase it from the following stores.

Want to know more about the Arbonne Fizz energy drink? Then, check this article out.


Caffeine Content: 100 mg

Sugar Content: 0 g

Calorie Content: 20

Price: $37.99

ZipFizz energy drink powder is actually a good choice of energy drink to consume while recovering from diarrhea.

Here are some flavors of ZipFizz energy drink powder.

ZipFizz energy drink powder contains only 100 mg of caffeine and zero sugar in its formula, which is perfect for you to consume while recovering from diarrhea since it won’t affect you negatively.

Furthermore, this energy drink powder contains only 20 calories per serving, so you won’t have to worry about increasing your weight while consuming this energy powder. Also, this energy drink is enriched with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes which means you can easily stay hydrated while still recovering from diarrhea.

Moreover, the ZipFizz energy drink provides you with a boost of energy. It keeps you focused and alert, so you can easily have this energy drink whenever you feel like you need an immediate burst of energy.

Besides this, ZipFizz comes in various mouth-watering flavors so that you can choose them according to your taste. Also, this energy powder comes in adorable tiny tubes and is very easy to carry around.

You can purchase this energy drink powder from any local retail store near you, or you can also buy it online from the following stores:

Want to know more about ZipFizz? Then, check out my article here.


Caffeine Content: 140-150 mg

Sugar Content: 0 g

Calorie Content: 10 – 25

Price: $36

G-Fuel energy drink powder is also another great choice of energy to consume while recovering from diarrhea.

One of the flavors of G-Fuel.

G-Fuel energy drink powder is a blend of fantastic nootropic ingredients made to provide you with a burst of energy. This energy drink powder contains 140 to 150 mg of caffeine in its formula, neither low nor high. So, you can consume this energy drink while recovering from diarrhea. However, try not to drink more than one scoop a day.

Furthermore, this energy drink contains zero sugar and essential minerals and vitamins in its formula to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Moreover, G-Fuel is also suitable for improving your concentration levels.

This energy drink powder has up to 40 flavors and comes in tubs which cost around $36. You can easily purchase this from the following stores online;

Want to know more about this energy drink powder? Then, check this article out.


Currently ZipFizz, Arbonne Fizz and G-Fuel energy drink powders are best for diarreha.

After suffering from short or long-term watery bowel movements, energy drinks are the best way to regain that lost vigor. 

For me, the best energy drinks should have minimal caffeine and no particular chemical additives that might upset the stomach.

It would help if you did not use energy drinks to treat diarrhea since they are not health supplements. Nevertheless, they can be valuable to replace lost fluids after a disaster.

Therefore, if you just finished fighting diarrhea and are looking for a pick-me-up, choose your energy drink carefully!

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