Best Energy Drink Powders For A Hangover (Cure Your Hangover)

After-party hangovers effects are the worst.

It is not unusual for people to occasionally give themselves a break from everything and enjoy a few drinks. It may have been fun the night before, but waking up the following day with a dreaded hangover is less so.

It is in these circumstances that you feel like doing whatever you can to recover from a hangover. However, you won’t be cured as quickly as you would like from a hangover with scientifically proven remedies.

But, no need to worry since, to help you cope with the ravages of the hangover, there are a few ways that might help soothe your headache.

And, energy drinks are one of them.

Well, you already know that, and that is the reason you are here. Probably to find the best energy drinks that can help you in curing your hangover.

So, keep reading this article to know which energy drink powders are good for hangovers.

In short, ZipFizzG-Fuel and Gamer Supps are the best energy drink powders you can consume to cure your hangover.

Now, let’s take a look at these energy drinks in-depth.

But, first, have a look at the ingredients in the energy drinks that can help you cure your hangover.

Energy drink ingredients that reduce hangover effects

Energy drinks contain certain ingredients that can reduce your hangover effects.

Here are some of the ingredients that can help you reduce your hangover effects and make you feel a lot less awful.


B-vitamins are not something that will cure your hangover completely, but they can make it a little tolerable for you.

Vitamins-B supplements are really good for your health.

Some of the best vitamins to combat hangovers are the B vitamins. Sadly, alcohol removes quite a few B vitamins from our bodies through urination due to its diuretic nature.

One of the main ways vitamin B helps eliminate alcohol from the body is by increasing iron levels. And, if you lack vitamin B, you will probably suffer from the hangover symptoms that you might be familiar with, and it will also make it worse. 

The use of vitamin B can help to prevent hangovers or at least make them more bearable. Vitamin B supplements should be taken before drinking to prevent hangovers and also after drinking to ease hangovers.

The good news is that energy drinks contain a good amount of B vitamins. Thus, energy drinks can make hangovers less severe.

Therefore, when purchasing an energy drink, it is better to check the nutritional label to know how much B-vitamins are present in them.

Vitamin C

Another ingredient that can help you in curing your hangover is vitamin C.

Taking vitamin C-filled supplements while suffering from a hangover is best for you.

Vitamin C helps in keeping our immune system healthy and robust. Also, this vitamin helps your body break down the alcohol present in your body a lot faster. That means it can ease the symptoms of a hangover.

Like B-vitamins, this vitamin is also water-soluble, which means it is also flushed out of your body. Therefore, to make your hangover bearable, try taking these vitamins before and after you consume alcohol.


Caffeine can also help you cure your hangover.

Caffeine helps in curing your hangover effects.

Caffeine can surely make you feel better and cure your hangover if you consume its small amount before drinking and a small amount the next day in the morning.

Since energy drinks contain many B group vitamins and caffeine, they might be the perfect hangover cure.

Don’t overindulge in energy drinks, however, since they can lead to a hangover. You will probably feel much better the next day if you have a small number of energy drinks, but you will probably feel worse overall if you have too many.

Also, too many energy drinks can be harmful to your health in other ways. Therefore, it’s best to consume them in moderation.


It is a mineral that can boost your energy production and also helps in curing the hangover.

Nuts are not only good for the heart but also a good source of magnesium.

Magnesium is essential if you want to elevate the hangover symptoms from your body. Furthermore, it also helps in reducing muscle strain and also provides you relief from neck and headaches.

As magnesium is the common ingredient of an energy drink, you can consume them to cure your hangover. Furthermore, just like vitamin B and C, magnesium is also removed from the body through urination. So, make sure to take magnesium before and after drinking to reduce the hangover side effects.

Will an energy drink help with a hangover?

Yes, they willーonly if you consume the right dosage.

Energy drinks have the ability to replenish and revitalize exhausted bodies from multivitamins and nootropics that are present in the formula of some energy drinks.

that is also why those all-nighters, students, or athletes find energy drinks as an effective way of improving their cognitive function, physical endurance, and tiredness.

