Arbonne Fizz Energy Review (7 out of 10)

A packet of Arbonne Fizz Energy including few sachets inside.
Arbonne Fizz Energy includes a low caffeine content, and I have rated this as 7 out of 10.

Petter Mørck started in formulating botanically-based products in Switzerland in the 1970s, but Arbonne was not founded until 1980 when his pioneering zeal drove him to Amerca.

Arbonne Fizz Energy is a powdered energy drink sold in 5.7g sticks. A single stick of Arbonne Fizz includes 55mg of caffeine, 2g of sugar, and 15 calories. For those who prefer not to ingest sugar, Arbonne Fizz is also available in a sugar-free variant.

For this reason, I am rating this beverage as 7 out of 10.

In this article, I’ll give a detailed review of Arbonne Fizz Energy.

What is Arbonne Fizz Energy?

Arbonne Fizz Energy is a certified vegan-friendly beverage that comes in delicious flavors.

If you have a poor caffeine tolerance, Arbonne Fizz Energy is a fantastic energy drink to try. The sugar content is also not alarmingly high.

Arbonne products claim to be vegan, cruelty-free and formulated gluten-free. Gluten-containing components are not used in the formulation of Arbonne nutrition products. However, cross-contamination may occur during the harvesting and/or manufacturing processes.

Nutrition Facts of Arbonne Fizz Energy Drink

The nutrition facts of Arbonne Fizz Energy are given in the table below.

NutrientsArbonne Fizz EnergyRecommended Daily Allowance
Vitamin B24.4mg1.3mg
Vitamin B310mg33 IU
Calcium Pantothenate5.7mg10mg
Vitamin B62.5mg20mg
Vitamin B12400mcg6mcg
Nutrition facts of Arbonne Fizz Energy.

Upon taking a closer look, you can see that Arbonne Fizz Energy comprises a series of B vitamins, and they are well within the recommended limits except for vitamin B12 and vitamin B2, which are way beyond the recommended amount.

Nutrition facts of Arbonne Fizz Energy.
Nutrition facts of Arbonne Fizz Energy.

Calorie Content of Arbonne Fizz Energy Drink

Arbonne Fizz Energy comprises 15 calories per sachet.

For your information, the daily recommended amount of calories for an adult with no medical conditions ranges from 2000 to 2500 calories per day.

To survive, the human body needs calories. The body’s cells would perish without energy, the heart and lungs would cease beating, and the organs would be inadequate to carry out the basic functions required for survival. Food and beverage produce this energy for people.

While food quality is vital for a balanced diet, quantity is also an important issue to consider. After all, those extra calories are metabolized to body fat.

Arbonne Fizz has a low-calorie count, so it won’t make you gain weight. If you’re on a low-calorie diet, a serving of Arbonne Fizz won’t make a big difference.

Side Effects of Calories

Consuming calories in excessive amounts might commence to few health concerns including the following:

  • Overweight
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Certain cancer
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Osteoarthritis

Sugar in Arbonne Fizz Energy Drink

Arbonne Fizz Energy comprises 2g of sugar.

For your information, a woman should consume no more than six teaspoons (25g) of sugar per day, while a man should ingest no more than nine teaspoons (36g) per day.

Sugar is the most basic type of carbohydrate, consisting of a large number of sweet, translucent, water-soluble molecules observed in the sap of seed sprouts and the milk of mammals.

Sugars are widely used in the processed food industry to add flavor, color, bulk, and thickness. They also work as a preservative and prevent the growth of mold.

Given that the formula promotes itself as a healthy energy drink, it’s strange that it contains sugar, a simple carbohydrate associated with heart attacks and strokes, despite the fact that other formulas with similar claims, such as this one, are sugar-free.

Side Effects of Sugar

Consuming sugar in excessive amounts might commence to few health concerns, such as follows:

  • Risk of heart diseases
  • Risk of acne
  • Obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Certain cancer

Ingredients of Arbonne Fizz Energy

The ingredients of Arbonne Fizz Energy are the following:

  • Chromium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Guarana
  • Green
  • Taurine
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Citric acid
  • Natural cane sugar
  • Natural flavors
  • Stevia
  • Natural color
  • Magnesium Oxide

The substances in this formula aren’t likely to hurt your health, and they provide a wide range of health benefits. However, there can be no definitive response to this question because the brand omitted to declare the amount of each additional ingredient included in the mix.

Caffeine Content of Arbonne Fizz Energy

Arbonne Fizz Energy comprises 55mg of caffeine per serving.

Brewed coffee is falling in the glass.
Arbonne Fizz’s caffeine content is low and is ideal for those who have a caffeine sensitivity.

For your information, the FDA recommends that an adult without a medical condition ingest no more than 400mg of caffeine each day.

This composition includes caffeine derived from botanical sources, notably guarana and green tea. Given its capacity to quickly excite our nervous system, heighten reaction speeds, and accelerate energy metabolism, caffeine is a mind-altering stimulant used in a number of energy-boosting supplements.

Caffeine keeps you awake by binding to and activating adenosine receptors in the brain. This diminishes sleepiness by blocking the effects of adenosine. It may also raise blood adrenaline levels and boost dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitter activity in the brain.

However, you might require more than one portion of Arbonne Fizz energy, if your caffeine tolerance is high .

Side Effects of Caffeine

Consuming caffeine in excessive amounts might commence to the following health concerns, such as follows:

  • Dehydration
  • Shakiness
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia

Sweeteners in Arbonne Energy Drink

Besides cane sugar, Arbonne Fizz Energy contains stevia as a sweetener.


Stevia is a plant that contains natural sweeteners that are applied in foods. Researchers have also studied the consequence of chemicals in stevia on blood sugar levels along with blood pressure.

Stevia is a natural sweetener that adds sweetness to recipes without adding calories. Stevia leaf extract is around 200 times sweeter than sugar, depending on the ingredient in question, so you only need a small amount to sweeten your morning tea or your next batch of healthy baked goods.

Side Effects of Stevia

Consuming stevia in excessive amounts might commence to the following health concerns, such as the following.

  • Kidney damage
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms
  • Allergic reaction
  • Low blood sugar
  • Endocrine disruption

Vitamin Content of Arbonne Fizz Energy

See the table below to see each vitamin’s benefits to understand better how Arbonne Fizz works.

RiboflavinThis vitamin is necessary for energy production and red blood cell formation.
NiacinNiacin plays a vital role in converting the food you consume into usable energy and helps your cells carry out important chemical reactions.
Vitamin B6This vitamin plays a significant role in the brain’s development, given its contribution to the proper functioning of the nervous system.
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12 can improve memory and prevent cardiovascular diseases and has been found to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and birth defects.
Pantothenic AcidApart from the ability to keep your skin healthy, this helps the body utilize carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.
Vitamins present in Arbonne Fizz Energy and their benefits.

The vitamins in this composition will not damage you and will provide you with several health benefits. While several vitamins in the formula exceeded their daily suggested intake, they are still below the upper intake limit defined by health experts. Therefore, no detrimental effects from excessive vitamin consumption should occur after ingesting this formula.

B vitamins in a jar.
B vitamins are essential for health and can be obtained from different types of foods.

Mineral Content of Arbonne Fizz Energy

The mineral contents of Arbonne Fizz Energy are given in the table below.

ChromiumChromium helps lower glucose levels and improves insulin sensitivity, and benefits those with diabetes.
SodiumThis mineral is essential in your body as it uses sodium to control blood pressure and is necessary for muscles and nerves to work properly.
PotassiumPotassium helps regulate fluid balance in the body and reduce blood pressure and water retention.
The minerals and their work in Arbonne Fizz Energy.

While the amount of chromium in the solution exceeded the daily recommended intake, it is still below the upper limit defined by health experts, so there should be no serious adverse effects.

How many Arbonne Fizz Energy can you have in a day?

Every day, you can only have one serving of Arbonne Fizz Energy.

Because of the minimal caffeine and sugar content, it appears that two servings of Arbonne Fizz Energy per day are acceptable.