What drinks make you feel better after a hangover?

There are drinks that can help you feel relieved after your off-kilter.

If you’re running out of idea about what you should drink to ease your post-party symptoms, you might want to give these three drinks a try:

What to avoid during a hangover?

When suffering from a hangover, some things should be avoided at any cost.

Afterparty hangover is the worst, and there are some things that you should avoid at any cost. And if you don’t do so, it will make your hangover worst.

Let’s take a look at the things that you should avoid:

  • Greasy foods
  • Protein-rich foods
  • Citrus
  • Don’t drink any more alcohol

How to reduce hangover effects?

There are different ways through which you can reduce the hangover effects.

Here are a few ways through which you can reduce your hangover effects and make yourself feel better.

Water Intake

Drinking heaps of water can reduce your afterparty hangover effect.

You should drink heaps of water to lessen your hangover.

Drinking water in excessive amounts will keep you hydrated. Since you know that alcohol is a diuretic, drinking water will help you replenish the minerals of your body that were lost due to alcohol.

Therefore, make sure to drink water in between drinking alcohol. This way, you will reduce the effects of the hangover and will probably feel better.

Consume Energy Drinks

Energy drinks can cure your hangover effects.

Energy drinks can help in curing your afterparty effects.

When it comes to the effects of a hangover, energy drinks are an ideal choice since they contain water, caffeine, and B-vitamins, which help cure your hangover. Besides, they can also replace the vitamins C, magnesium, and potassium lost by your body before and after drinking alcohol.

Therefore, consuming energy drinks before and after drinking will help you elevate the effects of a hangover. But, remember they will not cure your hangover and will only reduce the effects, so you don’t feel bad.

Does caffeine worsen hangovers?

Yes, caffeine can worsen your hangover if you consume it in excessive amounts.

Most people think that caffeine is a cure for your hangover. But, sorry to break it to you, but this is entirely untrue because caffeine is also a diuretic, just like alcohol.

Even though caffeine does not cure hangovers, it can still make hangovers affect lessen a bit. But, remember if you consume caffeine in excessive amounts, it can worsen your headache.

Therefore, it is better to drink caffeine in moderate amounts. Also, I will advise that you drink caffeine before and after drinking alcohol if you want to ease your hangover.

Want to know how caffeine affects your body during hangovers? Then, check this video out.

Here is a complete video on whether caffeine worsens your hangover or not.

Do energy drinks cure hangovers?

No, energy drinks do not cure hangovers.

If you think energy drinks will cure your hangover, then it is not true at all. However, they contain some ingredients that can help you ease your hangover and make you feel better.

Caffeine is a crucial ingredient of an energy drink that improves your alertness and boosts your mood. Furthermore, it also helps you in reducing the hangover effects.

However, its excessive consumption can worsen your headache instead of reducing it. So, try consuming it in a limited amount. 

Another essential ingredient in an energy drink that helps in curing your hangover is taurine. Furthermore, taurine also improves your focus and alertness.

So, overall even though energy drinks do not cure hangovers, they can still help ease them. Therefore, you can drink energy drinks for your hangover.

Best energy drinks for a hangover

Now that you are aware of how energy drinks can help you in curing your hangover effects. Let’s take a look at some of the best energy drinks for a hangover.

Here are my top three energy drink powders.

Energy DrinksSugar ContentCalorie Content
G-FuelZero 10
 GG by Gamer SuppsZero0
Here are the best energy drink powders for hangovers.


Caffeine‌ ‌content:‌ ‌‌100mg‌ ‌

Sugar‌ ‌content:‌ ‌‌0

Price:‌ ‌‌$29.99‌ ‌to‌ ‌$37.99‌ ‌

Calorie‌ ‌Content:‌ ‌‌20‌ ‌calories‌ 

ZipFizz energy drink is perfect for hangovers as it contains the ideal amount of caffeine.