Even though 55mg of caffeine and 2g of sugar isn’t a lot, numerous doses of Arbonne Fizz can be harmful to your health.

Does Arbonne Fizz Energy really give you energy?

It’s possible that the formula will offer you energy, but it’s also possible that it won’t.

A person is walking towards the sun.
It’s always better to rely on natural foods for energy rather than artificial beverages.

Apart from the lack of user testimonials claiming that this formula will boost your energy, the amount of caffeine in the recipe has been scientifically confirmed to have no effect.

Given that a minimum of 100mg of caffeine is required to successfully enhance your energy, this formula includes only 55mg of caffeine per serving, which is well below the recommended amount.

If you want to read more about powdered energy drinks, you can also check my previous articles: G Fuel Review and X-Gamer Review.

Is Arbonne Fizz Energy vegan?

Arbonne Fizz Energy includes ingredients that are vegan friendly and also claims to be strict vegan.

Vegan refers to any meal or diet that is made entirely of plant-based materials and does not contain any animal-derived products. When it is safe and practicable, a vegan lifestyle also avoids using any goods that are linked to animal exploitation.

If you take a closer look at the ingredients, you will see that Arbonne Fizz does not include any components that go against veganism.

Is Arbonne Fizz Energy good for you?

Only if you have Arbonne Fizz Energy in moderation can it be good to you.

Arbonne Fizz energy is a supplement that boosts your energy levels. It boosts your physical and mental performance because it contains caffeine.

The benefits of consuming Arbonne Fizz energy drink are the following.

  • Enhance cognitive performance
  • Help promote endurance
  • Enhance motor performance
  • Help reduce fatigue

Is Arbonne Fizz Energy bad for you?

Arbonne Fizz Energy is not bad if you consume it responsibly.

If you drink Arbonne Fizz on a regular basis, you won’t have any negative side effects, but if you start drinking it in larger quantities than necessary, you may get caffeine overdose.

The possible adverse effects of this beverage are the following:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Hallucination
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep problems
  • Chest pain

Flavors of Arbonne Fizz Energy

The flavors of Arbonne Fizz Energy are the following:

  • Citrus
  • Strawberry
  • Pomegranate
  • Blood Orange

I have tried two flavors of Arbonne Fizz energy drinks to give you an idea of what they taste like.


First, I tried their citrus flavor and its sour. Though it has a stable sweetness, the sourness couldn’t be masked, and I wouldn’t say I liked it.

The good thing is that it has a natural feel-good energy that can help you start your day right.


Next, I tried their strawberry, and it’s good. It tasted like strawberry with a slight spark. It’s a likable flavor.

It’s pretty easy to mix, adds a slight fizz, and will give you a boost of energy.

Where to buy Arbonne Fizz energy drink?

Arbonne Fizz Energy is available at any convenience shop and online.

Arbonne Fizz is available for purchase on Amazon and eBay, as well as on Arbonne’s own website. However, keep in mind that if you buy something online, you’ll have to pay for shipping.

Price of Arbonne Fizz Energy Drink

Arbonne Fizz is available for $57.00 on their official website. Prices, on the other hand, can vary depending on where you shop.

You can buy Arbonne Fizz sticks (30 packets) for $39 on Amazon and $18 to $25.99 on eBay.

Arbonne Fizz is more expensive than other powdered energy drinks such as G Fuel, X-Gamer, and Sneak.

Here’s a YouTube video on Arbonne Fizz Energy to help you know more about this beverage.
A review on Arbonne Fizz Energy.


If you have a poor caffeine tolerance, Arbonne Fizz Energy is a fantastic energy drink to try. The sugar content is also not alarmingly high.

This energy drink has the advantage of having a minimal sugar and calorie content, which means it won’t alter your weight or blood sugar levels. If you’re on a diet, you can enjoy an Arbonne Fizz serve without feeling guilty.

However, considering the ingredients and caffeine concentration of Arbonne Energy, I’d rate it a 7 out of 10.

Continue to enjoy Arbonne Fizz Energy if you think it’s right for you, but keep in mind that energy drinks should always be consumed in moderation.

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