Zipfizz review
ZipFizz energy drink comes in a variety of flavors.

ZipFizz energy drink powder contains 100mg of caffeine in its formula, perfect for you if you want to elevate your hangover effects. Furthermore, this energy drink also helps in boosting your energy levels, improves your concentration level, and keeps you hydrated.

Moreover, this energy drink contains zero sugar, no calories, and essential vitamins and minerals, reducing your hangover effects and restoring the minerals and vitamins after your body loses them.

Also, this energy drink powder is available in various flavors and costs around $37.99, depending on the flavor you select. Besides this, ZipFizz energy drink powder is readily available in the market and can also be bought from an offline store. You can choose the following e-commerce stores to purchase this energy drink.

Wish to learn more about this energy drink before buying it? Then, check my article Honest ZipFizz review here.


Caffeine Content: 140mg – 150mg 

Sugar Content: 0

Calories Content: 10 calories

Price: $35.99 

G-Fuel energy drink powder is also a good choice for hangovers as it contains all the essential ingredients to ease them.

G-Fuel energy drink powder is best for curing your hangover effects.

G-Fuel energy drink is branded as a sports energy drink and is immensely popular among gamers. However, if you want to drink an energy drink to keep yourself charged up in general or want to cure your afterparty effects, then this energy drink is perfect for you.

This energy drink contains up to 150 mg of caffeine, is wholly sugar-free, and contains only ten calories, which means you can easily consume this without worrying about any side effects.

Moreover, G-Fuel energy drink powder contains electrolytes, amino acids, and minerals that will keep you hydrated throughout the day. Also, this energy drink powder is available in 35 different mouth-watering energy drinks.

G-Fuel energy drink powder is readily available for you to purchase and can be bought online and from retail stores near you. I prefer to buy this energy drink through its official website as there are many discounted deals that I can avail myself of.

You can read my article, Does G-Fuel energy drink work, here if you want to know whether this energy drink is effective or not. 

GG By Gamer Supps

Caffeine Content: 100mg

Calorie Content: 0

Sugar Content: 0

Price: $25 to $35 

GG by Gamer Supps is another perfect energy drink powder that can cure your hangover effects.

Three sachets of GG Energy of three different flavors.
GG Energy is not entirely bad for you, but remember to consume in moderation.

GG energy drink is a nootropic energy drink that contains electrolytes, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins in its formula. It is perfect for those who want to go through their day without feeling tired or exhausted. Furthermore, since it is a gaming supplement, many athletes and sportspersons prefer this energy drink as their on-the-go energy booster.

This energy drink contains 100 mg of caffeine in its formula, perfect for your hangover cure. The best part of this energy drink is that it is ultimately sugar and calorie-free, which means you don’t have to worry about weight gain, spiking your blood pressure, and other side effects.

Another thing that I liked about this energy drink is that it comes in sachets and tubs to choose any according to your convenience. 

Like the other two energy drinks, GG energy drink has a variety of flavors and costs around $35, which I think is a reasonable price for an energy drink like this one. You can purchase this energy drink from its official website

Want to learn more about this energy drink? Then, I have reviewed this energy drink in my article GG by Gamer Supps honest review. So, you can check that out.


ZipFizzG-Fuel, and Gamer Supps are the best energy drink powders for an afterparty hangover cure.

Sometimes, hangovers can be worse, make you lose your sleep, and be a reason for a massive headache. Therefore, to cure your hangover effects, you need something to keep you energized and not make your hangover symptoms best.

And, what’s better than an energy drink?

Energy drinks can be a good choice if you want to ease your hangover effects, need an extra energy boost, and keep yourself hydrated. However, excessive use of energy drinks can make your headache worse instead of reducing it. Therefore, try using energy drinks in a moderate amount.

Furthermore, you can refer to the energy drink powders mentioned in this article if you want to reduce your hangover effects.

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